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Download: Miracle "The Visitor (The Field Remix)"

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London label House Anxiety has a new EP coming down the pipeline from Miracle, a sort of art-rock supergroup whose members have spent time in Zombi and Sun O))), among other bands. "The Visitor" is one of the tracks on the outfit's forthcoming Fluid Window record, and is remixed here into something entirely different by Stockholm micro-techno auteur The Field (pictured above). The producer does away with original track's vocals altogether, focusing instead on turning the duo's dark synth-pop instrumentation into a lengthy bout of mesmerizing dance grooves and wispy soundscapes. As one would likely expect from The Field, he accomplishes his goal with taste and aplomb, and provides the music world with yet another ambient techno epic to lose ourselves in. 

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Watch Last Night's Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald Performance in Paris

Last night (Thursday, April 14), Carl Craig restaged his "Versus" performance with dub-techno pioneer Moritz von Oswald and multi-instrumentalist Francesco Tristano in Paris. Read more » 

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  • 04/15/2011

Sole to Release New Album Featuring Xiu Xiu, Pictureplane, Lil B, and More

Leftfield hip-hop veteran Sole has a new mammoth of an album coming out, which is credited to both him and his Skyrider Band, called Hello Cruel World. Read more » 

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  • 04/15/2011

Casual Fridays: The Trance Edition

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: Jonwayne "Crumbled Luna"

Label: Alpha Pup

Los Angeles rapper/producer Jonwayne has garnered a good deal of buzz within the SoCal beat community over the past few months, and next week will see the release of the producer's first proper full-length, Bowser (artwork above). Yes, that's right, Jonwayne has chosen to name his newest LP after the legendary antagonist from the Mario Brothers series, and maybe not just for nostalgia purposes; it's also as a nod to the chosen fidelity of the majority of the producer's sound sources—8-bit. Nestled a little before midway into the video-game homage of an LP is "Crumbled Luna," which begins with a slightly off-kilter arpeggio that somehow teeters between blissful and menacing while tiny drums skitter below. Then come the chords; swelling, lush, and vibrant, they evoke a sense of drama that's not easy to come by within the sonic realm of outdated microchips, and yet it's a realm which Wayne seems to walk through with a confident, concentrated swagger. "Crumbled Luna," along with Bowser's 18 other 8-bit opuses, can be heard in full when the LP is released April 19. 

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Midland Set to Release New Single for Aus Music

Burgeoning UK producer Midland is set to return to the label that first thrust his productions into the arms of 2-steppin' garage fans the world over, Aus Music, with a new single, "Through Motion" b/w "Shelter," slated for release this coming May. Read more » 

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  • 04/15/2011

Download: Clams Casino "Gorilla"

Label: Tri Angle

In less than a year, the totally on-fire Tri Angle label has quickly made a name for itself as a respectable source for dark electronic music influenced by hip-hop and R&B, but now the hub seems to be inching just a bit closer to releasing more or less straightforward hip-hop. The recent addition of burgeoning beatsmith Clams Casino—who's already produced for the likes of Lil B and Soulja Boy and dropped a much-lauded instrumental mixtape—to its slowly expanding roster is testament to that claim, and this distorted slow-burner of a tune further solidifies it. "Gorilla" is taken from Clams Casino's Rainforest EP (pictured above), and exhibits the artist's penchant for crafting thick washes of grimy fuzz, pitched-up/down vocal samples, syrupy basslines, and slow-slapping beats—then shrouding the whole thing in more shadowy atmospheres and gritty textures. We wouldn't mind hearing a flow over this tune, but seeing as how Clams Casino says that "these songs have always existed purely as instrumentals," we're more than happy to take the Rainforest EP's five tracks unencumbered by another artist's ideas when it drops on June 27. (via Pitchfork

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Video: Blondes "Hater"

As we reported several months ago, the Brooklyn-based analog obsessives of Blondes are releasing a series of 12" EPs on the RVNG label this year, a run which kicked off with the "Lover" b/w "Hater" record. Here, we have a music video for the b-side of that 12", an "analog video synthesis" created by Phil Logan. Read more » 

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  • 04/14/2011

Paul Kalkbrenner Readies New Album For June

Berlin's veteran melodic techno producer and sometimes-actor Paul Kalkbrenner has announced that he will release his fifth album to date, Icke Wieder, this June. Read more » 

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  • 04/14/2011

Download: ELOS "DunDeals"

Label: Alpha Pup

Clearly it's not all sunshine and beach parties down in the SoCal metropolis from which the beat scene sprouted. Yes, we've got another LA beatsmith of sorts on our hands in Chaz Lewis, who has delivered this menacing, dark journey through the land of heavy boom-bap under his ELOS alias. Staying true to the "gangster" for which the "g" in g-funk stands for, Lewis implements a simple kick-and-clap pattern, on top of which he throws harrowing side-chains and ungodly bass sounds that beg for the kind of stoic, slow-motion head nod often found in the grimiest of rap videos. A slippery, Transylvania-esque synth melody tops off the affair, making it one of the most deliciously evil beats in recent memory to come from the Low End camp. You can find "DunDeals" on ELOS' forthcoming debut EP, Flying Sky Fortress (artwork above), which is slated for release April 26. 

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