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Stream a New Track from Four Tet

A couple of weeks back, Four Tet officially spilled the beans about his forthcoming Fabriclive release, and now he's shared one of the new original tracks that will be included in the mix. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Ben UFO Set to Mix Next Rinse Disc

One of our favorite non-producing DJs, Ben UFO, is set to man the controls for the next disc in Rinse's mix series. Naturally, Rinse 16: Ben UFO, whose tracklist you'll find after the jump, relies heavily on the bassy, housey side of things, featuring the likes of Bok Bok, Boddika, and the recently departed Aaron-Carl. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Download: Lucky Paul "Demon Spawn (Lucky Paul Refix)"

Earlier this year, New Zealander Lucky Paul released The Slow Ground EP via the eclectic Somethinksounds imprint. At the time, the now-Berlin-based artist didn't have a huge profile, but the release of the EP and a subsequent remix single on New York's Wolf + Lamb label have quickly changed things. Somethinksounds is getting set to repress the EP, so they've relinquished this new version of "Demon Spawn" to help spread the word. While the original track was a lurching, off-kilter slice of futuristic boogie-funk, here Lucky Paul has refashioned the song into something more suitable for the four-on-the-floor set. The soulful vocals have been kept largely intact, but they now lay alongside some silky filtered synths and ride smoothly over a steady techno pulse. It's unclear whether Lucky Paul always had these kinds of dancefloor inclinations at his disposal or whether he was inspired after hearing his music transformed by the Wolf + Lamb crew, but we'd like to go ahead and put in a vote for him to keep experimenting with these kinds of club-friendly rhythms. 

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Listen to a New Mix From Kid606

Berlin-based beat pulverizer Kid606 (pictured above left) just tipped us to a new mix he's posted on his SoundCloud, entitled This Kid606 Life #2: Positive Affirmations For Studio Nerds To Play On The Way To The Club. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Podcast 209: Mike Huckaby

The history of Detroit music is littered with artists who have been called legendary, but there is really no denying the crucial role Mike Huckaby has played in the Motor City's dance scene. Over the past two decades, the man has been in the thick of it as a DJ, producer, record store clerk (at the now-defunct Record Time), and instructor (as part the city's Youthville program). Read more » 

Download: Zeadron "When I Fall"

Label: Rebel

Southern California's Rebel imprint—which also doubles as a pretty decent blog—continues to turn out thoughtful, bass-oriented releases, all of which are available for free download. The latest comes right from Rebel's own backyard, courtesy of Orange County beatmaker Zeadron (a.k.a. Jack Heffron). His When I Fall EP dropped yesterday, and the morose title track quickly caught our ears with its loosely assembled piano samples, ghostly vocal pieces, and scattershot percussion. Things do perk up significantly when some thick synth melodies are introduced about halfway through the proceedings, but the song's overall vibe lies somewhere between "glorious chillout" and "wistful melancholy." Give it a listen below, and then head here to grab the entire three-song EP, which includes remixes of "When I Fall" from Hungary’s Headshotboyz and Chicago-based producer Savile. 

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Review: Ras G Down 2 Earth

Label: RAMP

With an ever-growing crop of producers carrying the torch for the LA beat scene, there seems to be no shortage of gritty boom-bap making its way into the world these days. Now one of the scene's longstanding—and considerably more unique—members, Ras G, has returned with a new album which finds him continuing to craft the kind of stoney, hiss-laden space beats he's been turning out all along. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Awesome Tapes From Africa Launches New Label

That's right—Brian Shimkovitz, the man responsible for the, uh, awesome Awesome Tapes From Africa blog, and also this XLR8R podcast from way back, has just announced that he's about to launch a label. Read more » 

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  • 08/02/2011

Download: Great Skies "Festival"

Label: Cut

Does anyone else remember the relaxed stylings of indie outfits like Tristeza or Sea and Cake? Imagine if those bands were still operating today, only with drum machines instead of traditional "rock" percussion, and you might get something pretty close to the sounds being created by Great Skies. The London artist recently released the Summer Moments EP on the increasingly impressive Cut label, an effort that makes us wonder if 2011 might be the year when chillwave grows up a bit. Sure, a song like "Festival" features some vaguely Balearic melodies paired with some fairly simple drum-machine beats, but it also displays a real level of refinement that's often absent from the dreck often being turned out by the legions of bedroom beatmakers operating with a similar sound palette. The entire four-song EP is available for free download here

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Decibel Festival 2011 Program Revealed

A few weeks back, we compiled a list of the 2011 Decibel Festival headliners that had been announced to date. Earlier this morning, the Seattle-based event, which has become one of the premiere electronic music events in the US each year, unveiled a more complete program. Read more » 

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  • 08/01/2011

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