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H.O.S.H. to Drop "Tour De Fonque" 12" Next Week

German tech house producer Holger Behn (a.k.a. H.O.S.H.) has a new single in the works, and this time it won't be released through his usual Diynamic home. Instead, the Mobilee sister imprint Leena Music will drop his "Tour De Fonque" 12" on March 28. Read more » 

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  • 03/24/2011

Download: Koyote "Dragonfly Frenzy"

Label: Mixpak

This playful piece of analog electronics and lighthearted dance music comes to us from French hardware fetishist Koyote, who recently dropped his first installment of an amibitious EP trilogy via Brooklyn's Mixpak Records. "Dragonfly Frenzy" won't be found on that three-song release, but nonetheless offers a raw glimpse into the warm and inviting world of vintage sounds that producer Alexandre Lotz has been hard at work honing for about five years. The tune starts out quite frantically, not really offering a solid groove or single melody to latch onto at first, but eventually coalesces its flitting elements into a big, Solvent-esque jam comprised of a booming TR-909 groove and a host of melodies delivered from Koyote's beloved Juno-106 and Virus KB synths. There's plenty more of these sounds on Lotz's Midsummer Tales EP, which you can listen to here

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Chancha Vía Circuito to Drop Album Worldwide, Tour US in April

Buenos Aires cumbia futurist Chancha Vía Circuito may have dropped his sophomore LP, Río Arriba, in South America last year, but on March 29, the Argentinian producer will share that record with the rest of the world via the excellent ZZK label. Quickly following his album's international release, the artist born Pedro Canale will hit the road, touring the US throughout April. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Download: Ford & Lopatin "Emergency Room"

Label: Software

It seems like a name change wasn't the only transformation that Daniel Lopatin's and Joel Ford's Games project underwent after it dropped last year's That We Can Play EP. Now simply called Ford & Lopatin, the duo has adopted a more clean-cut and less sample-centric approach to its '80s radio-pop aesthetic, which is surprisingly joined by an Auto-Tune/vocoder croon on the first cut to leak from the pair's forthcoming Channel Pressure LP (pictured above). The slick robo hook isn't the only unexpected sound on "Emergency Room"; there are synthetic slap-and-pop basslines, kitschy electronic bleeps and bloops, super-compressed drum-machine beats, and it all sounds like it was ready made to deliver straight to the radio—instead of ripped straight from it. It will certainly be interesting to hear what else has changed for Ford & Lopatin when their debut record drops on June 7 via their own Software imprint. Before then, you can check out the album's tracklist after the jump. (via Gorilla vs. BearRead more » 

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Video: Chrissy Murderbot "Bussin' Down (feat. DJ Spinn)"

May 9 will see the release of the latest collection of mind-bending, fast-paced dancefloor tunes crafted by Chicago juke/footwork/ghetto house scholar Chrissy Murderbot. The producer will drop his new Women's Studies LP—boasting such excellent/sexist song titles as "Heavy Butt" and "Jiggle"—via Planet Mu, which is preceded by this funny music video for "Bussin' Down." Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Burial to Release New 12" This Monday

It's the news that many (if not just about all) of us have been waiting for: Only two weeks after we heard his collaborative tunes with Four Tet and Thom Yorke, the elusive dubstep producer known as Burial will release his first solo productions in over four years. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Stream the New Subeena EP

UK producer Subeena has certainly been stepping up her output recently. Earlier this month, she released a retrospective album of hard-to-find old material, and next week, the genre-hopping artist will unveil an all-new EP on her own Opit label. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Download: Asura "Wink Wink"

Ryan York, the man behind the Non Projects-signed Asura moniker, recently shared a free collection of tracks he dubbed Unreleaseables (pictured above), as the tunes are made up of "a bunch of music [he's] never going to put out due to legal/artistic/motivation issues" (download it all for free here). Many of York's nine tracks sport an unusually heavy influence from juke/footwork music, including the hyperactive joint "Wink Wink." While 808 drum patterns establish the song's hot-footed tempo, loads of vocal snippets add both melodic and atonal layers to the jam, and the occasional percussion loop works out a head-twisting polyrhythm. It's a minimalistic whirlwind of a track, especially for a melodically focused artist such as Asura, but it's nonetheless enjoyable. So, we'll cherish it for now, since apparently, York says we "won't be hearing much else like this in the future... from these quarters." 

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Hessle Audio to Release New Peverelist 12"

The oft-reliable bass music imprint run by David Kennedy (a.k.a. Ramadanman, Pearson Sound), Pangaea, and Ben UFO, Hessle Audio, has unveiled its next release, a two-song 12" by Bristol dubstep mainstay Peverelist. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Download: Rasmus Folk "Dinner in Trieste (With Rasmus Folk)"

Here's another slice of archived (though unreleased) "vintage" electronic music, courtesy of producer Rasmus Folk and the creative minds at the Dramatic label. Called "Dinner in Trieste (With Rasmus Folk)," the track starts with a recording (presumably from Folk) inviting you to dinner, and ends with another voice memo thanking you for the wonderful evening. In between the messages, we're treated to some understated analog synthscapes and subtle drum-machine rhythms, as a voice quietly sings from the bottom of the mix about this dinner in Trieste. It all sounds like a retro-futuristic idea of the kind of moody lounge music people might listen to while enjoying some fine cuisine about, say, 50 years after the song was supposedly written. It seems Rasmus Folk wasn't really too far off. 

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