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Download New Music From DJ Shadow Today Only

We don't need to tell you who DJ Shadow is, so we won't. But what we will tell you is that the legendary Bay Area DJ/producer has a couple of new tunes right now, and he's offering them up for free download. The two tracks, "Def Surrounds Us" and "I've Been Trying," come from a recent limited-edition 12" DJ Shadow strategically dropped in select stores around the US and UK with hand-drawn artwork by himself. Read more » 

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  • 09/13/2010

Download: Teebs "Why Like This?"

We've been thoroughly enjoying the beat scene's recent shift in focus toward melodic sounds, atmospheric worlds, and just downright pretty music. Teebs is one such producer waving that flag, and each track we've heard from the SoCal resident (not to mention the excellent podcast he did for us) has lifted him higher on the ever-extending totem of artists to watch from his hometown. Now, with the impending release of his debut full-length, Ardour (that's the cover up top), on October 19 via Brainfeeder, Teebs is letting loose with some of his best work. "Why Like This?" comes from the tail end of Ardour and is easily one of the most straightforward numbers on the 18-track LP. A strong hip-hop beat carries Teebs' production through analog synth melodies, the icy patter of falling change, unnameable textures in the distance, and eventually, what sounds like a live drum beat. Though the comparison may be redundant, "Why" reminds us of some of the mellower and simpler music from Flying Lotus' early years. Take that as you will, but to us, it seems like Teebs is onto something here. 

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Ben Frost, Zombie Zombie, Tim Hecker, and More to Play Serbia's Dis-Patch Festival

Apparently, this fall's Dis-Patch Festival is Serbia's only "festival of cutting-edge music and related art," and for its ninth annual edition, a sizable lineup is set to perform. Ben Frost (pictured above), Zombie Zombie, Atom TM, Tim Hecker, Boris Hoppek, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Lawrence English, and many other local acts and special guests will convene in Belgrade to bring their music to festival-goers across two weekends, starting on October 7 and finishing on October 17. Read more » 

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  • 09/13/2010

Download: Shed "No Way!"

Label: Ostgut Ton

Just in case you have yet to catch our feature on Berlin's Shed in the most recent issue of XLR8R (and if you haven't been reading a single word from the electronic music press of late), producer René Pawlowitz just released his second full-length album for Ostgut Ton, entitled The Traveller. As expected, it's a great record, as this cut from LP shows with ease and assurance. "No Way!" employs a small number of sounds—a thick rumbling, just enough samples to construct a pared-down beat, and one solid synth melody nearly sum it up—in comparison to a large amount of contemporary electronic music, distancing the inspired artist from the rest of the post-dub-tech-whatchamacallit pack. The point has been harped on, but it bears repeating: Shed's gonna do whatever Shed wants to do. Thank your lucky stars that's the case. (via Little White Earbuds

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Radio Slave to Drop New Album as The Machine This November

Berlin's Radio Slave is keeping himself pretty darn busy this fall. The DJ/producer born Matt Edwards just announced he'll be mixing the fifth installment of the Strictly Rhythms mix series. Now, there's word that the prolific music maker will also be dropping a new collaborative record, incorporating his productions as The Machine with images created by designer Misha Hollenbach of Perks and Mini and a short piece from filmmakers Jigoku. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2010

Horse Meat Disco to Tour North America This Fall

On the heels of its recently released sophomore mix album, Horse Meat Disco II (we've got a tune from that record here), London-based DJ crew Horse Meat Disco (pictured above) is jumping across the pond to give North America a taste of what its disco- and house-centric party is all about. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2010

Preview a Track From Rustie's New EP on Warp, "Hyperthurst"


We were all aglow last month with the news of young Glaswegian producer Rustie finally sharing the details of his forthcoming EP for Warp, Sunburst. So, you can imagine just about how pleased we are to share this cut from that highly anticipated release. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2010

Video Premiere: How to Dress Well "Ready for the World"

XLR8R is many things, but it's not exactly known as a go-to destination for love jams. (As much as we like the stuff, we admit that there's nothing particularly sexy about post-dubstep-future-garage bass music.) Nevertheless, if we keep posting tunes from How to Dress Well, maybe our rep can become just a bit steamier. Read more » 

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  • 09/10/2010

XLR8R TV: City Guide: Scottie B's Baltimore

For the Baltimore City Guide episode, we sent a camera to Unruly Records' B-more club king Scottie B to get us the goods on his neck of the woods. Whether it's keeping his look fresh or his car game tight, Scottie's got the hook up for the best sneaker spots, vinyl outlets, eateries, and blinged-out rim shops in Charm City. If that's not enough, he's even got special appearances by King Tutt and Graeme Sinden!


Download: DJG "Round"

First Listen

San Francisco producer Dean Grenier (a.k.a. DJG) plopped this one in our inbox just the other day on behalf of a forthcoming double helping of tracks he'll be self-releasing come next week. The project is called Voids, and giving us a little background, Grenier says, "It's not an album, but I do feel the tracks belong together, and I decided they belong in two parts; Voids One is really for the ravers, the DJs. These songs represent a sound I pushed hard in the club over the last few years: dark, energetic, moody rave vibes. Voids Two is more personal, a bit lighter maybe, and closer to my heart." This track, "Round," comes from the latter release. It has a smooth shuffle to its bouncing beat, a thick, rolling bassline, and plenty of distant, reverberated sonics filling in the production's white space. "Round" could be described as a "lighter" kind of dubstep, but it still wouldn't be the least bit out of place blasting from a club's soundsystem. It certainly leads one to wonder how the other half of Voids will shape up in contrast. You can find out for yourself at DJG's website on September 15. 

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