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Burial to Release New 12" This Monday

It's the news that many (if not just about all) of us have been waiting for: Only two weeks after we heard his collaborative tunes with Four Tet and Thom Yorke, the elusive dubstep producer known as Burial will release his first solo productions in over four years. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Stream the New Subeena EP

UK producer Subeena has certainly been stepping up her output recently. Earlier this month, she released a retrospective album of hard-to-find old material, and next week, the genre-hopping artist will unveil an all-new EP on her own Opit label. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Download: Asura "Wink Wink"

Ryan York, the man behind the Non Projects-signed Asura moniker, recently shared a free collection of tracks he dubbed Unreleaseables (pictured above), as the tunes are made up of "a bunch of music [he's] never going to put out due to legal/artistic/motivation issues" (download it all for free here). Many of York's nine tracks sport an unusually heavy influence from juke/footwork music, including the hyperactive joint "Wink Wink." While 808 drum patterns establish the song's hot-footed tempo, loads of vocal snippets add both melodic and atonal layers to the jam, and the occasional percussion loop works out a head-twisting polyrhythm. It's a minimalistic whirlwind of a track, especially for a melodically focused artist such as Asura, but it's nonetheless enjoyable. So, we'll cherish it for now, since apparently, York says we "won't be hearing much else like this in the future... from these quarters." 

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Hessle Audio to Release New Peverelist 12"

The oft-reliable bass music imprint run by David Kennedy (a.k.a. Ramadanman, Pearson Sound), Pangaea, and Ben UFO, Hessle Audio, has unveiled its next release, a two-song 12" by Bristol dubstep mainstay Peverelist. Read more » 

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  • 03/23/2011

Download: Rasmus Folk "Dinner in Trieste (With Rasmus Folk)"

Here's another slice of archived (though unreleased) "vintage" electronic music, courtesy of producer Rasmus Folk and the creative minds at the Dramatic label. Called "Dinner in Trieste (With Rasmus Folk)," the track starts with a recording (presumably from Folk) inviting you to dinner, and ends with another voice memo thanking you for the wonderful evening. In between the messages, we're treated to some understated analog synthscapes and subtle drum-machine rhythms, as a voice quietly sings from the bottom of the mix about this dinner in Trieste. It all sounds like a retro-futuristic idea of the kind of moody lounge music people might listen to while enjoying some fine cuisine about, say, 50 years after the song was supposedly written. It seems Rasmus Folk wasn't really too far off. 

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Gold Panda Releases EP Collection, Shares New Video and Tour Dates

We've been keeping our ears homed in on UK producer Gold Panda since before he dropped the lovely Lucky Shiner LP via Ghostly last year, so we're pleased to see he's compiled some early material and rereleased it through the same label today. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2011

Download: Femme En Fourrure "Bronco (Nguzunguzu Remix)"

Label: Top Billin

Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure just dropped the brand-new Bronco EP on the club-loving Top Billin label, the title track of which we shared a music video of with you not too long ago. Included on that new, five-track release are remixes from of Teeth, Square Mode, and, feautured here, LA duo Nguzunguzu, who injects the brooding production with a bit of dark West Coast swagger. The combination of slow-bouncing drum machine patterns, ominous low-end melodies, and obscured vocal utterances make the duo's remix of "Bronco" sound something like a distant relative of witch house, one who prefers uppers to downers and would rather spend its late nights on the dancefloor than skulking about a graveyard. 

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DJ Harvey to Release Debut Album This Summer

Veteran DJ/producer DJ Harvey has been amassing his arsenal of disco-tinged house productions for over two decades, but is only now preparing the release of his first full-length artist album. Locussolus is an 11-track LP scheduled to drop on June 13 via the International Feel label. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2011

Check Out Artwork for Battles' New Album, Stream First Single

Ever since the day we found out that New York cyborg-rock trio Battles was weeks away from dropping its sophomore album, Gloss Drop, we've not only wanted to hear what music it holds, but also see what kind of crazy visual art it will be packaged in. Now, we have a taste of both. Read more » 

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  • 03/22/2011

Podcast 190: Ben Westbeech

The UK's Ben Westbeech isn't the most likely candidate for the XLR8R podcast series, as the classically trained musician and producer is often recognized for his skills as a crooner. Next month, he'll be releasing a new album, There's More to Life Than This, via the venerable Strictly Rhythm label. Read more » 

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