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Toddla T to Release 'Watch Me Dance'

Fans of Sheffield-based DJ/producer Toddla T will be happy to know that the eclectic and prolific artist has announced the imminent release of Watch Me Dance on Ninja Tune, his second album. Read more » 

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  • 06/15/2011

Download: Light Asylum "Shallow Tears (Like a Storm) (Salem Remix)"

Really, it was only a matter of time before these two dark-pop outfits came together on a track. Taking sparse elements of an unreleased cut from 2009 by Brooklyn duo Light Asylum (pictured above), fellow goth fiends Salem create an ominous remix of "Shallow Tears" that sounds much more like a cover than anything else. The Midwestern band uses its own deep synth sounds, skittering drum-machine beats, and warbling, distorting effects to give the already sullen ballad a blown-out, far-gone tone. And though we miss the soulful, commanding baritone of Shannon Funchess, the treatments Salem uses on her voice really drive home the otherworldly vibes. (via Altered Zones

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Listen to Unreleased Flying Lotus Tracks Now

Did you guys know Flying Lotus has a SoundCloud account? Apparently, he does, and, according to his Twitter feed, there are some never-before-heard originals and remixes of his on it, right now. Read more » 

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  • 06/14/2011

Apple Pips to Release New Arkist 12" Next Month

Bristol's Appleblim-run bass music hub, Apple Pips, just announced its next release will be a two-track record from local UK producer Arkist. Read more » 

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  • 06/14/2011

Download: Darling Farah "Picture"

First Listen

Detroit-born, Abu Dhabi-based techno producer Kamau Baaqi (a.k.a. Darling Farah) is set to release his first EP, Exxy, on June 28. At a youthful 19 years of age, the influence of Baaqi's birthplace shines through his music. A gentle blend of dubby house and techno, Exxy is exactly what you would expect to hear in the early morning hours drifting out of a cavernous warehouse in Detroit. "Picture" is a perfect example of Baaqi's dub-tinged style with its lush, chordal stabs filtered and drenched in delay, sweeping amorphously over the top of a swung house rhythm. Faint voices reverberate in the distance as the stabs pulsate around the beat, demonstrating Kamau's ability to strip back beats while maintaining his productions' simplicity and patience. 

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Download: Native Underground "Night Vision (Jimmy Edgar Remix)"

Henry Maldonado (a.k.a. Son of Sound) and recording artist Javi Silva are the men behind Brooklyn-based vocal electro duo Native Underground. Reared in New York's underground music scene, Maldonado first made a name for himself during the late '80s and early '90s by releasing cuts on various esteemed US house labels such as Strictly Rhythm, MAW, and King Street. It wasn't until 2009 that he would meet future partner Javi Silva while auditioning male vocalists for a new project. The collaboration came to fruition with the release of "Til it Hurts" in 2010 and now the pair has released a new single, "Night Vision," on Under the Shade. The new record features remix work from Ultracity, Iron Curtis, and Brennan Green. Here, the group has offered up a free download of the prodigious Jimmy Edgar's (pictured above) disco-house-inspired rework of "Night Vision." Known for his sultry beats, unrivaled production technique, and eclectic taste, Edgar manipulates Silva's vocals and turns them into a syncopated rhythm of syllables and phonemes. Take a listen to his handiwork and also check out the video for the original version of "Night Vision" after the jump.  Read more » 

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Podcast 202: Diskjokke

For several years, Diskjokke (a.k.a. Joachim Dyrdahl) was the sort of producer whose music could fairly easily be put into a neat little box. Granted, it was a really nice box; Diskjokke's lush, spaced-out productions expertly wove together Balearic strains of disco and house and were rightly lauded alongside those of Oslo contemporaries Lindstrom and Prins Thomas. However, things have changed with the release of his third album, Sagara, an ambient effort which takes its primary inspiration from Indonesian gamelan. Read more » 

Download: Kouta "Granola"

On his recently self-released EP, 22-year-old Bay Area producer Luca Young (a.k.a Kouta) delivers four tracks of preciously handcrafted electronics that all lean heavily on slow-moving beats and fractured vocal hooks. Productions like the syrupy "Granola" maintain an essence of early-'00s electro-pop—think DNTEL's more pensive moments—while simultaneously recalling more contemporary artists, such as Baths and Gold Panda. It's not the most original thing you're likely to hear today, but Young's attention to texture and mood certainly make these tunes worthwhile. You can download the rest of Kouta's Orinda EP here

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Review: Blondes "Business" b/w "Pleasure"

Label: RVNG

No matter how much you like Blondes, it's pretty unlikely that you'll find yourself humming one of their tunes. At the risk of making a serious music journalism cliché, Blondes' music has always been about the journey, a trend that continues on the pair's latest single. Read more » 

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  • 06/14/2011

Video: Starkey "Lost in Space"

Bass culture stalwart Paul Geissinger (a.k.a. Starkey) has put together a video for his track "Lost in Space" featuring Charli XCX. The futuristic motif that ties together most of Starkey's releases is pushed even further, as Starkey himself is portrayed as a lost, lonely astronaut cast deep in outer space. The video also features Charli XCX belting out her vocals from inside the safety of a ship while Starkey floats aimlessly along a cosmic backdrop. Read more » 

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  • 06/14/2011

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