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Download: Kotchy "Sometimes I Get Down (Mike Slott Remix)"

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Label: Done Right

Brooklyn-based avant hip-hopper Kotchy (pictured above) is getting set to release his latest album, Two, on February 1. Back in November, he gave us a sneak peek in the form of a trippy video for album opener "Sometimes I Get Down." Now the song has been remixed by Irish-born, NYC-based producer Mike Slott, who has basically extracted almost all of Kotchy's distinctive flow. Gone are the laid-back talk-raps and noodling acoustic guitar loop, as Slott has picked up the tempo and assembled a playful little number full of swirling keys, melodic whimsy, and bouncy, chopped-up beats. Think of it as the original's hyperactive younger brother. 

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Robert Hood Releases New M-Plant 12" With James Ruskin Remix

Coming soon on DJ/producer Robert Hood's own label, M-Plant, is a two-song 12" record featuring both the Detroit techno veteran (pictured above) and UK producer James Ruskin. While Ruskin delivers a solid remix of the lead single from Hood's Omega LP, "Alpha," the label head offers a brand-new track of ominous, hypnotic dance music, simply called "The Family." Read more » 

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  • 01/12/2011

Badman Begins: As Ramadanman, David Kennedy mines hardcore, juke, acid, and more to reshape dubstep.

David Kennedy seems perfectly positioned for the new millennium. His recollection of the 20th century is a bit vague. The future is far away and up for grabs. His professional creative trajectory, which began rather suddenly in the mid-'00s when he stumbled upon a low-pressure sound community growing in London, is all happening in the present. Read more » 

Download: Chuck Maurice & Simbad "Summer Badness"

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Label: Brownswood

Taken from World Family Vol. 1, the recently released inaugural edition of a new compilation series from Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label, "Summer Badness" is a soulful slow jam from the minds of Puerto Rican producer Chuck Maurice and London-based DJ/producer Simbad (who also happens to be the compilation's co-curator along with Lefto). The pair of music makers lay down a couple of sample-heavy grooves—made mostly of horn loops, disembodied "ooh"s, a syrupy bassline, and a solid hip-hop beat—to carry most of their tune, and occasionally brighten the corners of their somber tune with flurries of astral synth melodies and other twinkling sonics. It's certainly a fitting cut to close out the 27-song, two-disc compilation, as "Summer Badness" prompts one to close their eyes, sway back and forth, and imagine that beat-lovers around the world are all doing the same. 

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Read the New Issue of XLR8R for Free Right Now!

In this first issue of 2011, the young David Kennedy (a.k.a. Ramadanman and Pearson Sound) leads London's still-burgeoning, post-funky bass scene into 2011, with the likes of fellow UK natives Lone and Elijah & Skilliam, who follow close in tow, also featured. Read more » 

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  • 01/12/2011

Download: Cex "Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix)"

Label: Tigerbeat6

Here, Britain's Baconhead has a go at reformatting one of the latest bits of laptop-born, glitch-flavored beat work from Tigerbeat6 stalwart Cex, "Secret Monog." The UK duo, made up of producers Ebola and Autobee, sequesters handfuls of the track's pristine audio, applying them to a head-knocking bass tune that boasts as much funky club swagger as it does glistening sonic austerity. You can nab more versions of Cex's "Secret Monog," as well as other remixes of his jams and a couple original tunes, when Tigerbeat6 drops the Megamuse EP on January 25. But if you can't wait that long, preview the whole thing here. (You might as well keep a look out for the forthcoming Cex full-length, Tiny Creature, while you're at it.) 

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Stream the Ramadanman Remix of Julio Bashmore's Latest Single

Yesterday, the new PMR label dropped its first release, a new EP from Bristol producer Julio Bashmore (pictured above) entitled Everyone Needs a Theme Tune. Lead track "Battle for Middle You" has been buzzing since late last year and popping up in DJ sets all over the place, and now XLR8R has got its hands on a remix of the song by another top-notch UK producer, Ramadanman. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Video: Nosaj Thing "Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)"

We'd have to say it's not often (if ever) that we see a video made for a remix of a song, but seeing as how LA producer Nosaj Thing had a whole album of the damn things crafted and released on behalf of his Drift LP, a video made up for one of those cuts is certainly warranted. Good thing it's a nice looking one, too. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Download: Nite Jewel "It Goes Through Your Head (Dâm-Funk Clubdub)"

While we wait patiently for the first official release from their Nite Funk side-project (remember when we made that excellent collaboration happen?), a remix of Nite Jewel's forthcoming single for the Mexican Summer label by Dâm-Funk will just have to suffice. The LA tunesmiths' sounds mesh well together on this version of "It Goes Through Your Head"; the galactic-boogie maestro's deep, analog synth hooks work with the single's original drum-machine rhythms, fleshing out a thick groove, over which the bedroom diva's understated voice floats undisturbed. Nevertheless, this jam is obviously a Funk-centric production, as the prolific artist lengthens Nite Jewel's song by about two minutes to make room for his spacey keytar riffs while Nite Jewel takes a vocal break. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

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Planet Mu to Drop Compilation, Readies Releases From FaltyDL, Venetian Snares, DJ Spinn, and More

Now that we're nearly two weeks into 2011, artists and labels are slowly starting to emerge from holiday hibernation to share with us their first offerings in the new year. Coming from UK electronic label Planet Mu as its first release of 2011 is a compilation that collects pieces of what the label dropped in 2010, as well as some new and previously exclusive tunes. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

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