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Download: Karlmarx "Futuro"

As long as artists can have names linked to celebrities without having to explain the association or reasoning (i.e. Com Truise, Hype Williams, etc.), then why not long-dead political and social figures as well? Enter Karlmarx, the New Zealand-based duo of brothers (with different last names) Isaaz Aesilli and Mark McNeill, who have shared with us this cut from their forthcoming debut LP for the Cologne-based Melting Pot imprint. "Futuro" finds the brothers exploring a symphonic take on electronic music, one in which string-like synths (or possibly heavily processed string samples) flutter joyously atop a subdued electronic soundscape. Sometime between the pair's constant manipulation of the track's underlying elements and the tune's flashes of gurgling arps, Karlmarx playfully twists and turns the song's initial melody, weaving it through a variety of sounds and one-off variations as the beat gradually skips to the end of its two-and-a-half-plus minute run. "Futuro" is only the first taste from this down-under duo, whose debut LP, The Karlmarx Project (artwork above), is slated for release June 3. 

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Listen to Teki Latex’s New Mixtape

Parisian producer/MC Julien Pradeyrol (a.k.a Teki Latex), has released a new mixtape, entitled Missing Links, showcasing his recent collaborations and remixes. Read more » 

Listen to New Vybz Kartel Single "Go Go Wine"

Mixpak family stalwart and celebrated dancehall MC Vybz Kartel has a fresh, Dre Skull-produced single dropping on May 3 via the aforementioned label, called "Go Go Wine." Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Video: Clams Casino "Gorilla"

How rad would it be if up-and-coming, genre-defying beat makers like Clams Casino provided the soundtrack for some of live television's biggest moments? Wouldn't it be doubly mindblowing to hear the misty expanse of a track like "Gorilla" (posted for download here) while seeing a space shuttle launch or watching your country win Olympic gold? Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Loscil Plans New Album For Glacial Movements

Following the release of last year's Endless Falls LP, Canadian ambient composer Scott Morgan (a.k.a. Loscil) has prepped his seventh full-length, a six-track record called Coast/Range/Arc. Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Download: Jason Burns "Back 2 You"

First Listen

DJ/producer Jason Burns comes from Cleveland, Ohio, a place best known for its sports teams and shrines to rock 'n' roll, so you could understand that we were slightly taken aback when the he dropped this heart-wrenchingly soulful, UK-centric bass tune in our inbox the other day. Called "Back 2 You," the unreleased production corrals all the hallmarks of a contemporary dancefloor heater—R&B vocal samples, deep sub-bass tones, sparkling synth hooks, and skittering club rhythms—slowing them down into a syrupy 2-stepper that'll make you want to slow dance with whoever is standing closest (maybe even grind on 'em a bit, depending). The more we listen to Burns' work, the more it reminds us of low-end- and R&B-lovers like Brenmar and Kingdom, albeit with a heavier dash of proper dubstep soundscapes. Look for more of these jams from the Midwestern tunesmith when his first record drops via Sam Supa's Brap Dem! label later this year. 

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Listen to the New Gatto Fritto Album

There's not a ton of information out there about UK producer Gatto Fritto, but that hasn't lessened the excitement surrounding his self-titled debut album, which comes out tomorrow on the International Feel label. Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Lone's Magic Wire Imprint to Drop Third Release

The fledgling dance label conceived by Nottingham genre juggler Matthew Cutler (a.k.a. Lone), Magic Wire, just announced it will soon be dropping its third record, a two-song 12" by newcomer Neon Jung. Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Bubblin': Phaseone

Who: Phaseone
Where: St. Louis, MO

What happens when shoegaze collides with early-'90s jungle, footwork, Chicago rap, and a love for Outkast and the greater Dungeon Family collective? Apparently, Phaseone happens. Read more » 

Download: Comma "Ken Griffey Jr."

First Listen
Label: Frite Nite

This wonky, hyperreal tune opens the forthcoming Colortronics EP by San Francisco producer Comma, which is scheduled to drop on May 24 via Salva's Frite Nite label. Awesomely titled "Ken Griffey Jr." (we're actually surprised that no one's used the iconic baseball player's name on a blunted, laser-infused beatscape before now), Comma's production boasts many sonic layers that all work towards the effect of wearing 3-D glasses on your ears, or something. Each element of the beat jumps out from the haze with a crack, only to slink back into the mix again. Synth sounds ebb and flow from the aural mist below, spreading outwards into your peripheries. A goopy bassline sits on top of everything, wriggling in place before it slithers away to make room for whatever unreal sound Comma pulls from his arsenal next. If that kind of listening suits you, make sure to check the six remaining tracks on Colortronics when they're made available next month. 

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