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Download: Voltron "Don't Stop"

Label: Discobelle

From Ghent, the production trio known as Voltron just might be on its way towards completely taking over the world's dancefloors. In addition to the club-lovin' outfit's own hyped-up tunes, these three Belgians are also the masterminds behind the up-and-coming Silverback imprint, which releases similar bass-dedicated jams from the likes of UK tunesmith Damu and LA-based duo Nguzunguzu. "Don't Stop" comes from Voltron's just-released Freshmen EP (pictured above), and finds the three-piece kicking off its release in deep, soulful fashion. Straightforward house rhythms, rubbery synth hooks, tweaked vocal snippets, and a focus on all things tastefully uptempo rule this production, which is paired with remixes from XXXY, J. Dixon, Nguzunguzu, and more on the release's tracklist. You can hear all of those tunes, along with a few handpicked extras, on Voltron's brand-new Freshmen Mix, below.  Read more » 

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Eliot Lipp Releases Free Remix Album

The genre-hopping, collaboration-hungry Eliot Lipp has released a free remix album as part of a project he's calling Brolabs. Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Azari & III to Release 'Hungry for the Power' Remix EP

In advance of the debut LP set to drop from Canadian house outfit Azari & III in July, the Turbo label will release a fresh batch of remixes for the 2009 single "Hungry for the Power." Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Coachella Gnarly Vibes Wrap-Up 2011

Last year, we scooped the entire Coachella blogosphere with Mephedrone (a.k.a. Meow), Benzo Fury, and P90X Insanity lunges. Now we're back with twice the scoops, including trending fashions such as cowboy hats that turn up on the sides, old men "gurning their facking balls off," and Leftfield. Plus: new drugs, new celebs (without pictures), and the right way to eat a nine-dollar kale salad. This is the Coachella they didn't want you to see.

Casual Fridays: Beach Britches and the Tank Top Debacle

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: Hackman "More Than Ever (Jamie Grind Remix)"

In conjunction with Polish party starters Loud & Clear, Leeds-based DJ/producer Jamie Grind (pictured above) sent over this bubblin' remix of the title track from Hackman's More Than Ever EP for Ramp. Grind's version bumps, slides, and wiggles around much like the original "More Than Ever," albeit with a bit of futuristic sheen opposed to Hackman's analog-heavy production. We also get a bit more of the pitched-up vocal samples in this remix, which gives it just a slightly extra touch of soul (not to mention we're suckers for warped R&B croons, regardless). 

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Brownswood Recordings to Release Second 'Electric' Compilation

The next installment of one of the compilation series curated by Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label, Brownswood Electric, has been unveiled, and is set to drop on June 27. Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Download: Taragana Pyjarama "Ocean (Paxton Fettel's Coastal Sunset Remix)"

Here's a fresh remix of Taragana Pyjarama's lovely "Ocean" by a fellow Danish lover of deep house and ambient sounds, named Paxton Fettel (pictured above). The producer calls his reimagining of the micro-techno track the "Coastal Sunset Remix," which nicely encapsulates the warm melodic hues, breezy field recordings, and Balearic dance rhythms he created for the piece. While the original "Ocean" seemed to evoke the size and majesty of its namesake, Fettel interprets more of what it's like to be next to the ocean, enjoying its climate and scenery in any number of celebratory ways, into the vibe of his track. 

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Download: Diskjokke "Panutup"

On June 14, Norwegian cosmic disco lover Diskjokke will release his third full-length record, the six-track Sagara. That album follows just under a year from his last, and is finished out by this lengthy cut of swirling live electronics. In fact, "Panutup" seems like a strange choice for the first tune to leak from Diskjokke's LP, as it's practically devoid of the driving dancefloor beats we've come to expect from the producer. The whole seven-and-a-half-minute song is instead rife with deep analog synths, calming aural textures, and heartwarming melodies—like some kind of mood music for people with good taste. It's only after we're halfway through "Panutup" that we get a quick jolt of upbeat rhythms, though they're quickly replaced by the gorgeous ambient sounds again. Let's hope we get more of these well-balanced sounds when the rest of Sagara is released via Smalltown Supersound. 

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Deadbeat to Drop 'Drawn & Quartered' Via His New BLKRTZ Label

Berlin-based Canadian expat Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) has a couple of fresh endeavors in the works. The longstanding dub-techno producer has announced the formation of his own record label, BLKRTZ, which will drop its first release, a five-track album by Deadbeat called Drawn & Quartered, on June 20. Read more » 

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  • 04/21/2011

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