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Mala Preps Deep Medi Summer Releases, Does Short US Stint in June

It's no wonder our latest podcast from dubstep icon Mala took a massive effort for us to wrangle—the legendary DJ/producer is about as busy as can be. Read more » 

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  • 06/03/2011

Download: Hyetal "Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)"

"Phoenix" has proven a rather useful template for Bristol-based producer Hyetal. With its nostalgic, gated-snare shuffle and warm analog stabs, there was a lot to like about it, and elements of the 2010 single have popped up in a lot of his recent work, not the least of which was "Beach Scene," one of the other stand-out tracks from Broadcast, his recent album on Black Acre. Now, Mancunian producer and fellow Black Acre labelmate Fantastic Mr. Fox goes back to the source for a remix, and playing freely with the song's genetics, he creates a snappy and cheerful track that hardly references the throwback appeal of the original. Instead, the "Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix" throws in cheeky cut-up synth tones and a cutesy chime melody for a fun take on a contemporary favorite. (via Pitchfork

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Rinse to Release New Roska EP

It was just last week that we found out UK funky kingpin Roska would man the decks on Rinse's next mix album, and now we've received word that the DJ/producer will also soon release a proper record next month. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Listen to a Track From the New Hudson Mohawke EP

He wowed us with Butter in 2009, and now he's about to do it again as Hudson Mohawke (the UK beatmaker known to his mam as Ross Birchard) just announced he'll be releasing a new EP on Warp, entitled Satin Panthers, on August 2. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Download: Ghost Feet "Bog"

Hailing from Olympia, Washington, Ghost Feet is a pair of musicmakers who have come together under the banner of handmade electronics and cinematic soundscapes. The duo's debut EP, Wires and Chords, was just unveiled via Portland's Dropping Gems imprint, and is currently available as a free download or limited-edition cassette tape. Here, we have one of the four original tracks available on that release, possibly its most understated. Ghost Feet coalesces spacious field recordings, lilting synth tones, reverb-soaked guitar plucks, and crunchy rhythms into the tarnished shimmer that is "Bog"—always looking toward the stars, though never quite reaching them. If the wide scope of Mogwai's melodies and the intimate sounds of Morr Music's alumni appeal to your ears, we'd suggest you snag the Wires and Chords EP. 

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Bubblin' Up: Clams Casino

Who: Clams Casino
Where: Nutley, New Jersey

Twenty-three-year-old otherworldly hip-hop producer Michael Volpe makes beats for fun, but actually spends most of his waking hours interning full-time at a local hospital. Yet that hasn't stopped the bedroom auteur from previously lending his eerily melodic and charmingly lo-fi creations to high-profile MCs such as Lil B and Soulja Boy. Read more » 

Gear: Numark NS6 DJ Controller and Mixer

Combining the most sought-after features of its existing digital DJ controllers and mixers into one unit, Numark has aimed to build a comprehensive four-channel controller for DJs of all sorts with its newest product, the NS6 ($999). Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Download: Munchi "Mamajuana"

It looks like Dutch party-starter Munchi is well on his way to a full recovery from his recent brush with illness, as he just yesterday dropped a free EP via Mad Decent's blog. The hot-footed "Mamajuana" is one of the six jams offered on the young DJ/producer's Rotterdam Juke EP, and finds him infusing the breakneck beats of footwork with some jittery bachata guitar riffs and other more explosive sound effects. As Munchi himself puts it, "The whole track feels drunk to be honest, but not in a bad way though." You can grab the rest of Munchi's free musical offering here

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Benoit & Sergio to Drop New 12" Via DFA This Month

Following closely after the release of their Let Me Count the Ways record for Ghostly's Spectral Sound sister label, the multinational tech-house duo Benoit & Sergio will drop another 12" on the longstanding DFA imprint. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

Grab XLR8R's Top 25 Downloads of the Month

Ah, May... traditionally considered in northerly climates to be the gateway by which summer is accessed. The spring rains die down and are replaced by constant sunshine, beaches, BBQs, outdoor parties, and lazy days in the park. Err, actually none of that happens in San Francisco, so really we're just going off imagination here. Read more » 

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  • 06/02/2011

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