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XLR8R's Five Things to Love About Toronto's NXNE Festival

When we hit Toronto's 17th annual NXNE Festival last week (yeah, it's sort of the north's answer to SXSW), we discovered that there's plenty to love about the city, to be sure. Super food, tons of walkable neighborhoods (provided it's summer, natch), patio bars, and all sorts of wonderful things make Toronto a pretty solid option for summer chillin'. Read more » 

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  • 06/22/2011

Download: Apparat "Black Water"

Label: Mute

Well, it seems that German artist Sascha Ring has a brand-new Apparat album called The Devil's Walk coming on September 26 via the Mute label, but you already knew that, didn't you? Here's something you may not have known: The second track to drop from that LP is called "Black Water," and you can download it for free right here. Obviously, the song is a bit more 'indie' than XLR8R normally covers, but something about Ring's combination of electronic subtleties, soothing vocal melodies, and driving rhythms just speaks to our inner softies. We think you'll agree. 

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Check Out Shaun Bloodworth's Photos From Sónar 2011

Intrepid Sheffield photographer and regular XLR8R contributor Shaun Bloodworth took a trip to Barcelona's Sónar festival last week. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Listen to Teebs' Live Set From Sónar 2011

Southern Californian beatmaker, budding painter, and Flying Lotus compatriot Teebs was among the innumerable performers that descended upon Spain's 2011 Sónar Festival last week. Though we didn't catch his performance, the fine folks over at Red Bull Music Academy apparently had the foresight to record it, and we have the pleasure of premiering it here today. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Download: M.A.D.A. & Plankton "Antiz (Cold Version)"

Label: Hidden

Before New York's Hidden label drops the Antiz EP by French production duo M.A.D.A. & Plankton, we've got one of its eight cuts of refined techno goodness to share with you. This "Cold Version" of the title track booms with a massive bass thump straight from the get-go, only rising higher and higher into the stratosphere with searing white noise, spellbinding grooves, and a heavy wash of dubby percussive sounds. The label is calling this one a more "icy, deep, [and] melodic" version, which makes sense in comparison to the original jam, but M.A.D.A. & Plankton's "Antiz (Cold Version)" is certainly massive and energetic enough to drop in any peak-hour setting. 

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Video Premiere: Squarepusher Talks to The Creators Project

This clip from The Creators Project may be entitled "Meet Squarepusher," but we certainly don't assume you'd be reading XLR8R without at least having cursory knowledge of the veteran Warp artist's 15-plus year music career (we did recently feature him in our "Building an Iconic Sound" issue). Regardless of your familiarity with Tom Jenkinson's work, this video interview is an interesting watch across the board. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Download: Venice Calypso "Drifting"

Label: Senseless

UK bass imprint Senseless recently celebrated five years of dropping club-ready tunes from the likes of Warrior Queen, Pacheko, Jack Sparrow, and Kanji Kinetic, and continue with the festivities with impending release of a five-part, limited-edition music and art series called Synesthesia. The first installment comes on July 25, a three-track 12" with hand-screened artwork and an exclusive insert, not to mention fiery cuts from The Phantom, Rossi B & Luca, and, featured here, Venice Calypso. The London-based artist's "Drifting" kicks off that slab of vinyl, and is a prime example of the skittering, next-level club music you can expect from Senseless' forthcoming series, which is apparently all about the "marriage of art and music" and "the five senses." Look for the other four parts of this endeavor in the following nine months or so. 

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Throbbing Gristle Reactivate Industrial Records, Plan Reissues

After the untimely death of founding member Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson late last year, the future of pioneering industrial outfit Throbbing Gristle was thrown into question. Thanks to a new post on the band's website, that question has been partially answered. Read more » 

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  • 06/21/2011

Podcast 203: Fred P. a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium

Although it seems like his name has only risen to prominence in the past few years, New York City's Fred P. (a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium) is no newcomer. After quietly logging time and paying his dues in the New York DJ circuit, the man began turning out deep, thoughtful, jazz- and soul-infused house that eventually caught the ear of artists like Move D and DJ Jus-Ed. Read more » 

Download: Kidnap Kid "If (Jamie Grind Remix)"

UK producer Matt Kidnap (a.k.a. Kidnap Kid, although his given name seems to be enough on its own) recently released an EP for the Squelch and Clap imprint entitled The Great Confusion, which featured the original version of "If." Somewhere down the line, Kidnap tapped fellow Leeds-based producer Jamie Grind (pictured above) to work some remix magic on the track and it appears that Grind has taken to the task swimmingly. Leaving behind the traces of juke that characterized his last EP (aptly titled Footwork), Grind instead locks "If" down further into its rolling house vibe with an army of slow-moving chords and an irresistible shuffle. He also manages to hone in on a few of the vocal samples sprinkled throughout the original version, utilizing them for both rhythmic and melodic purposes and placing them just outside the tune's dazzling array of swirling synths. We're not sure how this syrupy reimagining didn't make it onto the EP alongside remixes from Tête de Tigre and Arcade, but we're certainly glad it still found its way to us. 

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