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Video: LOL Boys "Blockz"

The LA/Montreal duo of Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia (a.k.a LOL Boys) have dropped a self-titled EP on the always-fresh Discobelle imprint and Potter has spliced together a montage of strangely outlandish Second Life-esque clips for the track "Blockz." Similar in vibe to last summer's "123" clip, the "Blockz" video finds computer-generated animals running alongside trippy lo-res backdrops to while bubbling, pseudo-psychedelic beats percolate in the background. In short, we're into that. You can preview LOL Boys' recently released EP over on the pair's Soundcloud or simply purchase it here. Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2011

Download: Mountains "Thousand Square"

The long-standing duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, collectively known as Mountains, has a new LP, Air Museum (artwork above), on its way and has passed along this track as a preview of the forthcoming full-length. "Thousand Square" finds the duo exploring the familiar territory of sparkling ambiance with a host of intricate synth tones and manipulated field recordings. Beginning simply with a pulsating note, the pair carefully introduces new elements that serve to expand the track's humble beginnings into ever-growing sonic depths. Where less-seasoned creators of meandering soundscapes might overload the listener, Anderegg and Holtkamp seem to be able to delicately pile sound source upon sound source without disturbing the calming balance a track like "Thousand Square" evokes in its listeners. Surely Mountains will have many more similarly enriched aural landscapes for us to explore when Air Museum is released May 10. 

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Video: Wiley "Numbers In Action"

As we reported last month, the energetic UK wordsmith/producer/UStream enthusiast known as Wiley has a new album, 100% Publishing on its way this July via Big Dada. With anticipation already running high, the Eskiboy has gone ahead and dropped this hyperactive video with an alarming number of Wiley multiples running around to the accompaniment of the LP's lead single, "Numbers In Action." Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2011

Plastikman, Chancha Via Circuito, Pole, ARP, and More Added to Mutek 2011 Line-Up

Mutek, Montreal's preeminent forward-thinking electronic music festival, has announced that the illustrious techno figure Richie Hawtin will be returning to his former country (as most people know, the now Berlin-based producer/DJ spent his formative years in Canada) for a live performance as his darker Plastikman project (pictured above). Read more » 

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  • 04/18/2011

Bubblin': Banjo or Freakout

Who: Banjo or Freakout
Where: London, UK

Italian-born Alessio Natalizia has been playing music since his youth, but it was only after moving to London—not to mention countless days spent on his girlfriend's laptop while waiting for her to get home from work—that he truly found his voice. Read more » 

Download: Cardopusher "Coppertoned Punch (Ghosts on Tape Remix)"

San Francisco's Ghosts On Tape propels this track from Venezuelan-born, Barcelona-based producer Cardopusher (pictured above) to the far reaches of its dark and futuristic house limits. Whereas the original could be described as a slice of forward-thinking, tropical-tinged house, Ghosts on Tape presents "Coppertoned Punch" as an intense hybrid, combining the pitch-shifted vocal snippets and skittering percussion of UK funky with the pounding rhythms and pulsating stabs of aggressively sleek underground techno. Systematically manipulating almost every element present, the remixer keeps things moving with some tasty breakdowns and the occasional tuned bass-drum hits, ensuring that even the meekest listeners will be unable to resist the urge to move. This remix and the original "Coppertoned Punch" are available along with another Cardopusher original and two remixes on the forthcoming Coppertoned Punch EP, which will serve as a preview of sorts to Cardopusher's forthcoming full-length, Yr Fifteen Minutes Are Up, out May 17. 

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Download: Sun Glitters "outside (reprise)"

Not wishing to diverge from the customary chillwave aesthetic, Victor Ferreira has chosen to use the moniker Sun Glitters to adorn the, well, glittering, sun-soaked productions he's been releasing lately. Here we've got a one-off track that the Luxembourg-based artist has thrown up on his Bandcamp for free download, "outside (reprise)." The track is a heavenly trot of sorts, one in which gorgeous melodic pads are accompanied by a broken march of a drumbeat. What sounds like solitary notes on a somehow sweetly distorted guitar and a drastically pitch-shifted vocal sample repeating "outside" provide the decorative high-end catchiness that one would expect from a post-everything-era chillwave beat. Although it's not our favorite outing from Ferreira, that honor goes to the excellent "too much to loose" from his recently released everything could be fine LP, it's still a worthwhile listen from a promising producer nonetheless. 

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Gregor Tresher Readies New Album

If ever there was a list of techno veterans who have continued to push their crafts throughout the years despite whatever momentary ebbs and flows the electronic music community happened to be caught in at the time, Gregor Tresher's name would surely make the cut. With a host of records and remixes to his name spanning over two decades of production, Tresher seems nowhere near stopping, and has announced he will be releasing his third proper artist album this June via his own Break New Soil imprint. Read more » 

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  • 04/15/2011

Siopis Announces New EP for Get Physical

Germany's consistent home for bubbling tech-house, Get Physical, has a new EP in the pipeline from Jannis Siopis, better known simply by his last name, Siopis. Read more » 

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  • 04/15/2011

Download: Felix Uran "Masprojekt (To The Stars)"

As more and more music continues to pour in from Dramatic Records' Endless House archives, it seems the project is bent on completely embodying its title. We can't say we're mad about it, especially when the quality of sounds remains at the same caliber of previously featured tracks "Pavel" and "Soul Flipper PART 2", which is exactly what Felix Uran's "Masprojekt (To The Stars)" does. This "sister track" to Uran's similarly titled contribution to the Endless House LP, "Masprojekt 3," is another gorgeous collection of analog electronic sounds that ebb and flow, twist and turn throughout the sparkling composition. But that's not all the Dramatic Records camp has to offer: Coming this June is another companion to the Endless House compilation, a six-song split 12" that features three new tracks from both Rasmus Folk and Walter Schnaffs. Called Endless House Presents: Rasmus Folk vs. Walter Schnaffs, the forthcoming release is said to tell "the story of the rivalry between the House's most esteemed residents." With new side-plots now developing, it's quite possible that the musical tales of the Endless House Foundation will truly never end. 

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