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Download: FaltyDL "St. Marks (Sepalcure Remix)"

Label: Hotflush

The duo of Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machine Drum) and Praveen Sharma, better known as Sepalcure (pictured above), are set to follow-up last year's excellent Love Pressure EP with a new effort entitled Fleur and have sent along this remix of fellow NYC beatsmith FaltyDL—who has a new album of his own coming in March on Planet Mu—to remind us of why we're excited for the forthcoming release. The remix is a sizzling slow mover at first, one in which chopped vocals pop and chirp amongst bouncing drums. Around the 1:45 mark comes the party: a luscious, side-chained pad floats around the 2-steppin' snare and percussion, leaving you no choice but to move one of your extremities along with the track. The only real decision you have to make is which rhythm to move along to. If merely one tune isn't going to satisfy your Sepalcure fix in the few days before Fleur drops on January 31, then make sure to check out the duo's XLR8R podcast from last September in the meantime. 

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Terror Danjah Talks Beats, MCs, and the Past, Present, and Future of Grime at Igloo Fest in Montreal

LA-based blog Passion of the Weiss caught up with grime heavyweight Terror Danjah before his performance at the Igloo Festival in Montreal, Canada and was able to get quite an insightful interview with one of the kingpins of the genre (who we featured back in our November/December issue). If you've got about 15 minutes and even just a remote interest in grime, this is definitely worth viewing. (via Butterz) Read more » 

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  • 01/28/2011

Casual Fridays: Sailing jackets, leopard-print Gitman Bros, and Nike throwbacks.

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: MC Zulu "Crowd Control (Mad Crowd Mix)"

First Listen

Panamanian-born MC Zulu is in the midst of an ambitious multi-release project entitled Crowd Control, on which he is set to release an EP and album comprised of tracks featuring guest producers from around the world with a variety of musical leanings (artists such as Poirier, South Rakkas Crew, Lion Dub, Kush Arora, Mochipet, Radiohiro, Top Billin, and Knight Riderz are all said to make an appearance). The first effort from this project, the Mad Crowd EP, is where you'll find "Crowd Control," an intense anthem that showcases Zulu's MCing abilities on top of production from the UK's The Bumps. The track's dancehall groove is enhanced with frantically moving synth bass and rave stabs that are only overtaken by Zulu's forceful vocals, which jump effortlessly from moments of call-and-response to self-harmonizing, all while keeping the proverbial "crowd" in check, and ensuring that they are indeed paying attention by the time the chorus comes asking, "Are you listening?" Yes, yes we are. 

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Check Out a New "MPC DJ Mix" From Clark

Though the Berlin-based producer has lately traversed the realms of club-friendly production on albums like Turning Dragon and Totem's Flare, Clark recently surprised his fans with a DJ set of relatively straightforward dance tunes, which premiered on Tom Ravenscroft's show on BBC 6 Music just last week. And now, the mixmaster has uploaded the excellent mix on to Soundcloud for us to stream and download for free. Read more » 

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  • 01/28/2011

Buck 65 Announces New Album

The avant hip-hopper Buck 65 has been honing his craft for quite a long time now, the better part of the last 20 years in fact, hence the title of his newest LP, 20 Odd Years. Buck 65's first LP since 2007 finds the rapper/producer exploring territory more similar to his 2003 album, Talkin' Honky Blues, where he began crafting songs that somehow combined the disparate worlds of hip-hop, blues, country, folk, and indie rock. Read more » 

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  • 01/28/2011

Download: Carl Craig "The Climax Bootleg"

As if the legendary Detroit techno producer didn't have enough on his plate between releasing a 20-year retrospective and planning a world tour for his Planet E label (which you can read all about here), Carl Craig recently got hipped to the fact that his track "The Climax," which he had released under his Paperclip People moniker back in 1995, had been used in a mash-up for an anonymous bootleg vinyl pressing. Well, Craig decided to respond to the bootleg by taking the available audio and making his own re-edit of the track, which is what we've got available for you here. And re-edit he did, cutting, looping, and manipulating the audio into a seven-plus minute excursion into the cold, intricate Detroit techno Craig's been masterfully producing for years. (via Juno

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Watch an Exclusive Interview With Switch

The good people over at Scion A/V passed along this interview with producer and frequent MIA and Diplo collaborator Switch, in which you'll find him discussing his musical roots, how he got hooked up with MIA, and a decent amount of bleeped-out cursing. Enjoy. Read more » 

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  • 01/28/2011

Download: Labtekwon "Faraway Land"

Label: Ankhba

From the latest album by Baltimore producer/MC Labtekwon, Next: Baltimore Basquiat and the Future Shock, comes this sample-based bit of clattering beat work. "Faraway Land" boasts some of the grimiest rhythms from the dustiest source material heard this side of a FlyLo production; the distorted booms of vinyl-ripped kicks bounce in tandem with click-clacking percussion sounds while the lyricist delivers calm and collected flows about... Well, we can't say for sure what Labtekwon is rapping about (we could guess it has something to do with foreign countries), but it's no matter—it all sounds quite good to us. And you can check a video for "Elevation," a much smoother track from the same Labtekwon album, after the jump.  Read more » 

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New Kitsuné Compilation to Feature Up-and-Coming Parisian Acts

Word of a brand-new compilation coming down the pipeline from French culture- and party-hub Kitsuné isn't usually the most exciting news these days, seeing as how the dance music label has released around 20 of them since it was founded in 2002. But this time out, there's a new spin: Kitsuné Parisien is a 12-song record that focuses only on the "next breed" of Parisian producers. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2011

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