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Nab a Free EP From Producer S-X of "Woo Riddim" Fame

The UK music maker behind the massive "Woo Riddim," S-X, just recently broke 3,000 followers on his Twitter account, and is celebrating by giving away a digital EP of equally hyped-up instrumentals. Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2011

Download Bleep's Top 100 Tracks of 2010

A well-respected heavy-hitter taking care of business in the digital sales of forward-thinking music across the board, Bleep is often the go-to source for some of the best contemporary music on the planet. Now, as the dust settles from the end of 2010, the electronic music hub has penned its list of the 100 best tracks from last year and made them available in the form of a reasonably priced download package. Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2011

Download: Hard Mix "Alright (Sumsun Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Leaving

Considering most things from his labelmates seldom have a steady rhythm or anything resembling a regular drum pattern (not that we're complaining), Florida-based producer Sumsun is about as close as Matthewdavid's Leaving camp gets to having a dance music artist. Here we find Sumsun flexing his remix chops as he takes Hard Mix's "Alright" to the limits of its cosmic slow-jam potential. The track begins with a fuzzy, side-chained pad that floats along while Sumsun adds distant, slow-moving hip-hop drums. Back-and-forth male and female vocal samples take center stage, followed by even more layers of distorted fuzziness that eventually build to overpowering heights, enveloping the track in their static warmth. For now, it appears this remix won't be found on any particular release, it's simply a freebie (with accompanying artwork above) from the good people at Leaving and we're glad to share it. 

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Shigeto: Taking a jazzman's approach, a post-Dilla acolyte builds on Michigan's beat legacy.

For a generation of bedroom producers, now is the time to get their due—at least according to beat-geek extraordinaire Zach Saginaw, who performs and records as Shigeto. "I think the need for an MC or the need for lyrics [is] not as dominant. It's not anything against that—it's just that finally producers are getting more credit," he says. "Ten years ago you'd say, 'Oh, I love this song,' but you never knew who produced it and no one ever really cared. But now producers are becoming their own thing and getting so much more credit."

Download: Direwires "Bayfield"

Label: Moodgadget

Over five years since Direwires' debut LP, There's Life After Winter, was released on Moodgadget, the Ontario-based ambient producer has returned to the label with a new LP, Hearts in Stasis, on which you'll find "Bayfield." There seems to have been a recent surge in visibility of ambient music, particularly of the tape-based collage sort, but Direwires is not of this ilk, trading in the lo-fi fuzz and hiss of the ambient-tape music for a clarity and nuanced detail to his sounds that brings to mind the likes of William Basinski and Fennesz. On this particular track, Direwires slowly manipulates a steadily pulsing melodic loop and continues filtering, pitch-shifting, and processing it throughout the piece while gently adding layers of majestic chords and twinkling background sounds beneath his sonic tinkerings. As we approach the end of the piece, the loop slowly begins to disintegrate, washing away in gobs of delay and reverb before finally coming to an end. "Bayfield," along with 11 other serene tracks, can be found on Hearts of Stasis when it's released January 18. 

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Videomakers Thunderhorse Talk With Dump FM

Thunderhorse Video is a media arts collective responsible for making some of 2010's trippiest assemblages from White Car and Gatekeeper. Dump FM is a web portal/chat room where participants converse only with still or moving images, and which draws the likes of M.I.A. and Ryan Trecartin for GIF-based chat sessions. We had Dump FM founder Ryder Ripps conduct an interview with Thunderhorse at Dump FM, and here's how it went:


Download: Royal T "Music Please"

Label: Butterz

London's Butterz label has been a leading force in keeping grime moving forward over the last year and now producer Royal T has been officially added to the label's ranks with a new EP, Orangeade. Here is an alternate version of the track "Music Please," whose "devil mix" (a term apparently coined by Wiley) is found on the EP. In line with the Butterz imprint's take on grime, the tempo is quicker and the vibe leans more towards the "let's party" side of the genre. A fast beat with skittering hi-hats and claps bounces along with chopped-up vocals, some occasional bleeps and bloops, and the customary evil bassline. If you need some more Royal T than this one MP3 can deliver, make sure to check out the recent XLR8R podcast from Butterz label heads Elijah and Skilliam, which features two Royal T tracks along with a host of Butterz tunes. The Orangeade EP is available now. (via FACT

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Hercules and Love Affair Drop New Video and Remix

New York's Hercules and Love Affair have dropped this amazingly retro video for the song "My House," the lead single from their recently released LP, Blue Songs, out now on the Moshi Moshi imprint. The video features some classic VHS-era video effects, incredibly well-executed '80s-era dance moves and costumes, and a few well-placed commercials, finally getting all wrapped up at the end with an impressive Soul Train-esque dance line. Quality stuff. The release of the video is also accompanied by a remix from London's Stopmakingme, which you can stream after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 01/07/2011

Thomas Fehlmann to Release New Single on Kompakt

Techno legend and half of the esteemed group The Orb, Thomas Fehlmann, has a new single to be released on Kompakt featuring himself along with live strings and percussion. Read more » 

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  • 01/07/2011

Download: Tim Hecker "Hatred of Music I"

Label: Kranky

It is somewhat hard to believe that Tim Hecker's forthcoming LP, Ravedeath, 1972, was mostly recorded over one day inside an Icelandic church whose pipe organ served as the main sound source. Listening to "Hatred of Music I," Hecker has obviously utilized other various sound sources (piano, guitar feedback, etc.) and manipulated them, along with the pipe organ, into a blissful oblivion, but there is still a mystery to how Hecker can take these seemingly simple elements and twist them into deep, consuming, other-worldly compositions. "Hatred of Music I" is the first taste of what's to come on Ravedeath, 1972 and it does not disappoint, sounding as beautifully rich and natural as any Hecker composition to date. The piece starts with a few slow piano notes that are quickly washed away into the vastness of guitar feedback, organ drones, and indiscernible angelic layers of noise that seem to slow down time as they pass over you. Ravedeath, 1972 will be available on February 14. (via Stereogum)  

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