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Tensnake Preps New Box Set and Single for June Release, Tours Europe

Disco-influenced house DJ/producer Marco Niemerski (a.k.a. Tensnake) has prepared a new box set and digital single to follow up last year's massive "Coma Cat," entitled Tensnake Live + (pictured above) and Something About You, respectively. Read more » 

Video Premiere: Gatto Fritto "Lucifer Morning Star"

With last month's release of his well-received self-titled debut LP on International Feel (which you can stream here), it's only understandable that Gatto Fritto would want to keep the ball rolling. What better way to do that than with the premiere of an official video? Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Planet E to Release New Paul Woolford EP Next Week

Intimacy Records label head and Leeds-reared techno mainstay Paul Woolford is set to drop an EP on Carl Craig's Planet E imprint. Woolford's first record for the label will usher in a new era of releases for Planet E from the likes of Reference, Ezana Harris, Urban Tribe, and many more. Read more » 

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  • 05/18/2011

Download: Discodromo "Mercurio (High Temperature Mix)"

Label: Discaire

Veiled in playful secrecy, the rhetoric of Discaire Records would have you believe that the label is controlled by a cult-like group of shadowy subversives. In truth, Discaire is a "homophonic," forward-thinking brotherhood of four like-minded gay men from New York, London, and San Francisco. Having the honors of first release on the label, with "Mercurio," is veteran Italian production duo Discodromo. The boys at Discaire recently gave us the "High Temperature Mix" to share with you. Maintaining the kind of continuous, drippy flow of its namesake element, "Mercurio (High Temperature Mix)" is a bubbling reverb chamber of acid bass, percolating space-synths, and funky clavinets. You can download the tune below, and if you're feeling frisky, head over to Discaire to buy the 12", which comes with a password that unlocks exclusive X-rated online content. 

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Planet Mu to Release Debut From Vezelay in June

With two buzz-worthy videos floating around YouTube for the past year or so, it's a little surprising that French dream-pop artist Matthieu Le Berre (a.k.a. Vezelay) hasn't been picked up by a label sooner. However, with the coming release of the Lyre EP on Planet Mu, that is set to change. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Download: Niño "Buio Omega"

First Listen

Back at the beginning of April, we announced that the second 12" to drop from Brighton's skweee-tastic Donky Pitch label would be from the Barcelonian producer known as Niño. Now, less than a week away from the release date of the Clase de 1984 EP, we get to share the first jam to leak from that record, the neon-colored "Buio Omega." This hyperactive tune skitters around in all directions with glittering synth tones, squelchy basslines, and rapid-fire percussion—occasionally landing on the same wavelength to work out a wonky groove. You can hear a bit more of Niño's EP before it's available to purchase on May 23, here

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Forest Swords to Re-Release First EP to Benefit Japan

We'll admit it: When the UK's enigmatic Forest Swords project dropped its dystopic, lo-fi opus Dagger Paths last year, we weren't exactly first to embrace its jangly vibes, but we did manage to fall in love with those six melancholic tracks in time to add the record to our Honorable Mentions of 2010 list. Now, you can count us among the growing mass of listeners fiending for whatever comes next from Forest Swords, a small taste of which just arrived today. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Catch an Hour-Long Richie Hawtin Documentary

Back around 2006, T-Mobile Germany made this rather comprehensive film on techno giant Richie Hawtin for its Electronic Beats marketing series. Thankfully, the doc is pretty bereft of cell-phone branding junk, and focuses solely on the DJ/producer's rise to fame, from his humble, Canada-by-way-of-Britain beginnings to his current status as the toast of Berlin's techno scene. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2011

Listen to DJ MikeQ's Mix and Read His Interview for Documentary 'Paris Is Burning'

Network Awesome is just one of a few places on the internet where you can find a streamable version of the classic Jennie Livingston film Paris Is Burning (we've got our own right here ), which documents ball culture in New York. But since they're rolling theirs out bit by bit, the Queen of ballroom, DJ MikeQ, has prepared a mix to coincide with their campaign. Read more » 

Podcast 198: Virgo Four

After re-emerging from the Chicago house ether last year with the Rush Hour reissue of its seminal self-titled album from 1989, the duo of Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis (a.k.a. Virgo Four) has seen its music and, perhaps more importantly, its influence, finally given its proper due. Read more » 

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