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Download Paul Devro's Brand-New Mixtape for Pomp & Clout

One of Mad Decent's many resident DJs, LA-based Paul Devro, has an early Christmas present for us all, a brand-new mixtape he's called Disco Hoti Hai. Over on his label's website, Devro explains the mix's origins: "Pomp & Clout asked me to make them a mixtape for them of whatever I wanted, so I thought I'd put my Bollywood disco record crates to work. So here it is, my X-mas gift to you: super rare, super popular, super weird, and super awesome hindi tunes all chopped the fuck up, so that they sorta make sense." Read more » 

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  • 12/16/2010

Kevin Saunderson to Tour With Derrick May Next Year

2010 was a good year for Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson; the iconic DJ/musician/producer resurrected his Inner City band at Movement, and released a load of singles and EPs both for himself and members of the Saunderson extended family (like his nephew, Kweku). Now, the artist is ready to follow up that work with another exciting project, a world tour with fellow dance music innovator Derrick May. Read more » 

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  • 12/16/2010

Boys Noize to Release 'Acid' Compilation on His Label

As a sort of celebration of 20 years of acid music, German DJ/producer/label head Boys Noize has brought together a handful of friends and label mates to craft a compilation of brand-new tunes following the blueprints of the old-school club genre. Read more » 

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  • 12/16/2010

Funkineven: London's Soul-Funk Fusionist Helps Eglo Records Find Its Legs

Steven Julien's East London studio is like an analog gear menagerie: vintage Korg, Yamaha, Akai, and Roland synths and drum machines are systematically arranged on desks and racks everywhere. Perched in a swivel chair for our chat, the 31-year-old producer looks sharp in his Keith Haring x Supreme t-shirt, an item issued as a tribute to the late music entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren. Read more » 

Download: VisionAir "Yeagh"

We're not entirely sure if it's a good or bad thing when you can't tell if a song is made with organic or synthetic instruments, analog or digital devices, people or machines. On one hand, it gives the music a sort of allure because of its ambiguous mystique, but editorially speaking, it's that much more difficult to properly credit sounds to their rightful source. Maybe we're just splitting hairs, but we shouldn't all just sit around being wrong, right? Well, regardless of how these sounds were made, "Yeagh" by Dublin duo Richie Egan and Niall Byrne (a.k.a. VisionAir) recalls the warm vintage synths found in the ambling Krautrock grooves of yore, though obviously invigorated with the sheen of modern production technology. The vibe of the song, which closes out the pair's brand-new A Vision EP (available for free download here), feels like an esoteric Tangerine Dream, Can, or even Silver Apples tune as performed by a guitarless Ratatat on quaaludes. Maybe that sounds weird, but so does this song—in a good way. 

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XLR8R's 10 Best Videos of 2010

We'll be the first to say it: 2010 was not the best year for music videos. It seemed the overarching theme throughout the clips bubbling up this year was the re-appropriation of old footage, edited as the director/artist saw fit. And that's all well and good, but it certainly doesn't make us go 'Wow!' The videos on our 2010 favorites list were made of authentic, inspiring, funny, touching, grotesque, strange, and beautiful pictures, and were apparently born of truly original ideas. We may not be nearly as into the music accompanying the pieces (personally, we thought "Drunk Girls" was one of the worst songs this year), but that's not what this is all about, now is it? Read more » 

Review: Teebs Ardour

Flying Lotus—the Brainfeeder label head who released the debut album by friend and fellow beat aficionado Mtendere Mandowa (a.k.a. Teebs)—is quoted as saying that Teebs' first full-length, Ardour, "sounds like an island vacation." Read more » 

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  • 12/16/2010

Download: Jamie Woon "Night Air (Deadboy Remix)"

Label: Numbers

Add yet another track to the growing list of remixes for Jamie Woon's Burial-co-produced song, "Night Air." UK 2-stepper Deadboy puts his shuffling version next to interpretations from the likes of Ramadanman and newcomer Becoming Real, which collectively create a trifecta that trumps the original, at least to our ears. This remix lets Woon's voice do its thing while a rolling bassline grooves with Deadboy's go-to riddim and a handful of assorted synth melodies waft about the proceedings. Further into "Night Air (Deadboy Remix)," the producer starts toying with the singer's croon, whimsically pitch-shifting it as the synth stabs grow in intensity. 

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Dirtybird Preps New Releases, Readies For XLR8R Holiday Party

Bay Area house and techno hub Dirtybird is keeping quite busy throughout the winter seasons. More specifically, the imprint has a couple releases coming out this month, with an excellent holiday party on the way, as well. Read more » 

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  • 12/15/2010

Download: Randomer & Adverse "Alizé (Greymatter Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Super

We all know the well-worn adage: Less is more. Here, that philosophy is put to good use by Brighton-based producer Greymatter on his remix of the forthcoming single from Randomer & Adverse, "Alizé." It's not that Greymatter is making minimalist bass music or any such thing, but when juxtaposed with Randomer & Adverse's bubbling originals and HomePark's own deep remix of the title track, it's easily the most pared down of the bunch. A lone tambourine and kick-drum rhythm make up the spine of "Alizé (Greymatter Remix)," on which the producer employs a chopped-up vocal loop, monotone organ stabs, a massive bass drop every so often, and a couple more percussion sounds. There are certainly more than, say, 10 sounds in this shuffling tune, but Greymatter gives each one of them enough room to breathe that you could probably pick out the noises individually at any given time, though you're likely to be too busy moving to the jam's thick groove to even bother giving that a try. You can check out the EP's other three tracks when Alizé drops on January 10 via Super. 

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