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Listen to Tracks From Horsepower Productions' New Album

Nearly a month ago, we dropped the news that veteran dubstep outfit Horsepower Productions was prepping a brand-new album to be released on November 29 via the reliable Tempa label, and now, weeks before it comes out, we can listen to half of Quest for the Sonic Bounty. Over on Tempa's SoundCloud profile we're treated to five of the nine songs featured on Horsepower's forthcoming full-length, including "Water," "Mexican Slayride," "Kingstep (LP Version)," "Damn It," and "Exercising (Horsepower Remix)." Read more » 

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  • 11/10/2010

Download: Telefon Tel Aviv "Lengthening Shadows"

Label: !K7

DJ/producer Sascha Ring (a.k.a. Apparat) released his own installment of !K7's ongoing DJ-Kicks series at the end of last month, an interesting and personal mix album featuring a few new tunes from both Ring himself and his friends. "Lengthening Shadows" is one such track made by Telefon Tel Aviv for the Apparat mix, and it has some serious weight to it. As Ring puts it, "[Telefon Tel Aviv] make such beautiful music. Sadly, Charlie Cooper died at the beginning of last year. This is the first track that Joshua Eustis (pictured above) has made since then. I think he was wondering whether he would carry on the Telefon Tel Aviv name. I asked him if there was anything he could give me for the album. He made me this track and said he’d like it to be as Telefon Tel Aviv. It's very poignant." And it's true. Knowing the headiness of the song's origins bolsters its stirring mood into emotional realms we're sure only Eustis and the friends and family of Cooper could understand, but hearing the song is equally moving; "Shadows" is a haunting bass music gem on par with some of the genre's most provocative productions. 

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Spoek Mathambo to Tour North America with Live Band

South Africa's premiere leftfield electro-pop export Spoek Mathambo—who we featured in our pages just earlier this year—is headed for the US and Canada this week, bringing along with him a full live band to help perform cuts from his debut album, Mshini Wam. The brief stint across North America kicks off this Friday in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History for FADER's One Step Beyond party, and goes on to make stops in San Francisco for Tormenta Tropical, LA for School Night, and a few more. Read more » 

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  • 11/10/2010

Blaqstarr to Drop New EP on M.I.A.'s Label

Apparently, not even the fizzled-out dud of a record that is M.I.A.'s /\/\/\Y/\ can keep her and her producer buddies from working together again. On January 25 of next year, the man behind tunes like M.I.A.'s "XXXO" and "It Iz What It Iz," Charles Smith (a.k.a. Blaqstarr), will drop a brand-new solo EP on Maya Arulpragasam's own N.E.E.T. imprint. Read more » 

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  • 11/10/2010

Slo Jamz: With Their Debut Album, Oberlin Undergrads Teengirl Fantasy Make House-Infused R&B for Dreamers

Everyone in Ibiza would be humming their tunes at poolside bars, their whimsical name the toast of the town. But that would be too easy, and untrue to the chemistry of the project. The duo's psychedelic, highly nuanced dynamic, palpable in everything they release, makes for some of the most personal, original, and exhilarating sounds around right now.

Download: T.Williams "Heartbeat feat. Terri Walker (J.Bevin Remix)"

First Listen

A part of the amorphous Deep Teknologi crew/label, J.Bevin (pictured above) steps up to the plate here on his remix of T.Williams' latest soulful bubbler with singer Terri Walker, "Heartbeat." Bevin leaves Walker's sultry vocal delivery more or less untouched, focusing instead on creating a completely fresh instrumental underneath her poignant croon. The vibe on Williams' tune is kicked up into more energetic territories by the fast-paced bounce of Bevin's kick-and-snare rhythms, enormous bass swells, and the warmth of his multi-layered synth melodies. Still, much like the original—which we recently previewed along with the Mosca Remix—this version is even-keeled, as Bevin retains the song's lovelorn energy by never overshadowing it with baroque production work. 

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Listen to Terror Danjah Talk Origins, D Double E, and His Aftershock Label

Just yesterday, London magazine and online TV station SpineTV talked with grime producer and all-around badman Terror Danjah as part of its newly launched SpineTV Podcast series. The interview, which follows the recent release of Danjah's Undeniable album via Hyperdub, touches on a load of topics relating to his rise as a DJ, the process of becoming an iconic music producer, starting his Aftershock label, working with friend/collaborator D Double E, and more. Read more » 

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  • 11/10/2010

Read the New Issue of XLR8R for Free Right Now!

This issue, we dig in deep with the icons of electronic music, and gather intel on how they make their sounds so uniquely original. From Four Tet to Squarepusher to Moby to Mala, there's no shortage of tips, tricks, and musical philosophies to inspire budding producers. We also look at some of our favorite producers of the year—with Oriol, Teengirl Fantasy, oOoOO, and plenty more icons-to-be filling these pages. Read more » 

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  • 11/10/2010

Download: We Are Standard "Other Lips, Other Kisses (CFCF Remix)"

Canadian producer Mike Silver (a.k.a. CFCF) joins the likes of John Talabot, Anoraak, and In Flagranti on the The Golden League remix album for Spanish combo We Are Standard, offering a remix of "Other Lips, Other Kisses" as his contribution. At first, the slow-grooving beat and subtle bass tones that start off Silver's track might have you thinking he has a new-found penchant for the UK and its continuum of bass-related genres, but soon, catchy vocals drop in with some instrumentation more in line with what we've come to expect from the producer. Once the housey piano loops and the wash of string melodies swell into the mix, it's apparent that even on his remixes, CFCF waves the Balearic flag high. You can see how the other eight remixes match up when The Golden League drops on December 6 via Mushroom Pillow. 

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Check Out a Mix by October Before He Plays Fabric Next Friday

Another patron of the fine art of bass, Bristol's October, will be taking part in the forthcoming takeover of Fabric's Room Three next Friday. Along with others from the Apple Pips label, including Appleblim and Komonazmuk, October will deliver tasteful selections of beats and bass through the illustrious club's top-of-the-line soundsystem. To pique our interest in the impending jump-off, the DJ/producer sent over a brand-new mix he's crafted for the auspicious occasion, which features lively and brooding tunes from the likes of Mr. Fingers, Black Jazz Consortium, Conforce, and A Number of Names. Read more » 

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  • 11/09/2010

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