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Download: Stateless "Assassinations (FaltyDL Remix)"

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Label: Ninja Tune

UK-based avant-pop outfit Stateless (pictured above) is about to unveil its second album, Matilda, on March 1. As bands tend to do, a single is being circulated prior to the album release, and Stateless has settled on "Assassinations." The group claims that the song sounds like "Timbaland producing Pink Floyd" (is that a good thing?), and producers Om Unit and FaltyDL have been commissioned to remix the track. We've got our hands on the latter effort, which finds NYC beatsmith Drew Lustman chopping, slicing, and looping frontman Chris James' vocals and marrying those bits with swirling psychedelics, moody keys, and a melange of fractured beats. It's not exactly dancefloor material, but FaltyDL has never been one to shy away from sonic experimentation. The "Assassinations" single comes out on February 15. 

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Watch Juju & Jordash Jam Live With Move D in Amsterdam

Amsterdam production duo Juju & Jordash just dropped this video in our inbox the other day, a 12-minute clip of the house-loving pair working out a live jam session with German DJ/producer Move D. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2011

Ben Frost, Demdike Stare, Lone, Emeralds, and More to Play Second Annual Unsound Festival New York in April

Poland's premiere forward-thinking electronic/experimental music festival Unsound will make the trip overseas again this year for its second installment of Unsound Festival New York. Along with support from the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and the Goethe-Institut New York, the Unsound Festival planning team will unleash a barrage of live performances by excellent musicians, DJs, producers, and bands between April 1 and April 10. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2011

Jacques Greene: A Montreal newcomer takes on R&B divas and house with a borrowed 303.

The Montreal DJ/producer who calls himself Jacques Greene (yep, it’s an alias) has a knack for making house grooves that toy with emotions, often dancing between euphoria and melancholia in the same breath. "If you’re trying to make music with a feeling, it’s more interesting to show something nuanced, like something in real life, such as a relationship," he says about his yin-yang ethic. Read more » 

Download: Johnny Sable "Made in Taiwan"

Label: Proximal

It's easy to think of the whole post-dubstep scene as a UK-centric phenomenon, but new artists continue to pop up all over the globe. Just yesterday, we posted a tune from Lithuania's Brokenchord, and now New Zealand is getting into the act, courtesy of Johnny Sable. The young producer isn't reinventing the wheel, as "Made in Taiwan" relies on skittering garage beats, emotive pitch-shifted vocal snippets, and subdued rave synths. Yet despite the familiarity of the song's building blocks, Sable's construction work is the key here, as he effectively fills the track with negative space, which keeps things light and restrained, even as the tune picks up steam over the course of its five minutes. It's an impressive offering, and one that makes on wonder what else the Kiwis have been brewing up on the club front. 

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Derrick Carter to Drop 'Fabric 56' Mix in March

Chicago house icon and Classic label co-owner Derrick Carter is next in line to contribute to the illustrious Fabric mix series. On March 14, the veteran DJ/producer will drop Fabric 56: Derrick Carter, which will feature 17 tracks (though some sections boast multiple songs within their timeframes) of timeless house music, fresh originals, and some unheard club-ready goodness. Read more » 

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  • 01/27/2011

XLR8R and Scion Present Version 2 of the City Guide iPhone and Android Apps!!!!

Remember when we, along with Scion, launched the City Guide mobile apps for iPhone and Android to bring you the best bars, restaurants, cafés, galleries, shops, record stores and unique spots in the country?? Well, the City Guide is still growing with even more cities, events, and hotspots!!! Check out all the new City Guide app details!!!!!! Read more » 

Download: Tahiti 80 "Darlin (Jimmy Edgar Remix)"

We're just going to come out and say it: we're not exactly big fans of Tahiti 80 (pictured above). No offense to the French pop band—their tunes are perfectly fine, they're just not very XLR8R. That said, there's no denying that the group has impeccable taste when it comes to remixers. Back in November, we posted a stellar "Darlin" re-work by Barcelona's John Talabot, and now Tahiti 80 has extended their recruiting arm to our side of the Atlantic and enlisted Jimmy Edgar to have a go at the track. As those familiar with Edgar might expect, he's sexed up the proceedings with some throbbing electro beats, crunchy synths, and a seriously sleazy vibe. If Tahiti 80 keeps this up, perhaps we'll be more inclined to check out the Darlin EP when it drops next week, or the band's upcoming full-length, which is scheduled for later in the year. 

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Video: Creep "Days"

We've been jamming-out on the debut single by Brooklyn-based dark-pop duo Creep since we first heard it back in early December. Now, "Days," which also features Romy Madley-Croft of The xx doing her sultry vocal thing, has a flashy music video paired to its brooding soundscapes, courtesy of producer-cum-director Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner. Read more » 

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  • 01/26/2011

Download: Brokenchord "Dribble Drift"

This warbling, beat-heavy track from Lithuanian (yes, "Lithuanian," we double checked) producer Brokenchord may seem a bit all over the place at first. "Dribble Drift" starts out with crisp synth tones swelling into the forefront, sounding like it's about to drop into a poignant club number or maybe even a bit of synth-pop à la M83, but instead, the touching melodies give way to a somber soundscape made of woozy guitar plucks and subtle rhythmic sounds that twist and turn in their environment. Brokenchord continues to inundate his track with ominous bass frequencies, head-knocking beats, and a plethora of other adventurous sonic elements—further proving him to be a strong musical force worthy of keeping a watchful eye on. So it should go without saying that we're also digging on his just-released "A Girl of 13 Summers"/"Orion" single for the Black Acre label, which you can preview here

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