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Listen to the New Gatto Fritto Album

There's not a ton of information out there about UK producer Gatto Fritto, but that hasn't lessened the excitement surrounding his self-titled debut album, which comes out tomorrow on the International Feel label. Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Lone's Magic Wire Imprint to Drop Third Release

The fledgling dance label conceived by Nottingham genre juggler Matthew Cutler (a.k.a. Lone), Magic Wire, just announced it will soon be dropping its third record, a two-song 12" by newcomer Neon Jung. Read more » 

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  • 04/25/2011

Bubblin': Phaseone

Who: Phaseone
Where: St. Louis, MO

What happens when shoegaze collides with early-'90s jungle, footwork, Chicago rap, and a love for Outkast and the greater Dungeon Family collective? Apparently, Phaseone happens. Read more » 

Download: Comma "Ken Griffey Jr."

First Listen
Label: Frite Nite

This wonky, hyperreal tune opens the forthcoming Colortronics EP by San Francisco producer Comma, which is scheduled to drop on May 24 via Salva's Frite Nite label. Awesomely titled "Ken Griffey Jr." (we're actually surprised that no one's used the iconic baseball player's name on a blunted, laser-infused beatscape before now), Comma's production boasts many sonic layers that all work towards the effect of wearing 3-D glasses on your ears, or something. Each element of the beat jumps out from the haze with a crack, only to slink back into the mix again. Synth sounds ebb and flow from the aural mist below, spreading outwards into your peripheries. A goopy bassline sits on top of everything, wriggling in place before it slithers away to make room for whatever unreal sound Comma pulls from his arsenal next. If that kind of listening suits you, make sure to check the six remaining tracks on Colortronics when they're made available next month. 

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Download: Santiago Salazar "Technik"

This slice of sleek, contemplative techno from veteran producer Santiago Salazar comes to us as part of the Soul Aid Project , a project that gives away music in hopes of soliciting donations to help the currently devastated country of Japan and its community of musicians. The Underground Resistance affiliate takes this one pretty far out on a late-night tip, leaving only a bouncing bassline and skipping tech-house beat to hold down the groove amongst the tune's more ethereal elements. The track showcases a slightly different side of the LA-based producer than the last time Little White Earbuds delivered one of Salazar's top-notch beats for free, but we're just as happy to pass it along. (via Little White Earbuds

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Video: John Maus "Believer"

Minnesota's preeminent purveyor of retro-tinged bliss pop, John Maus, has dropped a video for "Believer," the closing track from his forthcoming full-length, We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. The heavenly, vastly expansive tune is matched by a similarly dense layering of abstract and psychedelic images to stunning effect. And for those seeking more Maus-related video, we've dug up an XLR8R TV episode from the 2008 vaults, which features the weirdo-pop craftsman waxing philosophical on his music, lyrics, and the like. Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Download: Voltron "Don't Stop"

Label: Discobelle

From Ghent, the production trio known as Voltron just might be on its way towards completely taking over the world's dancefloors. In addition to the club-lovin' outfit's own hyped-up tunes, these three Belgians are also the masterminds behind the up-and-coming Silverback imprint, which releases similar bass-dedicated jams from the likes of UK tunesmith Damu and LA-based duo Nguzunguzu. "Don't Stop" comes from Voltron's just-released Freshmen EP (pictured above), and finds the three-piece kicking off its release in deep, soulful fashion. Straightforward house rhythms, rubbery synth hooks, tweaked vocal snippets, and a focus on all things tastefully uptempo rule this production, which is paired with remixes from XXXY, J. Dixon, Nguzunguzu, and more on the release's tracklist. You can hear all of those tunes, along with a few handpicked extras, on Voltron's brand-new Freshmen Mix, below.  Read more » 

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Eliot Lipp Releases Free Remix Album

The genre-hopping, collaboration-hungry Eliot Lipp has released a free remix album as part of a project he's calling Brolabs. Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Azari & III to Release 'Hungry for the Power' Remix EP

In advance of the debut LP set to drop from Canadian house outfit Azari & III in July, the Turbo label will release a fresh batch of remixes for the 2009 single "Hungry for the Power." Read more » 

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  • 04/22/2011

Coachella Gnarly Vibes Wrap-Up 2011

Last year, we scooped the entire Coachella blogosphere with Mephedrone (a.k.a. Meow), Benzo Fury, and P90X Insanity lunges. Now we're back with twice the scoops, including trending fashions such as cowboy hats that turn up on the sides, old men "gurning their facking balls off," and Leftfield. Plus: new drugs, new celebs (without pictures), and the right way to eat a nine-dollar kale salad. This is the Coachella they didn't want you to see.

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