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Download: 3:33 "333EP1"

Made up of an unknown number of members, the mysterious hip-hop production group 3:33 is well-versed in murk. Signed to underground label Parallel Thought, the group will release a full-length on April 5. Unsatisfied with the superfluous addition of track titles, this instrumental number bears a hip-hop resemblance if only for the drum beat, though its distortion-filled take on the genre recalls vintage DJ Shadow and the salad days of Mo' Wax Records. Between snarls from a surrounding swamp of feedback and other dying sound loops, a crippled piano line emerges sounding like it barely made it out of Mobb Deep's The Infamous.  

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Neurotic Drum Band to Release New Single Via Wurst

NYC house/disco hub Wurst is gearing up for its first release of the new year, a fresh slab o' vinyl featuring the brand-new single by fellow New Yorkers Neurotic Drum Band. On Valentine's Day, the production duo will drop the U Got Me Dancin' 12", which comes with three unique versions of the piano house track. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Podcast 180: Benoit & Sergio

DC/Berlin duo Benoit & Sergio aren't DJs. They don't even have much of a catalog—to date, they've released exactly two records. That said, those two records contained some beautifully crafted slices of housey techno. The duo's sensuous songs are rich in melody and emotion, and somehow manage to sound like Paul Simon and Talking Heads without resorting to nostalgic hackery or coming across as half-baked mash-ups. Read more » 

Download 'Moombahton Massive EP II' from Dave Nada and Sabo

After stirring up the moombahton-crazed masses with their first Moombahton Massive EP and party back in October, Dave Nada and NYC-based Sabo are releasing another collection of moombahton offerings called Moombahton Massive EP II. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Review: Clive Tanaka Jet Set Siempre No. 1

Label: Tall Corn

Remember tracking Italo-disco producers across cryptic initials on LP jackets? Or trying to figure out which Skam Records releases were by Autechre or Boards of Canada? The pre-Wikipedia era shrouded many new records in a gentle fog of mystery, and Japan's Clive Tanaka is bringing a bit of that mystery back with Jet Set Siempre No. 1. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Download: Jamie Grind "Remember Those Days"

In 2011, it's a safe bet that much of what was trendy in 2010 will become solidified pieces of the musical landscape. Chicago juke ranks high on this list, as it's already being overtly referenced by Leeds producer Jamie Grind, whose second EP, Footwork, is out this week on Fortified Audio. Due to its pointed reference to the Windy City-birthed dance style and sound, the EP's name alone is enough to garner some additional interest, but the producer's interpretation of the genre is refreshingly oblique nonetheless. "Remember Those Days," a bonus cut that isn't on the EP, is actually more closely related to house than footwork, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying its unstable, inebriated synths, rave-friendly keyboard stabs, and innocuous female chirps. 

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Blackdown Interviews Jamie xx

Dusk + Blackdown member, Rinse FM host, and Keysound label-head Martin Clark continues to speak volumes inside and outside of London's UK bass underground, his Pitchfork column a sine qua non for exposing progressive sounds to the precious, hipster elite. Read more » 

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  • 01/11/2011

Download: Epstein "Jellyfish"

Taken from a forthcoming mystical sonic headtrip (a.k.a. Roberto Carlos Lange's new full-length album, Sealess See), "Jellyfish" is a droney-yet-upbeat number by the Brooklyn-based audio experimentalist and Prefuse 73 collaborator, operating here under his Epstein moniker. The likes of Panda Bear and the rest of the Animal Collective brethren are brought to mind throughout the jangly psych-pop song, but with a stronger slant towards the kind of tunes favored by the vinyl-sampling, MPC-twiddling beatmakers who speckle Southern California. Asthmatic Kitty will release "Jellyfish," along with Epstein's 16 other productions that make up the aquatically themed Sealess See LP, on January 25. You can check out that album's artwork and full tracklist below.  Read more » 

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Mary Anne Hobbs Uploads Seminal 2006 Show "Dubstep Warz"

Just over five years have passed since January 9, 2006 when Mary Anne Hobbs showcased an epic run of dubstep pioneers. Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2011

Yelle to Release Sophomore Album This March

French electro-pop chanteuse Yelle is set to follow up her eponymous band's 2007 debut album, Pop-Up, with a fresh batch of club-ready singalongs to be released as its sophomore record, Safari Disco Club. On March 29, Downtown Music will drop the trio's new LP, which features title track and lead single "Safari Disco Club" and is said to be Pop-Up's "sharper, wiser sibling." Read more » 

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  • 01/10/2011

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