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Download: Offshore "Round and Round"

Label: Big Dada

Scottish producer Offshore (a.k.a. Robertson) is a recent addition to the Big Dada roster, signed off the strength of his self-titled EP on Stuff, that label's final release before becoming part of the ultra-rad Numbers conglomerate. Like many of his fellow Scots, Offshore shares some sonic territory with dudes from the LA beat scene, not that we're complaining. "Round and Round" trundles along on bouncy hip-hop beats filled out by fuzzy synths and lighthearted 8-bit flourishes. It's taken from the Aneurysm EP, which comes out October 19 and will be followed by a full-length album next year. 

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El Guincho Announces North American Tour Dates for the Fall

Barcelona's El Guincho will be bringing his infectious rhythms and moody Spanish dance pop to North America at the end of September and into October with dates in New York, LA, and San Francisco. Read more » 

Download: Sonido Rampage y Nader "If You Leave"

Hot on the heels on Nadastrom's free moombahton EP comes another batch of low-end Latin bounce, this time from Windy City duo Sonido Rampage y Nader. Rampage is part of the Ghetto Division crew—the same one that did that amazing Chicago podcast for us a few months back—but on this project with Nader he's taking a break from blaring bass and new-school house to focus on slower tempos and sexier sounds. Their 6-song release is called The Cornflake y Platano EP, and it's available for free download on their Soundcloud along with some similarly banging remixes of French Fries, Zombies for Money, and Bassjackers. Frankly, just about every track is a winner, but "If You Leave" is especially good with its diva-ish vocals, subtle synth stabs, and thick, loping beats. It's cumbia meets reggaeton meets Chicago house. Sign us up for an extra-large helping. 

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James Blake to Release New EP on R&S, Listen to Clips

After a string of excellent 12"s and EPs for the Hemlock, Hessle Audio, and Brainmath labels, the soulful dubstep-rooted tunesmith known as James Blake will follow up his CMYK EP with another release for the R&S label, called Klavierwerke. Read more » 

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  • 09/17/2010

Download: TRC "Oo Aa Ee VIP"

Label: Butterz

Bassline and grime producer TRC sent along the title track from his upcoming Oo Aa Ee VIP EP, out next month on Elijah & Skilliam's Butterz label. The tune is a mid-tempo bouncer that flexes some thrifty-sounding hi-hats and canned brass chops to great effect over the dark bassline and moody synth work. TRC introduces the song with a few distorted vocal samples, but that's the extent of vocals on the otherwise instrumental number. If you're anything like us, you'll likely spend the remaining three minutes after TRC's intro imagining your favorite UK MCs spitting fiery verbiage over his beat. Or maybe we could just chop up bits of Wiley's Ustream rant, and make this one into some sort of "Kumbaya" for the grime scene. Or maybe not. 

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Download: Les Sins "Lina"

Label: Carpark

Apparently, the young chap behind South Carolina's chillwave heavy hitter Toro Y Moi, Chaz Bundick, has another moniker under which he produces tunes, Les Sins. Bundick's alter ego has actually been around for over a year, listening to a whole lot of Daft Punk and getting ready to drop its first 12". That record's title track, "Lina," is a funky dancefloor cut that relies heavily on thinly layered string melodies, flitting guitar plucks, and a smooth, deadpan vocal delivery from an anonymous ladyfriend. The lyrics to the song seem to be a sort of tribute to Bundick's homestate, but the sounds themselves pay homage to the kinds of music that've long been blasting from dark Parisian nightclubs. To say the least, "Lina" is an interesting sidestep for a growing producer who is slowly becoming anything but a one-trick pony. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

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Listen to Glasser's Debut Full-Length, 'Ring'

If you caught our write-up of "Home," by Brooklyn-based indie starlet Glasser, you probably gathered that we're pretty into the music coming from her debut album, Ring. That record doesn't drop until September 28, but the good people at True Panther and Matador were kind enough to give the internet a full stream of it before the release date. Read more » 

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  • 09/16/2010

Watch Delorean's Video for "Real Love"

We're having a hard time putting this one into words over here at XLR8R HQ, so we'll let the new video for Delorean's Subiza (out now on True Panther) cut "Real Love" speak for itself. Read more » 

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  • 09/16/2010

Download: Zuzuka Poderosa "Entre e Sai (Bassanovva Alien Disco Mix)"

First Listen

Bassanovva is a new project from Jubilee and Grahmzilla (the man behind the beats of the now-defunct Thunderheist). Both members sport a lot of bass on their musical resumes, so expect a lot of low-end wildness when their debut EP drops on November 1, courtesy of Sinden's new Grizzly imprint. The duo is performing this weekend in Ottawa and Toronto—click here for details—and in a few weeks they'll be making their live debut in the US at the Flashing Lights' 2-Year Anniversary in NY alongside Nacho Lovers and Jubilee's Flashing Lights compatriots DJ Ayres and Nick Catchdubs. In the meantime, Bassanovva has elected to whet our appetites with this "Alien Disco Mix" of Brooklyn baile funk queen Zuzuka Poderosa. Thick bass, drums that knock, and vocals chopped and twisted into oblivion make the whole thing a bit bonkers, but we'd expect nothing less from this pair. 

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Blunted Robots, Floating Points, Scratcha DVA, Ricardo Villalobos, and More Help Take Over Fabric's 11th Birthday

Another year means another birthday for everyone and everything, including London's immense Fabric nightclub, and it has a big weekend planned for itself. The UK dance music hub rings in 11 years starting on October 15 with two massive parties sure to do the occasion justice. Read more » 

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  • 09/16/2010

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