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Download: Holy Other "Yr Love (Magick Mountain Deep Cover Remix)"

First Listen

Born and raised in New York, Harry Bornstein is producer Magick Mountain (pictured above), a lover of deep, dubby vibes and dense, repetitious soundscapes. Also a fan of the dark musical arts is the multi-national Holy Other, and the two outfits join forces here. Bornstein's remix of "Yr Love" (a tune taken from Holy Other's recently released 7" on Transparent/The Pop Manifesto) plays with a few sounds from the original and folds in his own additions over the course of an intense seven minutes. What was once a disturbingly lovelorn ballad from beyond becomes a driving dancefloor number that is equally ripe for headphone listening, as Magick Mountain keeps the original's haunting energy intact with floating vocal snippets, sparse synth rumbles, and a brooding atmosphere. 

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Listen to Space Dimension Controller's Excellent Resident Advisor Podcast

Easily one of XLR8R's favorite artists this year is Belfast's Jack Hamill (or the time-travelling Space Dimension Controller, if you ask him). Thanks to a relatively slept-on first album, a highly touted live set, and his stellar new Temporary Thrillz EP on R&S, the DJ/producer has been flying high on our radar, and we're certainly not alone in that respect. Yesterday, Resident Advisor delivered its latest podcast, an awesome hour-and-a-half mix of futuristic funk and house by Space Dimension Controller. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2010

Download: Memory Tapes "Pretend the Devil Isn't Real"

The first minute and a half of Memory Tapes' newest track "Pretend the Devil Isn't Real" could easily soundtrack the quietly ominous suburbia of a Todd Field film; unnerving xylophones are set against the innocence of flutes. The song then commits to the emotions that Dayve Hawke conjures best—nostalgia and optimism—shifting away from its deceptively threatening start. Hawke posted the song over the weekend on his own blog, and "Pretend the Devil Isn't Real" is actually the second of two recent tracks that he's offered up. Since he's apparently back in a creative mood these days, hopefully a follow-up to last year's Seek Magic will be on the way soon.  

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Listen to T.Williams' New Single on Local Action

The burgeoning London-based Local Action label has a brand-new record that just dropped today, a 12" single of T.Williams' poignant "Heartbeat" tune with R&B chanteuse Terri Walker, and we've got a full stream of it here. Williams (who is also part of the Deep Teknologi production duo) serves up a serenely bubbling original track here, which is joined with a smooth and unexpectedly jazzy remix by DJ/producer Mosca and a radio edit to flesh out the physical release, with an instrumental version added to the digital download. Read more » 

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  • 11/01/2010

Download: Publicist "Hand To Mouth"

First Listen
Label: Voltaire

Newly minted San Francisco label Voltaire Records (run by producer Loose Shus and DJ Hotthobo of the Grow Up party) is prepping its first release from Sebastian Thomson (a.k.a. Publicist). Thomson also happens to be the drummer for synth-rock band Trans Am, but this is his first solo project. As Publicist, Thomson mixes live drums with retro-futuristic analog sounds that harken back to '70s-era Krautrock and Miami electro of the '80s, vocoders and all. Titled Keep It Off the Record, the release features five original productions and will be out November 16. Available for download is a song from the record called "Hand To Mouth," a funky space jam that is ready for take off alongside James Murphy, Kraftwerk, and Bootsy Collins. Publicist opens for Lindstrom at San Francisco's Mezzanine on November 12.  

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Listen to Night Slugs' Mix for Resident Advisor, Read In-Depth Label Feature

It's no secret: L-Vis 1990's and Bok Bok's Night Slugs label is at the forefront of club-friendly bass music. We've hungrily awaited each of the imprint's tastefully designed and excellently produced releases since its inception (we've even premiered some on our website), and now it is getting a bit more of the love and respect it well deserves over on Resident Advisor. Read more » 

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  • 11/01/2010

SND's Mark Fell to Release Sophomore Solo Album

One half of UK experimental minimalists SND (pictured above), sound artist Mark Fell (on the right, above) has announced his forthcoming follow-up album to 2004's solo release Ten Types of Elsewhere, entitled Multistability. The 17-track full-length record will be released on December 7 through the austere Raster-Noton label, and covers some fairly heady ideas. Read more » 

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  • 11/01/2010

Download: Banjo Or Freakout "Since We Last Met"

Earlier this summer, recent DFA signees ndf released the warm night air that was "Since We Last Met," a "12 single graced by a Ricardo Villalobos remix on the flip. The track is a vivid portrait of summer love and such a strong single that a well-structured album is surely in sight. In the meantime London-based artist Banjo Or Freakout has offered a reminder of ndf's potential, covering "Since We Last Met" with more of an indie aesthetic than an electronic one. Banjo Or Freakout's piano version of the melody is particularly notable, bringing the subtleties of the original to the foreground. Synth and vocal layerings surround the rest of the song, keeping all the nostalgia of the original without being repetitive.  

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Bubblin': John Talabot

Who: John Talabot
Where: Barcelona, Spain

This young Spaniard's true identity remains a mystery—the name John Talabot was borrowed from his former school—but there's no question that the producer's work is top-shelf. Read more » 

Download: Teleseen "By Many Names"

Label: Percepts

Brooklyn's Teleseen has been involved in a number of endeavors in recent years, including recordings for documentary films and a project called Majoni with South African dancehall vocalist Teba and UK producer Dorian Concept. After the release of two full-length albums in the last four years, Teleseen has readied a new EP, Mandrake, for release on November 19. The EP finds Teleseen builds on his love of reggae with dubwise explorations into house, dancehall, and Afrobeat. We have the track "By Many Names" here for download, a dubby piece of tropical synth humidity that bubbles and froths. 

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