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Download: Tokimonsta "Park Walks"

Label: All-City

Man, Dublin's All-City label is pretty lucky there's an almost inexhaustible amount of beat music coming out of Southern California; their LA Series 10" releases could potentially continue on until Armageddon hits and wipes us all out. Closing out the series' first year, the imprint has enlisted Brainfeeder's resident lady producer, Tokimonsta, and fresh face Mike Gao to come together on a slab of wax called LA Series 8 (out now), from which "Park Walks" is taken. On the track, Tokimonsta interplays a lumbering beat and an obtuse bassline with a few ethereal vocal samples to make up some sort of punch-drunk alien groove. More and more sounds are heaped onto the bulbous rhythm as the song progresses, giving "Park Walks" the sort of frenzy we're sure very few walks in the park have. 

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Brownswood to Introduce 'World Family' Compilation Series Next Year

Between running his own record label, Brownswood, hosting his own radio show on BBC 1, and constantly searching for the "perfect beat," Gilles Peterson has to be one insanely busy guy. Though he's not one to let that get in the way of sharing fresh sounds with the world. Though he's not one to let that get in the way of sharing fresh sounds with the world. For his label's next release, the inaugural edition of a brand-new compilation series called World Family, Peterson is relinquishing his curatorial duties to friends and fellow DJs Lefto and Simbad in lieu of his own selections. Read more » 

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  • 12/15/2010

Download: Games "Strawberry Skies (Hudson Mohawke Remix)"

Although Brooklyn duo Games and Scottish beat wizard Hudson Mohawke (pictured above) both dabble in sounds that could be described as retro, or even future-retro, they don't exactly share the same sonic palette. Yet on this remix of "Strawberry Skies," the original of which appears on Games' That People Play EP, the marriage of the two seems perfectly natural. That's largely because HudMo has put his schizophrenic hip-hop sensibilities aside and simply tweaked the original song's '80s radio-pop vibes with some additional synths and fuzz. He's also played a bit with the wondrous vocals of Laurel Halo, but his chops and slices aren't terribly severe. To be honest, the whole thing sounds more like an alternate take than a complete re-imagining. It certainly works though, so we're not complaining. Give it a listen and also peep the new "Strawberry Skies" video, which is posted after the jump. (via FACT)  Read more » 

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Nab a New Mix From Pictureplane For Mishka

When they aren't busy compiling obscure bands and producers into questionably titled "guides", the folks over at NYC culture hub Mishka also corral artists for their ongoing Keep Watch mix series. The latest artist to offer a DJ set as a Mishka podcast is Denver, CO, producer Pictureplane. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2010

Diplo to Release Reggae Mix Album Via VP Records

Never mind Diplo Presents Dubstep. Now the DJ/producer known as Wes Pentz is staking his claim in the field of reggae classics with Riddimentary: Diplo Selects Greensleeves, a forthcoming mix album in which the Mad Decent head honcho reinvigorates the Greensleeves vaults for your listening pleasure. The mixmaster has his way with Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse," Eek-A-Mouse's "Anarexol," Trison Palma's "Joker Smoker," and 12 other tracks, all of which drop on February 8 via VP Records. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2010

Download: Soulja Boy "Pretty Boy Swag (Shlohmo Remix)"

On Monday, XLR8R posted a link to download a free compilation from the Friends of Friends label entitled Pop Massacre that featured 13 pop memorables fully re-worked by beat-centric artists like DNTEL, Strangeloop, and Mexicans With Guns. Among re-interpretations of Prince, Mariah Carey, and Abba is San Francisco/L.A. hopper Shlohmo's version of Soulja Boy's "Pretty Boy Swag." The track is a great candidate for exploring new territory—the cavernous, graveyard-deep original is a nice fit for Shlohmo's cacophonous soundscapes. However, unlike his tightly wound version of Khia's "My Neck My Back" from earlier this year, here Shlohmo opts for a wounded vocal sample that pares down Pretty Boy's swaggiest moments to something resembling modesty.  

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10 Best XLR8R Podcasts of 2010

This year's podcast section blew up like never before, and it's a testament to the power of the DJ, we suppose, who brings all the fanfare and flourishes of a hot night out to the banal locale of our desktop. Out of the 50+ mixes that premiered on our website over the year, the 10 below are not only the best executed, most unique, and wholly memorable (even controversial at times), but also the sets we personally keep returning to when in need of a solid DJ mix. Enjoy. Read more » 

MZO Bullet's "Casablanca" to Be Released Alongside a Hot City Remix

For those of you who've been playing out YouTube audio rips of South African kwaito producer MZO Bullet's "Casablanca," your murky set moments will soon return to crisp clarity. On December 27, London's New State Music will release "Casablanca" in both vinyl and digital formats, and packaged alongside a remix from sweat-inducing duo Hot City. If you haven't seen the dance-move-inspiring (watch for the lone "mzungu") video for "Casablanca," take a look below, and then check out the Hot City remix from New State's Soundcloud. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2010

Download: Ghostpoet "Cash and Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Brownswood

We're not entirely sure if many elements of "Cash and Carry Me Home," the lead single from burgeoning UK wordsmith Ghostpoet's forthcoming full-length debut, actually made it into this remix by Londoner Alex Patchwork, but the quality of the deep bass production certainly speaks loudly enough in their place—not to mention that it's one of the official remixes coming out on January 24 via Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label. Patchwork nabbed a few of Ghostpoet's injured utterances from his touching hip-hop tune, and applied them to a swirling mix of gelatinous pads, crescendoing synth melodies à la Joy Orbison, skittering percussion, and plenty of sub-dedicated sounds. The vocals in "Cash and Carry Me Home (Alex Patchwork Remix)" aren't necessarily integral to the pulse and trajectory of the song, but we're happy to hear them nonetheless. Regardless, if we want to hear the original, we can always peep the video, which we premiered back in October. Ghostpoet's debut LP, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, drops on February 7. The album artwork and tracklist are below. Read more » 

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Podcast 177: Terror Danjah

Late last month, London DJs Elijah & Skilliam represented grime's new school with an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. This week, we're bringing in grime grandaddy Terror Danjah, who's been in the game for nearly a decade, but still has plenty to bring to the table. Read more » 

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