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Multiverse to Release Compilation with Joker, Skream, 2562, and More

This year, Bristol's all-encompassing music studio, mother label to Tectonic, Kapsize, Earwax, Caravan, and Build, and artist production house Multiverse celebrates five years of contributing its own flavor to the world's ever-growing, always-changing dubstep scene. Read more » 

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  • 05/13/2010

Download: Gold Panda "You (Seams Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

The UK's Gold Panda is an ace beatmaker who shares more in common with the current LA beat scene than chillwave artists like Toro Y Moi or Baths, but this remix from Seams shows an undeniable affinity with the latter crop of young producers. Using miniscule sections from the original's miniscule vocal samples, Seams allows his remix of "You" to build slowly, going from repetitive, one-note loops to multi-channel, syncopated summer hiss. While the original's crisp hip-hop beats are somewhat missed, there is a weirdly hazy quality to this remix that really satisfies the ears. Gold Panda's You EP will be released on June 15, and also features remixes from Osborne, Dam Mantle, and Minotaur Shock. 

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Hudson Mohawke Remixes Wiley's New 'Electric' Single

It's about damn time Wiley and Hudson Mohawke paired up on something, right? They've just been sitting around, living in such relatively close proximity, both being fans of wonky beats and next-level flows, and not putting their weird ideas together. Well, now that's all in past. Hudson Mohawke got his hands all over the new single from Wiley, "Electric Boogaloo," and did his whole 'over-caffeinated mystical forest creature with ADD at an all night rave in another dimension' thing. Wiley and his soulful diva friend are led through no less than four different beats—and god knows how many synths and random sound effects—with purpose and aplomb. It's not necessarily a dream come true, but more like the realization of a fantasy you didn't know you had. The remix is available to stream after the jump. (via FACT) Read more » 

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  • 05/13/2010

Jimmy Edgar Preps New Album, Shares New Tunes

UK online music mag FACT tipped us off on the new album coming from hyper-sexual future-funk prodigy Jimmy Edgar June 21 via !K7, entitled XXX. Of his new record's influences and recording process, Edgar noted, "Celibacy. Love and loss. A myriad of intense relationships. Home studio on mostly analog equipment, finished digitally. Some recorded on tape. Read more » 

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  • 05/13/2010

South Rakkas Crew Pump Dem Irie Vibes With a New Track to Download

Y'all wanna get high? Well, if y'all do, and even if you don't, South Rakkas Crew has got the tune for you. Just before the reggae-loving hip-hop crew sets off to Italy in July for the Festa della Canapa (which basically means "Feast of Weed"), they shared a fresh new jam called "Keep the Vibes Pumpin." You can head over to the Mad Decent blog to download the track and check out the flier for the forthcoming stoner fest, or just look after the jump to stream dem hazy vibes. Read more » 

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  • 05/13/2010

Download: Ja Prawn "Suicide Party"

Label: Vosotros

LA's Ja Prawn might be one of the weirder bands we've heard in while— after all, combining boogie-funk, analog synth fetishism, and weird prog-rock song structures isn't typical, but "Suicide Party" is proof that the eclectic mix really works. With a bassline that could have come from an early Larry Heard project, gauzy synths recalling '70s AM rock radio, and electric guitar bits that wouldn't be out of place on a Journey reunion tour, "Suicide Party" is a strange yet extraordinarily catchy earworm. Be sure to check out the rest of Ja Prawn's first album here, where it is available for free download. 

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Podcast 137: Ben UFO

The world of electronic music is filled with quirks, but one of the most confusing is the fact that so many DJs only get attention if they also produce tracks. If someone has banged out a quality tune or two—and in some cases, the "quality" requirement is optional—they can quickly find themselves DJing around the globe, regardless of whether or not they are actually any good behind the decks. On the flip side, there are amazing DJs whose talents go unnoticed simply because they've never slapped their name on a song or remix. Read more » 

AGF & Gudrun Gut Present Greie Gut Fraktion's "Stadt Mixe"

AGF and Gudrun Gut, together known as Greie Gut Fraktion, will soon see the release of Baustelle, and to build anticipation for the record, the first single, "Stadt Mixe," is now available and features remixes from Alva Noto and Wolfgang Voigt. What makes the release even more interesting, though, is that "Wir bauen eine neue Stadt" was originally a track by Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlmann's '80s project, Palais Schaumburg, so the first single actually consists of four producers remixing a cover version. If this eclectic aesthetic is any indication of what the rest of Baustelle will sound like, then fans of experimental electronics should be getting very excited for the June 18 record release date on Monika Enterprise. Check out the tracklisting for the single, which comes out May 21, after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 05/13/2010

Download: Javelin "Off My Mind"

Label: Luaka Bop

Taken from Javelin's second full-length, No Más, "Off My Mind" contains some of the sonic elements one would expect from the tropicalia-loving Brooklyn cousins, as well as some surprises. While bells, a nicely synthesized West Indian rhythm, and squeaky keys make their presence known, the multi-tracked vocal harmonies are more reminiscent of something from the Avalanches, or even Stereopathic Soul Manure. In other words, "Off My Mind" is a little bit more twee than one would expect, but is still a lovely slice of sentimental heat, perfect for warm, rainy days. 

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Download: Casiokids "Finn Bikkjen!"

Label: Polyvinyl

One might think that a song titled "Finn Bikkjen!" (or "Find Dogs!") would have a more gloomy or even frantic vibe to it, as there's nothing quite as upsetting and stressful as losing your pet and searching far and wide for it. However, Norway's Casiokids have taken the experience down another road for its latest single from the forthcoming sophomore album Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar. The quintet's song is an immediate and playful piece of synth-heavy indie-pop with a thin layer of Beach Boys-esque falsetto wafting about the upbeat grooves. It may not mirror the way losing a dog feels, but it'll certainly give you the energy to go out there and get your buddy back. 

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