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Download Blunted Robots' FACT Mix

If you've read XLR8R for any small stretch of time, you ought to know what Blunted Robots is and what excellent DJs/producers the label holds in its ranks. Read more » 

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  • 09/21/2010

Download: Munk "La Musica"

Label: Gomma

Just in case you were wondering, this new jam from German DJ/producer/label head Mathias Modica (a.k.a. Munk) isn't an Italian cover of Madonna's decade-starting return to the spotlight, "Music," though it certainly shares the same energetic dancefloor-ready vibes. We're not sure why songs simply about music are so often such upbeat dance tunes, but regardless, we're sold on Munk's addition to that list. "La Musica" starts with a dark piano and bass melody backed by a solid four-on-the-floor beat and a bit of vocal help before things elevate a bit in mood with the introduction of a luminous wash of rave synths. Eventually, all of the sounds coalesce into a busy club tune that we prefer over the aforementioned diva's single. You can hear what other music Munk has to offer when he drops his five-song Mondo Vagabondo EP on October 18 through his own Gomma label. 

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Listen to Hardhouse Banton's Fabriclive Mix, and See Him on Friday

This Friday, September 24, London UK funky DJ/producer Hardhouse Banton will be running the soundsystem and dancefloor in Fabric's Room Three, alongside fellow party-starters Gemmy, R1 Ryders, Rossi B, and Luca. To get all would-be club-goers excited for his performance, Banton put together a special Fabriclive promo mix for us to listen to and download at our leisure. Read more » 

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  • 09/21/2010

Download Autechre's Remix of The Bug's "Skeng," Available for 24 Hours Only

About a week ago, we shared news of The Bug gearing up to release a new double 12", entitled Infected. That release will feature reworks of two London Zoo tracks with new vocal work from King Midas Sound's Hitomi and Roots Manuva, as well as a couple remixes from IDM icons Autechre (pictured above) and UK funky patron Scratcha DVA. Now, before The Bug's new EP drops on November 15, you can download Autechre's hotly tipped remix of "Skeng feat. Flowdan" over on FACT. Read more » 

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  • 09/21/2010

Watch the Video for Dominique Young Unique's "The World is Mine"

It must be a blast being Dominique Young Unique. As this video for her Domination mixtape cut "The World is Mine" shows, life for the underage Tampa-based MC is filled with just about everything a girl could want: flashy manicures, a quiet man, a couple of friends to dance around with, and loads of attention. Read more » 

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  • 09/21/2010

Podcast 161: Mount Kimbie

Since quietly dropping a couple of EPs on Hotflush Recordings last year, UK duo Mount Kimbie has shot into the stratosphere, as its recently released debut album, Crooks and Lovers, has taken the whole post-dubstep-future-bass-whatever-it's-called continuum to a whole new audience. Read more » 

Download: Cedaa "Escalade"

Label: Free Bass

Pacific Northwest bass producer Simon Ho (a.k.a. Cedaa) is another young music maker taking a page or two out of the footwork/juke playbook for his own tunes, although Ho likes to call his sound Bellingham bounce. So leave it to newly minted XLR8R scribe Dave Quam—who wrote this fine article on the Chicago-based genres for our latest print issue—to sign three of Ho's tracks for the first release of his new imprint, the cleverly titled Free Bass. The opener of Cedaa's Old Growth EP is "Escalade," probably the closest relative to footwork featured on the release. All the key attributes are present: incessant vocal samples, woofer-cooking bass, breakneck 808 beats, and halftime claps. Yet Ho still manages to make those trademark sounds his own with the injection of more melody into his low-end, a serious helping of warm synth pads, and a particular sheen uncommon in your average Chicago-born footwork production. You can download the whole Old Growth EP for free via Quam's It's After the End of the World blog, here

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Review: Busy Signal D.O.B.

Label: VP

On D.O.B., his third full-length release, Jamaican dancehall sensation Busy Signal shows no signs of slowing the momentum that has made the Saint Ann's native and Alliance member one of the genre's leading proponents. Busy's known for his seemingly endless energy, and the mix of his tireless lyrical exhortations with frenetic, hot-stock riddims makes for a kinetic listening experience. Read more » 

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  • 09/21/2010

Download: Blixaboy "Sci-Fi Jack"

First Listen

Even though Dover, TX, producer Blixaboy has been making music in a number of forms for nearly 20 years, his forthcoming full-length album is a sort of re-introduction of the artist's forward-thinking dubstep- and bass-leaning sound. Blixaboy will release Kliks & Politiks through his own label, Astroblaque, on October 19, but we've got the first leak from that record for you today. "Sci-Fi Jack" is the third cut from Politiks, and finds the tunesmith smack dab in the middle of some low-end gymnastics out in the middle of space. Through "Jack"'s near five-minute runtime, Blixaboy never once lets up from his bouncing bass rhythms or touches down from his cosmic sound explorations—moving deeper instead to the outer reaches of dubstep's club-ready sonics. You can listen to all of Politiks now, over on the Blixaboy/Astroblaque website, here

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Stream the New 'Future Bass' Compilation on Soul Jazz

Next week, the venerable Soul Jazz label is jumping headfirst into the post-dubstep-future-garage-bass-post-everything game with the release of a new compilation entitled Future Bass. The album features all-new tracks from the likes of Four Tet, Mala, Untold, Ramadanman, Coki, Kevin "The Bug" Martin's new project Black Chow, Distal, and others, and XLR8R has a stream of the entire thing. Read more » 

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  • 09/20/2010

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