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Watch Tensnake's Underage Ogle Fest of a Video For "Coma Cat"

There are no two ways about it: Tensnake's "Coma Cat" is a tune and a half. And really, it doesn't matter too much that it borrows liberally from a random song that most of you have probably never even heard, because DJ/producer Marco Niemerski revamps the music thoroughly and with a distinct focus on the modern dancefloor (read more about his production antics in our recent feature). So, what else could the song use? Read more » 

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  • 10/14/2010

Download: Hot City "Twist (Chopped Dub)"

Not long after the party-starting UK production duo Hot City dropped its "Another Girl" single in July comes the pair's follow-up, a double a-side 12" for their "Twist" and "Lonely Boy" tracks. Before that record drops on November 1, we've got a stellar dub of "Twist" available here for your downloading pleasure. This version of Hot City's tune is stripped of the original's hyped-up vocal performance by UK garage luminary MC DT, so the skittering beats of its first half are instead interspersed throughout the bouncing future-house tune—helping keep "Twist (Chopped Dub)" true to Hot City's "two cheer point" rule. (Yeah... Apparently, Hot City has a rule that each of its tracks must have no less than two points where the crowd is encouraged to stop dancing in order to let loose a cheer. Not entirely sure how we feel about that, but we can't deny the tunes are good. Sooo... party on, dudes.) 

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Horsepower Productions to Release New Album

Arguably the founders of dubstep, Horsepower Productions have garnered the respect of the electronic music community ever since their debut, In Fine Style, was released back in 2002. Now, eight years later, as the genre they pioneered continues to expand and explode, it is only right that Horsepower Productions have a new album to offer. Read more » 

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  • 10/13/2010

Download: Warrior One "Together Forever"

Label: King Pigeon

October is a busy time for London duo Warrior One. Positioning themselves as the bashment and bassline alternative to UK funky, the pair has two separate releases coming out by the end of the month. The first, out on Dre Skull's Mixpak Records, is the single "Lord of Bashy," featuring Heatwave MC Rubi Dan. The second release, the first on Warrior One's own King Pigeon label is a four-track EP entitled, well, the King Pigeon EP. Among the four tracks is "Bullring Riddim," which features ubiquitous UK rudebwoy Serocee, but right now we've got the EP's wobbly "Together Forever," which utilizes an understated version of niche's signature bassline melody and combines it with an equally tasteful injection of ravey piano stabs and the forever-epic use of a diva on the chorus.  

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Beatport Launches New "Beatport Mix" Service and Subscription

The good people over at the giant online electronic music store Beatport have launched a new subscription service that they're calling Beatport Mix. Read more » 

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  • 10/13/2010

Dark Party to Drop 'Light Years' This November

We've been sharing the various goings on of Eliot Lipp and Leo 123 (collectively known as Dark Party), including music videos, EP releases, remixes, and the like, but today we get to share even bigger Dark Party news with you. Read more » 

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  • 10/13/2010

Vis-Ed: AIDS 3-D—A Berlin-based expat duo mashes technology, theory, '90s graphics, and high art in mixed-media works

In the corner of a white room sits a tall, sleek, black pillar, a serene-looking symbol of some thoroughly modern form of ceremonial worship. On the front of it, the letters "OMG" (the well-worn internet abbreviation term for "Oh My God") appear in blue LED lights, blinking on and off. On either side of it sits a clump of lit black torches, suggesting that we are all bordering on religious zealotry in our ever-escalating obsession with technology. Read more » 

Download: Seams "Hung Markets"

First Listen

We're happy to see that traveling the world (or even just the idea of traveling the world) seems to inspire a budding crop of music makers to make intricately arranged and profoundly heartfelt techno-leaning dance tunes, as opposed to, say, crunkcore. Much like his ex-tourmate Gold Panda, producer James Welch (a.k.a. Seams) has turned his globe-trotting escapades into the driving force behind the ambient soundscapes and pulsing beats of his music. "Hung Markets" is one such song, and is taken from his forthcoming EP for Pictures Music, Tourist. Welch says that the release is "inspired by the outdoor living of [Berlin] in the summer, and how much music was intrinsically linked to daily life." And you can hear that in the airy field recordings that open and close the song, as well as the swells of white noise that provide the upbeat to its constant rhythm and the hazy samples that fill in the gaps. We'll see what other sounds Seams has to offer when his four-song Tourist EP drops this November. 

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Jesu to Release a Double EP Record Through Hydra Head

The man behind seminal bands the likes of Godflesh and Napalm Death, not to mention his oft XLR8R-covered Pale Sketcher moniker, Justin Broadrick will soon be releasing an album comprised of two EPs: a re-release of his Jesu debut, Heart Ache, and the recently completed Dethroned. Read more » 

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  • 10/13/2010

Download: J-Wow "Fogo (Diamond Bass Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Enchufada

We posted a remix of J-Wow's "Spark" tune by French producer Canblaster at the end of last month, and now we have this premiere for a re-work of that song's accompanying b-side, "Fogo." This production comes from J-Wow's fellow Lisbon-based kuduro patron Diamond Bass (pictured above), and bounces with a similarly dark swagger, though a bit more sparsely orchestrated and heavier with low-end. Lone percussive sounds are littered throughout Diamond Bass' track, rarely occupying your head space all at once, and off in the distance, bass frequencies continually drop—each time claiming the life of a subwoofer somewhere in the world. Make sure to snag the rest of J-Wow's Spark EP when it's released in full on October 19. 

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