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Download: Harald Grosskopf "Synthesist"

Label: RVNG

This vintage piece of sprawling electronic music comes from a forthcoming new version of German musician/composer/producer Harald Grosskopf's classic debut album, Synthesist. Originally released in 1980, the record is now being treated to a reissue from the RVNG label, complete with new artwork (pictured above) and remastered music—this title track is our first taste of that offering. Grosskopf's Italo-tinged song is warm with the glow of analog gear and tape, and is so melodically dense that sometimes it's hard to catch exactly how many synths are working at any given moment. Through the nearly eight-minute cosmic journey of "Synthesist," it's made readily apparent that a re-release of Synthesist wouldn't just be advantageous for the parties involved but also a much-needed reminder for music lovers who may have missed the record its first time around. Grosskopf's beautiful compositions are timeless in every sense of the word; the LP's centerpiece its most breathtaking example. 

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Download: Phil Manley "Life Coach"

While not putting in time as the guitarist for an array of well-respected bands (Trans Am, Jonas Reinhardt, and The Fucking Champs, to name a few) Phil Manley keeps busy with his own solo work, which includes a new album that will be released in the near future via Thrill Jockey. That record is called Life Coach, and this song, its title track, closes out the LP. The seemingly home-recorded sounds all bring to mind Manley's work with his other bands—the motorik pulse of Trans Am's sex jams, the lilting atmosphere of Jonas Reinhardt's cosmic neo-Krautrock sounds, and the cyclical guitar riffs of The Fucking Champs. The tune clocks in at nearly three minutes, but seems to float by much quicker, leaving us wondering what the rest of Manley's instrumental compositions might deliver before these fleeting and final moments. 

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Check Out Matmos' and Dan Deacon's Daytrotter Session

More often than not, Illinois-based culture hub Daytrotter places its focus directly on indie-friendly pop artists and the like, but in this refreshing change of pace, the Baltimore-via-San Francisco outfit Matmos (pictured above), along with fellow Baltimorean Dan Deacon, recorded an impromptu session in Asheville, North Carolina, while in town for the Moog Fest. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2011

Download: Mane Mane "Skin Fox"

Atlanta's Mane Mane has a lot of music posted on his Bandcamp, but only one chunk of it is available to download free of charge. That digital release is the Skin Fox EP, an eight-track offering that features one original tune and seven remixes from noise-loving beatsmiths like Gobble Gobble, Dem Hunger, yuk., and Patten. Here, we have Mane Mane's original version of "Skin Fox." The song is a warbling and disjointed kind of soul-sampling hip-hop that sounds as equally indebted to retro-futurists like Dâm-Funk as it does more forward-thinking beatmakers like Prefuse 73. You can grab Mane Mane's whole EP here, and check out a strange little video by Miko Revereza for yuk.'s remix of "Skin Fox" after the jump. Read more » 

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Soul Clap, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tensnake, and More to Play Croatia's Garden Festival

This summer in Petrcane, Croatia, a large number of dance music's most lauded and loved DJs and producers will come together for the sixth annual Garden Festival. The week-long party will take place between Wednesday, July 6, and the following Wednesday, July 13, and feature live performances from the likes of Commix, Art Department, Tensnake (pictured above), Soul Clap, Larry Heard, Greg Wilson, and Motor City Drum Ensemble, among many others. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2011

Download Mathias Schaffhäuser's Live Album For Free

German house/techno artist Mathias Schaffhäuser did something relatively uncommon in the electronic music world just the other day: He recorded a live album and offered it for free download online—no strings attached. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2011

Stream the New xxxy Single on Ten Thousand Yen

Last year, UK producer Doc Daneeka launched his own label, Ten Thousand Yen, and began releasing a five-part series of limited-edition 10" singles from acts like Venom & Damage, C.R.S.T., and Julio Bashmore. Next week, the final chapter of that series will arrive, courtesy of Manchester-based beatmaker xxxy. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2011

Elijah & Skilliam: Rinse FM upstarts and Butterz CEOs rep grime's new class.

"I never 'discovered' grime," DJ Elijah, one half of the Rinse FM DJ team Elijah & Skilliam, assuredly states. "I'm from East London—I was born into it. Everyone used to listen to pirate radio at school and have tapes; it was more of a taboo if you weren't into it."


Download: Hackman "Made Up My Mind (Hodge's Undecided Mix)"

Released on Monday, Hackman's (pictured above) new record for the PTN label is a 10" slab of vinyl featuring two solid cuts of funky and deep futuristic house music from the burgeoning producer. This remix by Bristol's Hodge could be described just the same; instead of transforming the bouncing groove that carries "Made Up My Mind," the remixer restructures its clattering percussion elements and 8-bit sound effects around the bulbous bassline—making for a roomier mix of the dancefloor burner. You can't get this version on Hackman's new record, but his original tunes certainly warrant a listen or two at the very least, which you can do here

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Cassius Return With Brand-New Single on Ed Banger This February

With the release of a brand-new single this February, veteran French house duo Cassius returns once again to the dance music fold after a four-year lull since its last single, "15 Again." The production pair will drop the I <3 U So single, a record which comes with remixes from Skream, L-Vis 1990, Bowski, and Gesaffelstein, on February 28 via French party-tune imprint Ed Banger. Read more » 

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  • 01/19/2011

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