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Download: Brenmar "Paper Running"

Brooklyn's R&B-pilfering, bass-bumping DJ/producer extraordinaire Brenmar just sent over this fresh cut from his backlog of unreleased tunes to help alert UK club-goers that he'll be making his first appearances behind London decks this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's sort of a shame that it took until now for these gigs to go down, simply because we would've liked to have had this jam on our hard drives long ago. The "Paper Running" track bounces and sways with a futuristic ghetto swagger, no fewer than three solid melodies wafting around its stuttering beat, and a properly tweaked snippet from Currency's "Where Da Cash At" single. It all adds up to not only another great tune in Brenmar's repertoire, but also another reason why Londoners should go see him play this weekend. You can check out more details on those dates after the jump.  Read more » 

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Rainbow Arabia to Tour US With Spoek Mathambo, Europe This Spring

LA's globally minded synth-pop duo Rainbow Arabia is just days away from the release of its debut long-player, Boys and Diamonds, which will be followed almost immediately by an extensive tour of the US and Europe. Read more » 

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  • 02/23/2011

Download: Ciara "Gimme Dat (Femme En Fourrure Bootleg Edit)"

Although it's something we rarely indulge in the pages of XLR8R, it's somewhat of an open secret that at least half of our staff is in love with Ciara... and her music, of course. So we owe Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure a big 'thank you' for sending along this bootleg re-work of Ciara's "Gimme Dat," as it not only gave us an excuse to spend 20-plus minutes scrolling through Ciara photos online, but it also offers an interesting new spin on a track that we already liked to begin with. Apparently, Femme En Fourrure wasn't so keen on Ciara's vocals, so they began by stripping them out entirely before stepping up the 808-ish drums and putting the synths front and center. It's not a radical overhaul, but it works. Plus, it's Ciara! We'll go back to quietly swooning now. 

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Gang Gang Dance's Lizzie Bougatsos Featured in Upcoming NYC Art Show

Manhattan's multi-purpose art/music/etc. venue Santos Party House has an exciting new series of art installations premiering this Friday, February 26, interestingly titled Somebody Arted in Here!. Among the artists involved in the inaugural event is Gang Gang Dance vocalist Lizzie Bougatsos (pictured above), who will be transforming the venue's storefront with an installation made collaboratively with Rita Ackermann. Read more » 

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  • 02/22/2011

Download: Ben Westbeech "Falling (Jam Factory Dub)"

One of the UK's emerging secret weapons, Ben Westbeech (who also drops tunes as Breach), is just over a month away from sharing his debut album made under his given name, There's More to Life Than This, through the Strictly Rhythm label. The un-Googleable Jam Factory outfit hooked us up with this dub of Westbeech's first single from that record, "Falling," in which it nabs a small section of the artist's white-boy-soul croon to loop over a deep, vintage-inspired house production. The dark bassline grooves in, out, and around the bouncing, bare-bones beat and vocal samples; it's only after four minutes of pushing those sounds through the speakers that Jam Factory starts to embellish on its track—giving us more reason to dance for another two minutes or so. 

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Listen to the New Chrissy Murderbot EP on Planet Mu

Chrissy Murderbot's 2010 was all about his somewhat-insane My Year of Mixtapes project, but it's looking like the Chicago-based artist wants to make 2011 all about establishing himself as a producer. Read more » 

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  • 02/22/2011

Altered Natives' Eye4Eye Label to Release First Compilation

UK-based DJ/producer/label head Danny Yorke (a.k.a. Altered Natives) has brought together a crew of like-minded tunesmiths to contribute songs to his label's first CD release, a compilation called The Guild of Synchronists. On April 4, the Eye4Eye imprint will drop the 12-song disc, which, as Yorke puts it, is "a showcase of some of the artists
soon to be featured on Eye4Eye."

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  • 02/22/2011

Download: Beatbully "Kosmik Regn"

First Listen
Label: Dødpop

After years of domination in Oslo, skweee label Dødpop and its stable of producers will be making their UK debut at fellow wonky beat-genre label Donky Pitch's club night in Brighton on Saturday, March 5. The full lineup and all the details are here, but in tow will be Dødpop producer Beatbully, whose debut album Kosmik Regn coming at the end of the month. To celebrate both the release and Dødpop's first time in the UK, the label is offering Beatbully's title track for a free download. The song's undercurrent of fat, bloated synths are barely a match for the plethora of spry and dazzling synth melodies that crackle in and out, yet lackadaisical kickdrums and handclaps stickily hold it all together. 

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Podcast 186: DJ MikeQ

DJ MikeQ may not be a name that rings familiar for many XLR8R readers, but we have a pretty strong intuition that's about to change. His name has been popping up in mixes from the likes of Kingdom and Bok Bok for awhile now, but a little digging has shown DJ MikeQ to be one of the leading figures of the East Coast's long-running (but still largely underground) ballroom/vogue-house scene. Read more » 

Review: Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx We're New Here

Label: XL

Venturing out from his beatmaking work as one third of international indie darlings The xx, here Jamie xx (né Jamie Smith) gets to fully indulge his own predilection for the sparest of dubstep/post-dubstep via the fantastic and fantastically unclassifiable post-everything comeback record of OG of OGs Gil Scott-Heron. Read more » 

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