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Download: Teengirl Fantasy "Dancing in Slow Motion (Brenmar Remix)"

What's beautiful about Teengirl Fantasy's original "Dancing in Slow Motion" is that, for a song borne of a gritty, DIY, electronic dance music ethos, it packs a whole lot of emotional punch on both the lyrical and musical fronts, and keenly harks back to a time when dance producers gave a shit about telling a story through song (our hats tipped to Shannon's "Let the Music Play," and the whole of '80s Miami freestyle). Problem is, you can't actually dance to it. So in steps remixer extraordinaire Brenmar (a.k.a. Bill Salas, pictured above, who also provided us with this week's killer podcast) to change all that. Not only does Salas give Light Asylum front lady Shannon Funchess' harrowing, heartrending vocals the full-on diva treatment they deserve (worthy of that other dance queen Shannon) but he also kicks the beat up a notch and rearranges the tune with sizzling pads and an all-around warmth, shuffle, and bounce, which he's managed to bring to more than a few R&B tunes as of late. 

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Baths to Tour North America Next Year

The creator of one of this year's most rewarding and melodic beat-related albums , Will Wiesenfeld (a.k.a. Baths), follows up the release of his lovely Cerulean (not to mention his inclusion in our beat-scene feature) with a headlining tour across North America. Read more » 

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  • 11/18/2010

Download: Talk "Holy Mountain"

US producer Talk (a.k.a. Daniel Lewis) claims to either be from "darklands" or "rave cave," neither of which may lead you to his real-life Southern origins. Earlier this week, Talk released his first EP, Holy Mountain, on Jason Forrest's and Jubilee's Berlin-based Nightshifters label. Talk's purported origins in "darklands" may seem incongruous to the South's sunny weather, yet his music certainly has an ominous disposition. For instance, here on the EP's title track, eerie, flute-driven interludes give way to acerbic synths and the sunken drums of UK funky. Holy Mountain also features two other Talk originals alongside remixes from LOL Boys, Skinnz, and Distal. He's also made a video for his song "Burning Alive," which you can check out after the jump. Read more » 

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Check Out Pictureplane's New 'Dimensional Rip' Mix

When he's not inciting internet drama and 'to mix or not to mix' debates, as he did so effortlessly on his recent podcast for us, Colorado DJ/producer Pictureplane likes to spend his time tearing our dimension to shreds in a variety of different ways. As the mixmaster also known as Travis Edegy put it on his blog, "I have been conducting magical social experiments under the guise of 'dimensional rip,' as a way of altering the reality of both myself and the world (universe) at large, attempting to tear open and manipulate the fabric of reality, basically." So, his latest rip comes to us in the form of a mixtape, featuring 11 obscure happy hardcore and jungle tunes slowed down to the artist's liking. Read more » 

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  • 11/17/2010

Get to Know the Real LV Over on FACT

Elusive London-via-South Africa production trio LV, the tunesmiths behind the massive "Boomslang" single, recently granted a rare interview with all of its three members to FACT, who then turned it into this lengthy and informative Q & A. The Hyperdub-signed producers, Will Horrocks, Gervase Gordon, and Si Williams, talk about their backgrounds, both musical and personal, the inclusion of kwaito and reggae styles into their bassy club tunes, and how they got hooked up with Kode9's label, among other revealing topics. Read more » 

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  • 11/17/2010

Download: c.db.sn "4amcatattaq"

On December 15, Colorado bass-centric imprint Plastic Sound Supply officially drops its first volume of a new compilation series focusing on producers from its home state, interestingly titled Experimental Dance Breaks 36. While it's certainly not the 36th edition in a series, and you're not likely to find many 'dance breaks' in its skittering, woofer-abusing tracks, the inferred experimental nature of the release is certainly valid. Take this production from Denver native c.db.sn, where elements of electronic genres across the board—including bits from ambient, glitch, bass, IDM, and techno sub-strains—coalesce into a somber tune that's simultaneously familiar and refreshing. Maybe it's not the most 'out there' experimentation, but sometimes just giving a few of your favorite, trusted sounds a good tweak before arranging them in new ways is enough. If you can't wait for physical copies of Dance Breaks, you can nab a digital version here

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Recloose Releases 'Early Works' Compilation on Rush Hour

Veteran house and techno DJ/producer Recloose (a.k.a. Matt Chicoine) just dropped the first release to bear his name in two years, a compilation of his, um, early works, called Early Works. Amsterdam's Rush Hour label released the collection of tunes—calling it a "retrospective featuring unreleased tracks and forgotten gems," not unlike the imprint's three-disc compilation for Anthony "Shake" Shakir—in a number of formats, each with a different tracklist. Read more » 

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  • 11/17/2010

FaltyDL, Lemonade, Javelin, oOoOO, Sinden, and More to Play Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

One week before Christmas, Brooklyn's third annual festival celebrating both veteran and up-and-coming electronic artists will kick off at Public Assembly and Music Hall of Williamsburg. Read more » 

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  • 11/17/2010

Download: Niki And The Dove "Mother Protect"

At this point, little is known about Swedish group Niki And The Dove, apart from the fact that it's made up of a singer named Malin and collection of old friends and associates. Though thin on background info, Niki And The Dove's music follows in the spirit of lush, expertly realized Swedish pop à la The Knife or The Tough Alliance. At the outset, Niki And The Dove's "Mother Protect" features understated percussion similar to that of minimal techno, but as soon as the chorus hits, the song transforms into a full-fledged pop song, albeit one that channels Kate Bush's mystical eccentricity. After giving "Mother Protect" a listen, check out the beautifully rendered video of another epic song, "Under the Bridge," which is posted after the jump.  Read more » 

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The Devil Inside: Terror Danjah Talks Gremlins, Rhythm'n'Grime, and Nearly Throwing in the Towel

When you have a name like Terror Danjah, "in bed" seems like a weird place to conduct an interview. Of course, it's midnight in his native London, and despite his aggressive handle, his personality is more than affable, even at this hour, as he asks me if his TV is too loud in the background. These days, the early-30-something producer, who, at least at this point, hasn't made his birth name known to the press, isn't having too much trouble being heard. Read more » 

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