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Flavorwire Profiles New Orleans' Sissy Bounce Scene

If you stay up on our pages (both print and web), you'll be well aware of our ongoing affair with New Orleans' sissy bounce scene and one of its biggest exports, Big Freedia. So, needless to say, we're happy to see that folks are finally getting as excited about the gay-centric, hyperactive booty music as we've been. Read more » 

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  • 08/25/2010

Vis-Ed: Give Up Art—The Visualists Behind Tempa and Apple Pips Give It All Up

London-based design house Give Up Art has more than just a clever name behind it. Amongst numerous projects, the husband-wife team of Stuart and Emma Hammersley has also been responsible for the visual identities of dubstep powerhouse Tempa Records, and Appleblim's Apple Pips label. Read more » 

Download: Nicolas Jaar "Nico's Feelin' Good"

After years of producing, Wolf + Lamb compatriot Nicolas Jaar still doesn't have a proper debut album, but we're okay with that, seeing as how he wisely spends his time making tasteful, intricate edits like this one for Nina Simone's version of "Feelin' Good." Jaar's production, entitled "Nico's Feelin' Good," is a dark, brooding number that exists equally on planes of swirling textural ambience and softly undulating deep-house grooves—the varied sounds not once interfering with the indelibly haunted vocal performance by Simone. The New York producer may not yet be known for his work with edits, but after hearing this track, not to mention the rest of the free six-song EP it comes from, we'll happily trade the release of his debut for another handful of these re-works. You can download the 6 Edits EP via Resident Advisor, here

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Download: Universal Studios Florida "Branss"

Yes, Universal Studios Florida is a pretty awesome band name, but names alone won't get you very far. We need the music to make us move, and the two Seattle residents in U.S.F. make the kind of blissful, summery synth-pop that we've been moving to for some time now. Like a slow-grooving Delorean tune, "Branss" offers a thick wash of hazy atmosphere and lilting melodic elements alongside the slow bounce of its island-inspired rhythm. It's the aural equivalent of a bright afternoon spent alone on a white-sand beach, throwing a colorful beach ball into the surf and watching it bob up and down in the warm water as you swim towards it lazily—completely content in the day's relaxing simplicity. And if you yearn for more musical goodness from the production duo, check out a preview of U.S.F's forthcoming new album, The Spray, over on Bandcamp. (via 20 Jazz Funk Greats

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Modeselektor to Launch New Compilation Series, Tour U.S.

Though a new album from Berlin's next-level bass dons, Modeselektor, is still nowhere in sight, we do have news of the duo kicking off a fresh compilation series. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2010

Christopher Willits Unveils Secrets Behind Latest Album

If you're only familiar with Christopher Willits as the man behind our XLR8R TV series What You Talkin' Bout Willits?, you should also know he puts those same Ableton, Max/MSP, and other live-electronics skills to excellent use as a solo producer signed to the illustrious Ghostly International label. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2010

Goldie and Prince Harry to Look For Young Music Talent on BBC TV Show

Recently, BBC News reported that veteran drum & bass icon Goldie will be featured in a new television series setting its sights on finding youngsters with "raw musical talent." The program, called Goldie's Band - By Royal Appointment, will follow Goldie as he looks for the musicians, helps them receive mentoring from established artists, and, finally, gets them a live show at Buckingham Palace in front of Prince Harry. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2010

Darkstar to Release Debut Album This October

Following a series of well-received singles and one-off compilation tracks, London-based production team Darkstar is set to release its first full-length album on October 19 via Hyperdub. The forthcoming record is called North, and finds the duo expanding its ranks to include vocalist James Buttery. "Gold," which is actually a cover of a more obscure Human League song, is set to be the first single from Darkstar's new, 10-track album, and will also be the album's first music video. Read more » 

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  • 08/24/2010

Podcast 157: Alex B

LA might get all the shine for the burgeoning beat scene, but a few states over in Colorado, producer Alex B (a.k.a. Alex Botwin) has been quietly setting up an abstract, instrumental fiefdom of his own. Read more » 

Review: Mahjongg The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger

Label: K

Mahjongg's lead vocalist, Hunter Husar, was once quoted as saying, "When you're in your early 20s, you want to take on the world and take over a city." The Chicago band appears to have been successful in achieving their objective, which they continue to cement on their third LP, The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger. Honing their own particular brand of hybridized post-punk dance music and dub-electronic to a near-OCD level, Mahjongg's tone on their latest disc is intricately planned, genre-splicing, and dance hall-ready.


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  • 08/24/2010

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