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Watch FaltyDL Talk Musical Background, Producing, and Planet Mu

While in Italy rocking the Dancity club night, NY-based garage patron FaltyDL sat down for a chat with some of the local press. The DJ/producer talked a bit about his musical education, the history of the style of music he makes, how he had to incessantly bother Mike Paradinas before the Planet Mu label head checked out his tunes, and other interesting topics. You can check out the video interview, which includes snippets of live footage from FaltyDL's set, after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 11/16/2010

Newcleus' Classic "Jam On It" Gets Remixed on New 12"

The recently minted imprint from Swedish producer Martin Brodin (pictured above), simply called MB Disco, just announced its next release will be a 12" of remixes for the classic '80s tune "Jam On It" by Newcleus. The new mixes come courtesy of UK outfit Chicken Lips and label head Brodin. Read more » 

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  • 11/16/2010

Download: Ass of Bass "Duee Connexion #2"

Label: Salon

Like a dirtier, less-conceptual Matthew Herbert or Soft Pink Truth, the elusive Parisian producer known as Ass of Bass (yeah, we're not keen on the name either) makes dubby, housey, disco-flavored dance tunes full of twisted vocal snippets, musical randomness, and deep vibes. There are plenty of sampled treasures and random sounds to be heard throughout "Duee Connexion #2," but it's the slamming four-on-the-floor and bouncing low-end that remains in the forefront—carrying the energetic tune for over seven minutes. You can discover how else the musicmaker twerks that sticky sound palette on his debut for Salon, a four-song EP with two original takes on "Duee Connexion" and two remixes from DJ Donna Summer, here

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Watch Daedelus Play Live in an Arcade

Portland video production team Into the Woods has been culling musicians touring through PDX for short live performances. Past guests have included Abe Vigoda, Big Freedia, and Teebs—each new artist a more recognizable one than the last. Yesterday Into the Woods debuted its latest video, this time from Monome-master Daedelus. Sharing a love of arcade games with the video's producers, Daedelus puts his preternatural button-pressing skills to the test in Street Fighter before spending the rest of the video triggering his way through hip-hop, IDM, and house. With Portland behind him, Daedelus continues his Magical Properties tour with a series of dates in the Southwest. Check the locations and Into the Woods' video below. Read more » 

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  • 11/16/2010

Ghettophiles Drops New Juke/Footwork Compilation with DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and More

One of the few Chicago-based labels offering support for the burgeoning juke/footwork scene, Ghettophiles, just dropped a fresh compilation of tracks by the tunesmiths of its hometown. Following the label's release of DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad's 4 the Ghetto EP, the eight-song Overkill is available exclusively through the Zero" website, and features the likes of DJ Manny, Arpebu (a.k.a. RP Boo), DJ Earl, Traxman, Spinn (pictured above), Rashad, and more. Read more » 

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  • 11/16/2010

Download: Thunderball "Runaway (Ghosts on Tape Remix)"

First Listen

Washington, D.C., chill-groove electronica trio Thunderball gets a serious makeover here, courtesy of San Francisco's tropically inclined bass excavator Ghosts on Tape. However, for his re-work of "Runaway," the original of which is taken from the forthcoming 12 Mile High record to be released on Thievery Corporation's ESL label, DJ/producer Ryan Merry switches out his percussion samples and low-end rumbles for something better fitting of an illegal warehouse party circa 1993. But it's not all glowsticks and Blow Pops on this track; Ghosts on Tape toys with ethereal vocal sampling à la UK bass music's finest, drops in some classic clubby synth melodies, and flips his production halfway through for an ominous finish that's purely his own. At nearly 10 minutes, it's certainly the longest song we've heard from Merry, but it might very well be his best, too. 

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Podcast 173: Brenmar

Bill Salas is a Chicago boy through and through. Sure, the producer better known as Brenmar resides in Brooklyn these days, but his tracks clearly demonstrate that the guy brought his hometown's love of hip-hop, R&B, house, and juke along with him. Over the past year, he's built a name for himself on the back of bootleg remixes of DJ Deeon, Cassie, and Aaliyah, not to mention a few of his own originals. Read more » 

Review: Gold Panda Lucky Shiner

Among many other things, Gold Panda's first full-length, Lucky Shiner, is a veritable curveball. The young Essex-based producer had unintentionally set himself up to join the expansive beat-scene continuum with the release of his "Quitter's Raga" single in 2009, and "You," from early this year. The music world thought it had Gold Panda pegged, and happily so, until this record surfaced. Read more » 

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  • 11/16/2010

Download: Egyptrixx "Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)"

First Listen

Full-length records coming from DJ/producers with a distinct focus on the dancefloor and no more than a handful of remixes and EPs under their belt are relatively few and far between, so when one surfaces—especially an album from a fresh tunesmith of notable caliber—it's best you take notice. With that in mind, next year will see the release of the debut long-player from Toronto-based musicmaker Egyptrixx, the ten-song Bible Eyes. UK bass hub Night Slugs, which also dropped his excellent The Only Way Up EP, will bring the project to fruition on February 9, but before then, we get our first taste of Bible Eyes from the heartfelt "Chrysalis Records." Named after the now-defunct imprint that once hosted luminaries like Blondie, Gang Starr, and Sinéad O'Connor, Egyptrixx's new single flaunts woozy synths and a subtle crunch within its evolved pop format—sounding not unlike the vintage media released back in the UK label's heyday. Singer Maya of Canadian band Trust threatens to steal the spotlight from the lush instrumental with her simple-yet-intimate vocal delivery, an unlikely pairing that works in subtle, affective ways. You can check out the full tracklist for Bible Eyes, and watch a slick video for album opener "Start From the Beginning," after the jump. Read more » 

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Download: Parsod "Parade"

Brooklyn sound sculptor Dale Parsons is Parsod, a beatsmith interested in spacey soundscapes, dissected hip-hop grooves, and thoughtful bass rumblings. His first offering of that sort is a self-titled, four-track EP, from which "Parade" is taken. As the EP's lead song, "Parade" takes no time getting started. Disjointed rhythms, 8-bitty sound effects, arpeggiating synth melodies, and all kinds of floating cosmic transmissions launch into the forefront within in seconds of hitting play, and are over seemingly just as quickly. If the brief excursion perks your ears up without fully satiating your appetite for intergalactic sonics, you can find out what the rest of his blippy beat explorations sounds like over on his SoundCloud profile, where all of Parsod is available to stream. 

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