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Apparat to Mix the Next Installment of DJ-KiCKS

About three years after the release of his Walls album, Berlin's Apparat will take the reins as mixmaster on the forthcoming installment of !K7's DJ-KiCKS series. The DJ/producer will drop his contribution, a 24-track mix album that features two exclusive Apparat tracks, an unreleased Telefon Tel Aviv number, and music from the likes of Martyn, Oval, Four Tet & Burial, Pantha du Prince, Tim Hecker, Ramadanman, and Joy Orbison, on October 26. Read more » 

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  • 09/01/2010

Download: Radio People "Now Where"

Label: Digitalis

Sam Goldberg keeps himself busy. He runs a label, Pizza Night, that releases cassettes exclusively, he collaborates on projects with a couple of fellas from Cleveland ambient noise outfit Emeralds, and he writes similarly formless songs under the name Radio People. From his recently released eponymous full-length (which you can stream in full here and purchase on vinyl here), "Now Where" finds Goldberg halfway through his opus, traversing analog arpeggiations, thick synth pads, and repetitive micro-melodies with grace. The composition sounds similar to some of his peers on the Editions Mego label, like Oneohtrix Point Never and, of course, Emeralds, but also reminds us a bit of the beatless, billowy parts from one of last year's best analog odysseys, Etienne Jaumet's Night Music. (via Raven Sings the Blues

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Tell Mutek When its Next Festival Should Be

After recently closing out its 11th edition of innovative and exciting electronic music presented live in Canada, the Mutek festival is looking to its fans and supporters for a wee bit of advice. Essentially, the festival wants to know which dates best suit the event's visitors. Mutek usually takes place towards the end of May and the beginning of June, but because of the return of the massive Formula 1 Grand Prix, they need to reschedule. Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2010

Download: Ellie Goulding "Under The Sheets (Brackles Remix)"

Not even the chamber-pop chanteuses of the world are safe from from bass music's ever-growing grasp. As featured on this unreleased remix by Blunted Robots' Brackles (pictured above), the girly voice of London's Ellie Goulding was plucked from its usual acoustic accompaniment and placed into the thick of an undulating future-house tune. Brackles cuts up Goulding's high-register hooks, and garnishes the samples with skittering rhythms, warbling sound effects, and other club-appropriate sonics—effectively erasing any notions of the orchestral original version of "Under the Sheets." You can catch more of the same sounds on Brackles' just-released, debut mix album for !K7/Cool in the Pool, Songs for Endless Cities Vol. 1: Brackles

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Scratcha DVA to Drop New 12" with Fatima on Hyperdub

Marrying the fresh sounds of percussive UK funky and the age-old essence of soul, the latest release to come from Scratcha DVA (a.k.a. Scratcha, a.k.a. DVA) will be a 12" for the DJ/producer's tune with UK crooner Fatima, "Just Vybe (Soule:Power Mix)." Read more » 

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  • 08/31/2010

Download: Mux Mool "Hog Knuckles (Alex B Remix)"

Label: Ghostly

One of the more focused and hip-hop-leaning bangers from Brooklyn producer Mux Mool's (pictured above) debut album, Skulltaste, is the crunchy "Hog Knuckles." This version of that Dilla-referencing track, remixed by recent XLR8R podcast contributor and Colorado resident Alex B, comes from the Wax Rose Saturday EP, which dropped today via Ghostly. Alex B's remix remains centered around the jittery bounce and sampled guitar melody of producer Brian Lindgren's original beat, but is also given an extra dose of beat-scene slap and soulful synth timbres. You can catch this remix along with treatments from the likes of Free the Robots, Devonwho, Shigeto, and more, on Mux Mool's brand-new EP, and find Lindgren's upcoming tour dates here

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Podcast 158: DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn

Ever since the news broke that venerable UK label Planet Mu had signed young juke experimentalist DJ Nate, a whole new wave of juke- and footwork-related excitement has taken hold in the music world. Read more » 

Download: R. Kelly "Ignition (Copy Remix)"

What does a remix of the classic R. Kelly joint "Ignition" by Portland low-bit patron Copy sound like? Well, precisely what you'd think the unlikely pairing would sound like. Mr. Kelly's inimitable vocal performance is left untouched, leaving the R&B icon to deliver car-related innuendos without interruption, and producer Marius Libman's special brand of Nintendo-referencing synth-pop adorns the memorable lyrics. Though, as one might guess, Copy's remix (2 Ignition) is injected with hip-hop's and R&B's particular bounce and sway, a vibe uncommon in his usual production work. It's a pretty great taste of the EP that accompanies the PacNorthwest tunesmith's forthcoming full-length, Hard Dream, which features five remixes of R. Kelly songs. We're especially looking forward to hearing "Real Talk" and "Hair Braider" when it drops along with Dream on September 21 via Audio Dregs. (via Yours Truly

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Download: Doshy "Chip"

There's a new batch of intergalactic bass tunes on the way from German cosmonaut Doshy, in the form of his soon-to-be-released Scatter EP (that's the cover up top). Lasers, phasers, tasers, and just about all other kinds of conceivable space noise are heaped onto the Berliner's crunchy beats and skittering 8-bit bleeps; it sounds more or less like if Mario moved to Mars to start a career producing hip-hop—NES nerds will undoubtedly spot the frequent usage of his classic fireball sound byte. In fact, "Chip" has so many layers of sound effects surrounding its swaggering beat work that the track requires a number of listens before each little noise can be uncovered. Catch the rest of Doshy's 6-song EP when it drops on September 3 via Robox Neotech. 

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Stream New Album, Watch New Video, and Check out Tour Dates from Spoek Mathambo

It's been a long time coming, but Spoek Mathambo's debut full-length album is finally here. Just today, BBE released the 14-song Mshini Wam, and simultaneously hooked up The FADER with a full preview of the album, which is available for 48 hours here. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2010

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