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Pilooski Side-Project Discodeine Releases Single With Jarvis Cocker, LP by Early 2011

French producers Pentile and Pilooski (a.k.a. Discodeine) have just announced that their first single, titled "Synchronize," will be released December 6 on DFA/DIRTY, and will feature Brit-pop crooner Jarvis Cocker on vocals. Discodeine will also be releasing a full-length album come 2011, which will feature a variety of yet-to-be-announced vocalists. You can preview "Synchronize," as well as two remixes from Jam Factory, over on DFA's website, and check out the cover art below. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2010

Download: The Miracles Club "A New Love"

Back in July, Portland DIY house outfit The Miracles Club was featured as a promising new act in our Bubblin' series. Quickly following the release of the band's first EP, Light of Love, The Miracles Club has just released a new 12" EP entitled A New Love on Mexican Summer, at the very least solidifying The Miracles Club's awareness of house music's frequent use of "love" in song titles. Of course, Honey Owens and the rest of her Miracles Club cohorts are aware of much more than the genre's heart-on-its-sleeve style, as this new track also employs the mournful psychedelia of high-pitched synths and underwater vocals that seem to speak to a recent loss rather than a new love. (via Gorilla Vs. Bear

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XLR8R TV: The Crepes' Five Star in Gothenburg

The XLR8R TV crew recently took a trip to Scandinavia for Oslo's By:Larm Festival, and stopped through Gothenburg, Sweden to talk with The Crepes, a side project of the band Studio, fronted by Fredrik Lindson. Read more » 

Download: Francesco Tristano "Mambo"

Label: Infiné

In the initial seconds of Francesco Tristano's "Mambo," a flighty series of piano notes trickle out, setting a deceptively tender mood. The rest of this Julliard graduate's acoustic-electronic production features interloping drum-machine stutters while ominous piano arpeggios maintain a precarious semblance of consistency. Taken from his recently released album Idiosynkrasia, "Mambo" is as fragile as it is steely and austere. His previous solo albums were produced by the likes of pioneering artist Moritz Von Oswald (he's also been known to collaborate with Murcof), and Idiosynkrasia has similarly legendary affiliations, as it was recorded at Carl Craig's Planet E studios in Detroit. Released in Europe on French/German label Infiné, Tristano uses the album to continue exploring the sonic breadth of his classical piano compositions by working with electronic music's most lauded. Idiosynkrasia will hit the US next year on January 15. 

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Every Rinse DJ to Play Boxing Day Party at FWD>>

Yes, you read that right: Every single Rinse FM DJ will be playing at FWD>> on Boxing Day, December 26 at Fabric. For over nine hours, DJs ranging from Skream to dancehall experts The Heatwave will rotate through what will likely be extremely short sets of music and an epic night for London club-goers. Rinse FM recently celebrated 16 years of pirate radio, and was finally granted an official radio license, but even the epic birthday party they threw then was clearly not enough. Check out the full list of the Rinse FM DJs who will be in attendance after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2010

Download: Banana Clipz "Afro Latino feat. Los Rakas"

First Listen

One week away from releasing their debut self-titled EP as a free download, Oro11 (of the Bersa Discos imprint) and Cheif Boima (of the Ghetto Bassquake blog) give us this early taste of their collaborative production work as Banana Clipz. Most of the bass-centric, tropically inspired dance jams on the Banana Clipz EP feature vocal contributions from a wide cast of MCs and singers, including the fellas of Los Rakas, heard here on the energetic "Afro Latino." While Oro11 and Boima work out their bouncing 808 riddims and red-hot equatorial instrumentation, Los Rakas spit equally incendiary verbiage with a relaxed fervor indicative of the tune's overall vibe. You can nab Banana Clipz's whole seven-track release when it's posted online on November 29, but if you can't wait, head over to the Ghetto Bassquake blog and check out a teaser mix Boima made for the EP, here

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Joy Orbison Releases New 12" This Week on Doldrums

In case this week's Doldrums release of Braiden's "The Alps" wasn't enough to get you spending your hard-earned cash, label owner Joy Orbison is releasing a new 12", too. Titled BB, the release also features the b-side "Ladywell," and is already available (along with "The Alps") in a limited vinyl run over at Honest Jon's. Short preview clips of the two tracks are over there as well, both of which are a departure from J.O.'s more broken house and UK garage interpretations, instead opting for more faithful renditions of early Detroit and Chicago styles. In case you haven't done so already, check out Braiden's great video companion to "The Alps" after the jump. (via FACT.) Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2010

Tour Stockholm With Skweee's Key Players

Earlier this year, we paid a visit to Sweden, where we had an XLR8R TV sit-down with Studio side-project The Crepes in Gothenburg, and got the goods on all things skweee in Stockholm. The main players in the skweee scene—those being Daniel Savio, Frans Carlqvist (a.k.a. Pavan and Limonious, and head of the Flogsta Danshall label), Henrik Von Euler (a.k.a. Rigas Den Andre), and Baba Stiltz (a.k.a. Mrs. Qeada)—also took us for a tour of their Södermalm neighborhood, where we checked out their favorite record shops, kebab huts, and places to chill. Read more » 

James Blake Officially Announces Self-Titled Debut Album

Surely the UK's youngest highly revered singer/musician/composer/producer/DJ, 22-year-old James Blake has been brewing his unique style of R&B-infused bass music (or is it bass-infused R&B?) for years now, releasing a small number of EPs and singles to an ever-growing mass of fans. Now, more than a year after his first EP dropped, Blake has announced his forthcoming debut full-length, simply titled James Blake. Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2010

Download: Azari & III "Into the Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

A few weeks back, we premiered the video for "Into the Night" from Toronto's Azari & III, and now we've got our hands on a remix of the song from New York prodigy Nicolas Jaar (pictured above). Jaar strips down the glammed-out house and funk of the original tune (which you can download over at Pitchfork) in favor of a more sparse and dark creation lead by moody piano chords. He also expands the track to almost double its original length, playfully building up and breaking down the elements a few times, never letting it fully hit for too long. As far as dance music goes, it's a remarkably rewarding exercise in patience and one we're happy to undertake. The remix and original track will be available as part of the Into the Night EP on November 22. Fans of Jaar should also take note that his debut full-length will be dropping on his own Clown and Sunset imprint in early 2011.  

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