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Teengirl Fantasy on Tour Through North America and Europe Now

Now that Oberlin's house-loving production duo Teengirl Fantasy has conquered just about everyone's year-end favorites list with the lovely 7AM LP, the pair has set out to conquer the world—well, North America and Europe at least. Read more » 

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  • 01/06/2011

Download: Salva "Wake Ups"

Much like the folks across the pond who have been championing his forward-thinking beat-funk as of late (a list that includes Girl Unit, Hudson Mohawke, and the LuckyMe crew), San Francisco-based producer and Frite Nite label head Salva toys with booming beats, synth-driven soul, and wonky grooves, all of it elevated by just a touch of that purple stuff. A fine example of those smooth soundscapes is this fresh leak from his forthcoming debut album for the Friends of Friends label, Complex Housing. "Wake Ups" jumps high into the atmosphere on an elastic boom-and-slap rhythm, but its the host of R&B-inspired synth melodies that keep it up there long enough to be carried away by angelic vocal samples and a bassline that sounds like it's bouncing from one smoky cloud to the next. Salva's Complex Housing drops on February 8. (via Altered Zones

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All-City Announces 12" Collab Series

If last year's excellent LA Series is any indication, Dublin's All-City imprint knows what it's doing when it comes to curating ongoing 12" series. So for 2011, the label has decided to start a new series featuring collaborations from a diverse range of producers, the first of which will come from respected sonic innovator Martyn (picture above) and futuristic-beat producer Mike Slott. Read more » 

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  • 01/06/2011

4Hero's Marc Mac Shares Two Unreleased Manix Tracks in His 'Reinforced Records Mix'

Over on EPM Music today, web-goers and lovers of the early days of rave are treated to a fresh podcast from hardcore/jungle legend Marc Mac (a.k.a. Manix). Across a 57-minute set, the DJ/producer delivers 11 tracks flexing the classic dancefloor sounds he helped pioneer, including gems from the Reinforced Records catalog by his 4Hero project, Tom & Jerry, Nookie, and others, and also shares two brand-new Manix tunes at either end of the mix. Read more » 

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  • 01/06/2011

Download: Christoph Andersson "Metropol"

Label: Hurst

New Orleans-based Christoph Andersson may not be mining his hometown's rich musical history for inspiration, but the teenage producer has nevertheless been perking up ears with his knack for bouncy beats and light-hearted melodies. Back in September, he passed along his first single, "Tuxedo," which reminded us of the fun-loving days of French Touch. In a few weeks, he'll be releasing "Metropol," a similarly jubilant effort, albeit one that's significantly less funky. That's not a complaint; with its washy synths and Balearic vocal snippets, it kind of reminds us of a slightly raved-up Delorean cut. The Metropol EP comes out January 24 via Andersson's own Hurst Recordings label. 

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Video: Laurel Halo "Metal Confection"

Brooklyn-based leftfield-pop crooner Laurel Halo sent over this video for a cut from her King Felix EP, released last year on Hippos in Tanks. While Halo's preciously spooky number "Machine Confection" rises and falls along with her operatic singing voice, archaic computer graphics twist and turn, looking like the animator of Lawnmower Man took a swing at making his own iTunes visualizer. Read more » 

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  • 01/06/2011

Review: Digital Mystikz Urban Ethics

Label: DMZ

Mala and Coki, better known as Digital Mystikz, are dubstep OGs. Considering how much that word and that scene have gone through since DM's first release in 2004, it's surprising that their music still hits as hard as it does. Their sound could be a textbook definition of the genre, yet it's hard to call it conservative—even if they're still using the same terrifying dentist-drill synth sound.


Download: Phaseone "All to Herself"

Catching up again with Midwestern bass specialist Phaseone, we're treated to a slow and smooth booty jam that's equal parts bump and grind. "All to Herself" seems to be built almost exclusively for the sweaty goings-on taking place in dark bedrooms and nightclub nooks across the world, as its sultry bass groove, sparse vocal utterings, hypnotic synth melodies, and massive slap bring quite specific activities to mind. But while the song starts off sounding dark and sensual, it eventually moves into more shimmering and upbeat territories, sounding something like the hot younger sister of Joy Orbison's "Hyph Mngo." 

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Frank Bretschneider to Drop New Album Via Shitkatapult This February

One of the minimalist-minded music men behind the austere Raster Noton label, veteran producer Frank Bretschneider is set to release his seventh solo album via Shitkatapult. The new LP, entitled Komet, will feature seven tracks of impeccably crafted minimal- and ambient-techno—all of which were recorded and arranged live in the studio—spread over the course of 40 minutes, and will be released on February 4. Read more » 

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  • 01/06/2011

Download: Win Win "Releaserpm feat. Lizzie Bougatsos (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix)"

Back in November we shared with you a fresh project from Spank Rock collaborator and elite remixer XXXChange, called Win Win. That first tune, which features a vocal contribution from Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance, gets slowed to a syrupy, tropical groove here, courtesy of DC production duo Nadastrom (pictured above). The lighthearted dancefloor vibe of the original remains intact throughout the pair's lengthy moombahton remix, as the upbeat synth melody and Bougatsos' wispy vocal contribution remain the primary focus, but producers Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom make sure to give "Releaserpm" their own bouncing sub-bass slant, making this version an excellent alternative for use in the the lower tempo ranges. (via Pitchfork

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