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Download: Junip "Always (Prefuse 73 Remix)"

Flying Lotus once described LA beatmaker and Brainfeeder artist Teebs' lush compositions as sounding "the way Avatar looks." Now, if comparing that hyperreal 3-D movie with those glistening MPC experiments is accurate, then that would make the work of veteran chopper Prefuse 73 (pictured above) practically a virtual reality experience. And that goes for this remix of "Always" by the José González-led Junip band, too. In between his work on mixing the upcoming Games LP, Guillermo Scott Herren crafted this vibrant collage of nearly palpable sounds that jump out at you and swirl around your headspace. The beat of "Always (Prefuse 73 Remix)" is broken, distant, and cavernous, which appropriately leaves the focus of the track on the churning milieu of crunchy sonic bits and thick atmospheres that comprise most of the virtual world Herren created here. (via Pitchfork)  

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Punch Drunk to Release New Kahn 12" in February

Bristol's promising Punch Drunk label continues to sink its teeth deep into dubstep's pulsing, low-frequency core with more tasteful tunes coming down the pipeline, this time from newcomer Kahn. The UK producer will drop his first record for the imprint on February 28, which will feature the tracks "Like We Used To" and "Helter Skelter." Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2011

Download: Rudi Zygadlo "Kiss the Braille Mirror"

Scottish-born, Berlin-based producer Rudi Zygadlo had himself a stroke of generosity over the weekend, which resulted in his offering two eclectic and funky bass-centric tunes via Bandcamp. Don't Disturb the Beasts is two tracks of impeccably produced, forward-thinking dubstep from the tunesmith that he couldn't "justify" releasing physically because they are "essentially reworks," but for our money, "Kiss the Braille Mirror" and its lengthy counterpart "Filth, Hounds of Hades" are just as good as—if not much better than—many of the crates of CDs and records our office is inundated with on the daily. Zygadlo's "Mirror" tune is punchy, hyperactive, and catchy, like many of its club-ready dubstep contemporaries, but maintains a certain musicality and futuristic soul that isn't quite as common. You can check out more about Beasts on the artist's Tumblr

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Check Out a.d.l.r's "Supreme Sunlight" Video, Live Video Webcast This Thursday

Easily one of the first things to come to mind when settling into a smooth, ethereal ambient album (or track, for that matter) is space. Whether it be travelling through space or just floating in its vacuous environs, the feeling of what those experiences might be like can often seem tantamount to the music itself, and as made apparent by this space-friendly music video for LA sound sculptor a.d.l.r. (a.k.a. Nicholas Morera), we're certainly not the only ones with dreams of interstellar travel. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2011

New Compilations Coming From Get Physical, Ed Banger

Who doesn't love a good compilation? There's nothing quite like a handful of your favorite artists brought together with some surprising new favorites and obscure discoveries, all dropping a song or two that may not have been available to you otherwise. So, needless to say, we're excited about a couple such releases from the Get Physical and Ed Banger labels. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2011

Podcast 181: The Miracles Club

We're not going to lie. When XLR8R first caught wind of The Miracles Club, we had our doubts. Granted, we were already fans of Honey Owens and her droney, experimental work as Valet and as a member of Nudge—we even made her the subject of an episode of XLR8R TV a couple years ago. But Honey Owens... doing house music? In Portland? And claiming classic Chicago sounds as an influence? No offense to our pals in the Pacific Northwest, but the City of Roses isn't exactly known for its love of DJ culture. Vintage stores, organic eats, and DIY noisemaking? Yes. Thumping, club-friendly beats? Not so much. So imagine our surprise when the outfit's debut EP, Light of Love, came out last year and was actually... good. Read more » 

Download: Com Truise "Slow Peels"

Label: Ghostly

If you're at all like us (you are reading this, so you're probably at least somewhat like us), you're a bit tired of the bands/producers/etc. tweaking the names of famous people for use as musical monikers—Joy Orbison, Ill Gates, Dananananaykroyd, and Wevie Stonder immediately come to mind. Easily the most unlikable of the bunch is the awkwardly re-imagined name Com Truise, a bedroom producer hailing from Princeton, New Jersey born Seth Haley and who recently signed to the lovely Ghostly label. This little slice of homegrown synth-pop, called "Slow Peels," is featured on a remastered version of Haley's Cyanide Sisters EP (pictured above), originally released by AMDISCS and soon to be reissued by his new label on January 25. The song is fuzzy and not exactly of the highest fidelity to be sure, but the many different analog synth sounds and super-compressed drum beats wouldn't really sound right any other way. Obviously, Com Truise knows his way around a melodic soundscape and a pop-friendly groove, so despite the laughable name, we'll be keeping a keen eye on whatever emanates from his home studio next. 

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Mi Ami to Drop First 12" as a Duo

San Francisco's Mi Ami lost one of its three members to other pursuits not too long ago, leaving founding members Damon Palermo and Daniel Martin-McCormick to soldier on into the next phase of their dubby, punky, dancey, post-whatevery musical outfit. Well, that new phase has come a lot sooner than we expected with the announcement of Mi Ami's forthcoming 12" EP, Dolphins. Read more » 

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  • 01/18/2011

Download: Carte Blanche "Do! Do! Do! (Strip Steve Jacked Up Remix)"

First Listen

Can someone explain exactly what's going on? Prior to this week, XLR8R had settled into a comfortable little relationship with the electro noiseniks at Ed Banger—namely, the label was a convenient whipping boy for everything that had gone wrong with electro-house. It may not have been fair, but at least we didn't treat the French label as bad as, say, Steve Aoki. Regardless, now our whole world has been turned upside down, courtesy of Ed Banger's DJ Mehdi. Yesterday we found his ace remix of Eli Escobar's "Love Thing 2," and now he's got his hands in another quality tune, this remix of last year's "Do! Do Do!" by Carte Blanche (pictured above), his collaborative project with Riton. To be fair, the original "Do! Do! Do!," which first appeared on the Black Billionaires EP, is a paint-by-numbers electro-ish number with some largely forgettable rap-singing by Kid Sister. So all the credit on this one goes to remixer Strip Steve, who injects some jacking house flavor, picks up the tempo, and chops Kid Sister's vocals into sexy oblivion. This version doesn't appear on the new Black Billionaires: The Remixes EP, which came out yesterday, but that release does include re-workings from Green Velvet and Laidback Luke. Let's hope their remix work is similarly impressive. 

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Video: Holy Fuck "Red Lights (A Place to Bury Strangers Remix)"

The A Place to Bury Strangers remix of "Red Lights" is a lot more sinister than Holy Fuck's original, and now the Brooklyn band has crafted a video to match. Girls in black face paint engaged in mortal combat with umbrellas in the middle of the desert? Yes please. Read more » 

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  • 01/17/2011

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