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Download: Wise Blood "Rot My Brain Away"

First Listen

And now for another taste of blown-out, cavernous, and beautifully dislocated pop music from Pittsburgh's Wise Blood, courtesy of London label-cum-blog Transparent. This cut premieres today before the 7" it's featured on, which also includes lead single "Solo (4 Claire)," is released on November 22. "Rot My Brain Away" is a brief but immediately infectious jam that launches directly into a booming rhythm, a host of soulfully droning melodies, and music maker Chris Laufman's smiling vocal delivery. It's easy to become lost in the tightly packed layers of Wise Blood's number, trying to catch every buried sample and distorted sound that bellows from its core. So, don't be surprised if you let it play seamlessly over and over before you realize—or even care—that you've listened to "Rot My Brain Away" about 10 times in succession. You can nab your copy of the limited edition 7" (only 300 pressed) here

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Ikonika to Release Final Single From Debut Album

Now seven months after the release of her debut long-player for Hyperdub, UK dubsteptress Ikonika has readied the final single to be taken from Contact, Love, Want, Have for release at the end of the year. The Ikonoklast EP will drop on December 6, also via Hyperdub. Read more » 

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  • 11/03/2010

Download: Drop/Dead "Always Love You"

Props to Altered Zones for uncovering this one: London-based producer Drop/Dead and his stirring "Always Love You" tune. The track seems to come from the same realm as production outfits like Svpreme Fiend, Dark Sky, Sepalcure, and other bass lovers that can't help but inject some vocal-sample soul into their soundsystem crushers, though it maintains a rougher edge than most of those glossed-over sounds. Maybe it's the blaring synth pads, the in-the-red bass rumbles, or just the fervor that each sound is fired off with, but Drop/Dead's production feels a tad more homespun, a touch more personal for its subtle idiosyncrasies. 

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Arthur's Landing Prepares Arthur Russell Tribute Album

It's been almost 20 years since Arthur Russell's untimely death and his musical presence continues to be felt. In fact, last year we profiled Brooklyn-based producer/engineer Brennan Green whose own disco-house productions are in part the outgrowth of his long-time love for Arthur Russell's music. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2010

Beans of Antipop Consortium to Release Full-Length on Anticon

Recently signed to Anticon, Beans (of Antipop Consortium fame) will release a new record titled End It All in early 2011. Stepping away from the production knobs, Beans will ride the music of a surprising array of guest producers including Four Tet, Clark, In Flagranti, Tobacco, Tortoise, and TV on the Radio. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2010

Download: Simian Mobile Disco "Aspic"

Label: Delicacies

Back in April, Simian Mobile Disco released the first in a series of techno productions for their own Delicacies imprint, a 12" featuring the tracks "Aspic" and "Nerve Salad." In case you slept on that, we have "Aspic" here to remind you that SMD will be re-releasing the Delicacies series in on a two-disc compilation of the same name on November 30. "Aspic" is over eight minutes of blistering synth oscillations buried in effects, with just enough reassuring sub-bass to keep this the track from coming unhinged. SMD are set to tour the states in the middle of the month, check the dates after the jump. Read more » 

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Preview Starkey's New EP 'Space Traitor Vol. 1'

Out December 6 on Civil Music comes a new EP from street-bass godfather and US dubstep heavy-hitter Starkey. Continuing in the spirit of Starkey's sci-fi character Starkbot, Space Traitor Vol. 1 is an intergalactic intrusion of grimy synths and pneumatic, machine-like drums. The EP features five new tracks as well as remixes from Ital Tek, Egyptrixx, and +Verb. Read more » 

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  • 11/02/2010

Podcast 171: Matthewdavid

The ranks of LA's beat scene have swelled exponentially in the past year, but even amongst the sea of FlyLo knockoffs, a small cadre of truly innovative producers continues to stand out. One of those producers is Matthewdavid, an accomplished beatmaker and sound collage artist who also happens to run the inventive Leaving Records label. Read more » 

Review: Sistol/Superpitcher On the Bright Side & Sistol (Remasters & Remakes)/Kilimanjaro

Two eccentric techno veterans unveil new albums, with varying results.

It's hard to believe that the careers of Aksel Schaufler and Sasu Ripatti—you might know them better as Superpitcher and Vladislav Delay—stretch back to the late 1990s. Read more » 

Download: Holy Other "Yr Love (Magick Mountain Deep Cover Remix)"

First Listen

Born and raised in New York, Harry Bornstein is producer Magick Mountain (pictured above), a lover of deep, dubby vibes and dense, repetitious soundscapes. Also a fan of the dark musical arts is the multi-national Holy Other, and the two outfits join forces here. Bornstein's remix of "Yr Love" (a tune taken from Holy Other's recently released 7" on Transparent/The Pop Manifesto) plays with a few sounds from the original and folds in his own additions over the course of an intense seven minutes. What was once a disturbingly lovelorn ballad from beyond becomes a driving dancefloor number that is equally ripe for headphone listening, as Magick Mountain keeps the original's haunting energy intact with floating vocal snippets, sparse synth rumbles, and a brooding atmosphere. 

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