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Tristan Perich Reveals an Unusual 'Symphony,' Performs in NYC

A man who has long pushed the boundaries of low-bit music, composer Tristan Perich, is set to release his latest piece of single-circuit music, 1-Bit Symphony. The unusual release will not be available on regular formats, as Perich has programmed and built an actual one-bit electronic circuit that "performs" his five-movement composition live when switched on and is housed in a CD jewel case (see above). Read more » 

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  • 08/04/2010

Download: Silver Columns "Always On (Caribou Remix)"

As he evidenced in full on this year's wonderful Swim, Canadian music man Dan Snaith has equally soft spots for electronic-based dance music and summery psych-pop. His latest record as Caribou showcased a proclivity for the former, but Snaith sort of evens the playing field on this epic remix he's crafted for the UK's Silver Columns. The first half of his treatment for "Always On" is pure dancefloor brilliance à la Swim, and he even throws a bit of his own vocals into the mix. But as the track's nine minutes pass the halfway point, the house lights dim, the lava lamp flicks on, some hippie girl wearing a headband and a bikini top slowly waves her arms in the air, and things turn a bit more late-'60s. Caribou's remix culminates in a driving finale that—not unlike his excellent albums—demands repeated listens. (via FACT

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FACT, LuckyMe, Numbers, Warp, and More Join the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Residents and visitors of Edinburgh, be forewarned, a wonderful event will soon be in your midst. The long-running Edinburgh Fringe Festival is ready to kick off another year of festivities in Scotland's capital, and the fine folks at LuckyMe will be assisting in the celebratory proceedings for its third year. Read more » 

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  • 08/04/2010

Flavorwire Shares its Top 10 Favorite Club Tracks From Last Month

The music center of cultural to-do hub Flavorpill, Flavorwire, shared a brand-new monthly list of its top 10 favorite club tracks as of late. The Clubhopping Top 10 list is more like a handful of suggestions for readers, as the list is in no decisive order other than alphabetical, and isn't focused only on what came out that month—just what the writer happened to get into. Read more » 

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  • 08/04/2010

Download: Actress "Maze (My Dry Wet Mess Remix)"

First Listen

We've been lurking hard on the goings on in UK producer/label head Actress' musical world as of late, and it's gotten to a point where we'll hop on just about anything his name is tacked onto. Apparently, that includes bootleg remixes from admiring fellow beatmakers, like this one from a recent signee to Daedelus' Magical Properties label, My Dry Wet Mess (pictured above). The Barcelona-based producer beefs up the original track's brooding nature into something far better suited for club excursions, but without losing the emotive sensibilities of Actress' slow-burning melodies. Hell, MDWM even adds an extra bit of soulful synth melody to the frantic ending of his "Maze" rework, as if the busy track needed any more ideas. 

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House Party III: Toronto Duo Azari & III Avoids Pigeonholing While Taking Disco and R&B on the Ride of Their Life

On the eve of a North American and European tour to include stops at Detroit's Movement festival, London's infamous Fabric club, Berlin's Panoramabar, and Toronto's Pride festival, Azari & III is ensconced in a remix for upcoming electro producer Sunday Girl in their Toronto studio. They're trying to work the piece into a harder, more four-to-the-floor banger. But making things into four-to-the-floor bangers is hardly their usual approach.


Download: Zombie Disco Squad "Dança Do Zumbi (feat. MC Oscar)"

UK production duo Zombie Disco Squad contributed this futuristic house number to the forthcoming retrospective compilation from Berlin's Man Recordings label. The release, entitled Valeu!, spans five years over the course of 13 tracks from the likes of Schlachthofbronx, Crookers, Edu K, and label head Daniel Haaksman. Lucas Hunter and Nate Self, the two Squad members who happened to have hooked up an XLR8R podcast nearly a year ago, enlisted the Portuguese-speaking microphone skills of one MC Oscar for their track, an addition that pairs well with the marimba, tropical rhythms, infectious basslines, and Fever Ray-esque synth tones prevalent in "Dança Do Zumbi." Here's hoping the rest of Valeu! follows suit when it drops September 6. 

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Drop the Lime On Deck for Next FABRICLIVE Mix

New York club fave and Trouble & Bass mastermind Drop the Lime has been selected as the next in line to contribute to the ongoing FABRICLIVE mix series. The DJ/producer/label head, known to friends as Luca Venezia, will deliver FABRICLIVE 53: Drop the Lime October 12, coming months after Drop the Lime's latest single, Sex Sax. Read more » 

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  • 08/04/2010

Download: Mexicans With Guns "Me Gusto (Toy Selectah Remix)"

For his unreleased one-off remix of "Me Gusto," by masked San Antonio producer Mexicans With Guns (pictured above), self-proclaimed 'raverton' DJ/tunesmith Toy Selectah gave the erratic original a taste of his hyped-up club-ready sonics, of course served with a heavy dose of bouncing Latin rhythms. At times, the Monterrey-based party starter's tune reaches levels of busyness and noisiness on par with his Texan neighbor's original, but Selectah nonetheless remains focused on objective numero uno: delivering booming dance beats tailor-made for the world's dancefloor throngs. You can catch more collaborative goodness from Mexicans With Guns and Toy Selectah on a 7" coming this winter on Friends of Friends. (via FACT

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Dennis Ferrer Drops "Hey Hey" Remix EP

The man responsible for one of last year's biggest house tunes, "Hey Hey," Dennis Ferrer just followed up his massive single with—whaddaya know—an EP of remixes. The six-song release, which hit the UK back in May, is out now in the US via the recently independent Strictly Rhythm label. Read more » 

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  • 08/03/2010

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