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Moritz Von Oswald Trio Releases New LP

Minimal techno pioneer Moritz Von Oswald has been steadily continuing his adventurous outings with his electro-acoustic ensemble, the Moritz Von Oswald Trio, since its first LP, Vertical Ascent appeared in 2009. Despite adding two members to the group in the form of double bassist Marc Muellbauer (of ECM lineage) and guitarist Paul St. Hilaire (better known as Tikiman and a contributing member of Rhythm & Sound), the original trio of Oswald, Max Loderbauer, and Sasu Ripatti are not updating the name, preferring to still refer to the now five-piece ensemble as a trio on its latest full-length, Horizontal Structures. Read more » 

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  • 02/25/2011

Read an Interview With FaltyDL

Earlier this week, writer/producer Martin Clark profiled FaltyDL and his forthcoming LP, You Stand Uncertain, in his monthly Grime/Dubstep column for Pitchfork and has since posted the entire (and we mean entire, it's quite a lengthy endeavor) interview for the piece over at his blog, Blackdown. Read more » 

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  • 02/25/2011

Soul Clap, Green Velvet, Scuba, Dâm-Funk, and More to Play 2011 Movement Festival

This year, between May 28 and May 30, Detroit will once again host its annual electronic music festival, Movement, at Hart Plaza. Artists currently confirmed to perform include Sven Vath, Green Velvet (pictured above), Scuba, Goldie, Marcell Dettmann, Dâm-Funk & Master Blazter, Soul Clap, and Seth Troxler's Visionquest outfit, among many others. Read more » 

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  • 02/25/2011

Download: Leo123 "Ponies"

First Listen
Label: Old Tacoma

One half of Brooklyn/Chicago duo Dark Party, producer Leo123 will soon release Ponies, a new EP on Eliot Lipp's Old Tacoma label (pictured above). We have the title track here, a sort of mission statement in the form of acid-y synth tones, smooth pad stabs, and angular electro (proper electro, mind you) rhythms that sets the tone for the remainder of the producer's five-song affair. "Ponies" is certainly a production informed by the whole array of dance music hubs—Chicago, Miami, NY, and London—and an early '80s aesthetic, but Leo123 still uses those touchstones to look forward, into a bright future where Afrika Bambaataa, Egyptian Lover, and Mantronix still rule the stereo in your neon-decaled Delorean. You can hear more of what that future could hold, and preview the Ponies EP, here, or score your own copy when it drops on March 1. 

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Akwaaba to Release Remix Album

The globe-trotting Akwaaba imprint has announced the release of a new remix compilation, Perfect Loosers Present: Akwaaba Remixed (artwork above), gathering songs from the label's discography and placing them in the hands of some up-and-coming producers. On this particular release, the label has assembled an impressive slate of artists to take songs from a few of the label's West African artists (hailing from Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, and Gambia) and reinterpret them for the modern, progressive club culture. The diverse list of remixers includes Germany's Hat+Hoodie (whose contribution to the comp we posted a few months back) and Schlachthofbronx, Canada's Jokers of the Scene, Portugal's Diamond Bass, and US beatmaker Chief Boima, amongst others. Read more » 

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  • 02/25/2011

Casual Fridays: Mad-Scientist Shades and Clarks Goes '90s!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves. Read more » 

Download: Protect-U "World Music (Dub)"

The title "World Music (Dub)" can bring with it some rather groan-inducing connotations, but don't be scared away, as this track from DC duo Protect-U is not some lame world-fusion track. Did you really think we'd do that to you? With its slow-moving, methodical beat and hazy, bubbling synths, it seems the only world this song might call home is one that exists inside a decades-old arcade game that can only be played at half speed. In contrast to the more noise-oriented ambient outings that seem to be popping up everywhere, "World Music (Dub)" explores the more melodic possibilities of instrumental synth music, building the track around one main melody that sluggishly moves as far-off sounds blast and gurgle in the background. The much more uptempo a-side to the dub can be found on Protect-U's recently released 'World Music" 12" (artwork above) along with the track "U-Uno," a song for which director Aurora Halal has crafted an enchantingly psychedelic video. Check it out after the jump.  Read more » 

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Caribou, Isolée, Jungle Brothers, Aeroplane, and More to Play Austria's Springfestival

For its 11th annual gathering of electronic music fans and artists, Springfestival will take place across five days in June in Graz, Austria. Ticketholders will be treated to live performances and DJ sets from the likes of the Jungle Brothers, Caribou, Michael Mayer, DJ Koze, Caribou, Aeroplane, Carte Blanche, Isolée, Tycho, Seiji, Feadz, and many others. Read more » 

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  • 02/25/2011

Download: Mandelbrot & Skyy "TT Races"

Label: Digitalis

It seems that ever since the spacey, drugged-out synth compositions of Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, and the like started garnering a bit more press and acclaim online, the internet has been increasingly inundated with everyone's own version of the amorphous genre. The latest we've come across is Mandelbrot & Skyy, a sort of side-project from electronic artists Daren Ho and Jeff Witscher who are actually no amateurs to this sound (they're responsible for the Driphouse and Rene Hell projects, respectively). With their powers combined, we get something a bit more visceral, even tactile, from the reinvigorated realm of ambient music in which the guys operate. Taken from the duo's forthcoming OD-Axis LP (pictured above), "TT Races" is a taste of those sounds, a song that jumps immediately into full view, but is never content to set still. While the usual array of bubbling analog tones set a frothy backdrop, Mandelbrot & Skyy unleashes a sporadic, lurching kick drum and a restless, man-made noise that twists and turns throughout the composition, sounding almost more human than machine at times. It's certainly enough to make us pleased that the Kosmiche trend continues to take off, and to spark our curiosity as to what the rest of OD-Axis will offer when it drops in the near future. (via Altered Zones

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Amon Tobin Announces New Album

Consistently adventurous and inventive producer Amon Tobin has announced a new full-length record (his first since 2007's Foley Room) to be released with long-time label Ninja Tune. Entitled Isam, this new album is said to find Tobin continuing his exploration of the blurry area between sound design and electronic music production and has been toted by his label as the "finest, most intense work of his very considerable career, an extension and refinement of everything he has achieved thus far." Read more » 

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  • 02/24/2011

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