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Listen to James Blake's Debut LP Now

Well, folks, if live performances, music videos, and Feist covers weren't enough to hold you over until February 8, you can now indulge your curiosities of what 2011's first truly anticipated LP might sound like, and listen to James Blake's self-titled debut album. Read more » 

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  • 02/04/2011

Casual Fridays: Casio G-Shock, Jil Sander, and Gilligan-Meets-Cappadonna

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

Download: Canblaster "Clockworks"

It was just last month that we gave word of the forthcoming EP from the exciting young producer making jams under the name Canblaster, and now we can share with you the first track to leak from the tunesmith's Master of Complications EP. After a few spins of the fiery "Clockworks," one specific word comes to mind: big. From the get-go, Canblaster unleashes a massive dance beat, which he quickly pairs with bubbling sonics and, whaddaya know, the tick-tick-ticking sounds of a clock. But it's after the first drop that "Clockworks" really takes off. The Frenchman alternates between a stuttered rhythm and a smooth house groove adorned with crisp percussive noises—switching between those hyped-up and classic vibes for most of his frenetic song. That mix of refreshing, club-ready sounds is further proof of the strengths in Canblaster's schizophrenic production style, and speaks even more to why we love his work the way we do. (via RCRD LBL

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Mexicans With Guns to Drop Debut Album in May

The masked man behind San Antonio's Mexicans With Guns, a certain Ernest Gonzales, has just announced that his forthcoming debut full-length is scheduled to be released on May 10 via the Innovative Leisure and Friends of Friends labels. The LP is called Ceremony and features 14 tracks of the producer's brand of Latin-inspired, bass-heavy beat music, along with guest appearances from the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Helado Negro, Zackey Force Funk, and Nocando, among others. Read more » 

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  • 02/04/2011

Download: Polock "Fireworks (Eim Ick Remix)"

While the original version of "Fireworks" by Spanish pop quintet Polock (pictured above) reminded us a bit of the restless and carefree hooks crafted by the likes of, say, Phoenix, this remix from Eim Ick sounds a bit more similar to what we'd expect from the band's native land, like, say, Delorean. The Danish producer turned the song into a poignant, tropical-tinged dance jam, albeit one void of vocal hooks, guitars, or any other such indie-pop sounds. Instead, Eim Ick relied on straightforward basslines and simple drum patterns to drive his track, and around that core, the producer lets twinkling audio fragments waft about in the atmosphere—giving "Fireworks" a far more panoramic view than it originally had. 

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Freerange to Release Eighth Edition of Colour Series Comp

London's Freerange imprint is set to release the eighth in its Colour compilation series on which it collects the label's favorite tracks of the year along with four exclusive cuts from its roster. Read more » 

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  • 02/04/2011

Components: This month's wrap-up in the best of gaming


Download: Wildlife! "M16 vs. SLR feat. Sammy Dread (L-Vis 1990 Remix)"

One of Switzerland's champions of booming, world-influenced club music, Wildlife! just dropped a brand-new EP, called Buckup (pictured above). That release holds eight hotly tipped tunes, which are comprised of three original tracks and five remixes from the likes of French Fries, Douster, and Adam Port. At the top of the remixer pack is Night Slugs label boss L-Vis 1990, who delivers an extensive take on lead track "M16 vs. SLR feat. Sammy Dread." The UK DJ/producer takes his time while building the intensity of his version of the once-dubby tune, though things are still far more hyped-up right off the bat. As he is wont to do, L-Vis drops a load of alluring polyrhythms—including a hint of tribal guarachero—and atonal sound effects into this new mix of "M16 vs. SLR," and in doing so, creates the kind of ominous groove that would otherwise be unavailable on Wildlife!'s new EP. If you'd like to hear what the rest of Buckup sound like, you can stream the whole thing here

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Video Premiere: RJD2 as The Insane Warrior "The Water Wheel"

So, Philly's premiere vinyl excavator RJD2 has a brand-new side-project called The Insane Warrior. Under that new moniker, DJ/producer Ramble John Krohn just released the album We Are the Doorways (listen to that here), which is apparently a John Carpenter- and Brian Eno-influenced soundtrack to a sci-fi horror film that doesn't yet exist. And we now have the first effort of pairing images with RJ's fresh sounds with the brand-new video for "The Water Wheel." Read more » 

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  • 02/04/2011

Download: Pazes "Evaporar (Aether Remix) "

First Listen

We haven't heard much lately from the formerly San Antonio-based Diego Chavez (a.k.a. Aether) and if this remix is any indication, that's too bad. Since Aether's 2008 LP, Artifacts, Chavez—who now calls Boston home—has been known as a producer who crafts airy, emotional instrumentals, and this remix finds him expanding on his craft. "Evaporar" comes courtesy of Brazilian electronic artist Pazes, and the presence of Brazil is clearly at work in the bossa nova guitars and crooning Portuguese lyrics of the original, which Chavez skillfully manipulates into the fold of this blissful beat. Adding much to the simple instrumentation of Pazes' version, Chavez employs skittering shakers and claps that ride along the foreground while gliding bells and melodic synths burst in the background. Pazes Southpaw EP (artwork above), where you'll find the original version of "Evaporar," is set to be released February 15. 

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