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Download: Joe Worricker "Bobby Blue (Lissvik Remix)"

Did the boys of Studio make some kind of nefarious deal with the devil? Not to imply that these Swedes spend their free time worshiping Satan, but their music always sounds so damn good. It's like the perfect mix of new-wave pop, laid-back disco, and Balearic beach vibes—all of these things might be familiar tropes in 2010, but Studio have been turning out music like this for years now. And thankfully, they show no signs of altering their sonic formula. Take this remix of UK crooner Joe Worricker—the original "Bobby Blue" comes off like a low-rent Antony, but Studio's Dan Lissvik (operating under the more simple Lissvik moniker and pictured above) has transformed the song into a slightly dubby piece of tropical disco-pop heaven. Keep it coming, guys, and while you're at it, maybe release another album... please? 

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Tanlines to Release Compilation Album

Brooklyn-based tropically flavored pop duo Tanlines has planned a sort of unconventional release for its European fans. While folks in the US enjoyed the band's debut EP for True Panther, Settings, it never received a proper release on the other side of the pond. To remedy that problem, on December 6, Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm will release a limited-edition, double-disc compilation album, entitled Volume On [sic], that takes its 18 tracks from various EPs, singles, one-off tunes, remixes, and never-before-heard numbers by the pair and some of their like-minded peers. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2010

Download: Subeena "Dual"


While many producers discover their knack for crafting inventive electronic music later in life, some people were just born to make it. Take London's Sabina Plamenova, a 25-year-old college student who has been producing bass-centric tunes since the age of 18. Even her given name is a prime foundation for the auspicious musicmaker's slightly tweaked moniker, Subeena. The talented lady has her own record label, too, called Opit, which just dropped her new "Neurotic" b/w "Wishful Talk" single, complete with remixes from Egyptrixx and Ghosts on Tape (preview all that here). Not on that release, "Dual" is an exclusive jam that highlights both the light and dark sides of Subeena's music. The driving track starts out with twinkling melodies and bubbling basslines, and leans heavy on those elegant sounds until ominous low-end churns, stomping percussion, and an all-around darker mood take over—only to give way to the pleasantries again before its four and a half minutes are up. 

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Girl Unit's 'Wut' to Finally Drop on Night Slugs Next Week

After months of anticipation—a time which saw mention legions of naughty DJs ripping segments of the track from online DJ mixes and YouTube—London producer Girl Unit is finally releasing his anthemic "Wut" to the masses. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2010

Shackleton to Release 'Fabric 55' Mix Album

For the next edition of the never-ending run of mix albums released by London's all-encompassing Fabric brand, Skull Disco co-owner and inventive bass music patron Shackleton will deliver a lengthy, self-centered (in a good way) live set on December 6. The producer's Fabric 55 mix features 21 new, old, and unreleased tracks all created by the mixmaster himself. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2010

Slits Founder Ariane "Ari Up" Forester Dies at 48

Frontwoman of pioneering all-girl punk outfit The Slits Ariane "Ari-Up" Forester (a number of different spellings for her proper name appear across the web and from official sources) died yesterday after battling with what has only been described as "a serious illness." Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2010

Podcast 168: Toddla T

The hubbub surrounding Ninja Tune's 20th anniversary has featured a lot of looks back at the label's history and accomplishments over the last two decades, but while it's fun to look back at the imprint's storied past, it's important to remember that it also has a vibrant future, thanks in no small part to artists like Toddla T. Read more » 

Download: Caribou "Sun (Midland Re-Edit)"

First Listen

This unofficial-but-Caribou-approved edit of the Canadian musicmaker's Swim cut "Sun" is a deftly chopped-up and collaged version of the psych-heavy dance tune by UK-based Midland (pictured above). The talented Leeds-based DJ/producer has been gaining momentum lately, thanks to a collaborative 12" with Ramadanman and a hotly tipped contribution to FACT's mix series, among other big moves. Taking just a cursory listen to his Caribou re-work, it initially seems like not a whole lot has changed from the original track, but underneath the wealth of recognizable sounds—the warbling synth melodies, the delayed vocals, the upbeat rhythms—subtle extras have been introduced to the mix to strengthen "Sun"'s dancefloor appeal. Midland's addition of bouncing low-end, live percussion sounds, and eventually, his own layers of moving synths help transform Caribou's song from a piece of bedroom party music to a club-appropriate house jam. 

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Download DJ Orion's 30 'Boombachero' Edits

Texan DJ/producer Orion—who also happens to be the head honcho of Austin's monthly Peligrosa party—has taken it upon himself to do us all a favor and invent another genre. Now, we can all work on integrating 'boombachero'—a new sound that combines moombahton, tribal guarachero, and juke/footwork around 140bpm—into our musical lexicon and collections. A great place to start would be this downloadable collection of edits by DJ Orion, appropriately titled Boombachero Vol.1. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2010

Download: Future Islands "Tin Man (Jason Urick Remix)"

Baltimore producer Jason Urick has dismantled the elements of the "Tin Man" song, originally composed by his B-more brothers in experimental sounds, Future Islands (pictured above), and flung them to the far reaches of outer space on this remix. For most of Urick's 10-plus-minute re-work, rolling, tribal drum rhythms are the only thing keeping the wafting synth ambiance, indecipherable vocal utterances, delayed guitar plucks, and atonal alien transmissions from completely floating off into the empty expanse. It's repetitious, it's somewhat formless, and it's a bit indulgent, but those are the precise reasons why this dubby track is so overwhelming and easy to lose oneself in. 

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