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Download: NastyNasty "Bleeding"

First Listen
Label: Frite Nite

We've got a pretty sizable weak spot over here at XLR8R for pitch-shifted vocals. Whether you're tweaking them up or down, and especially if they've got some obvious flavor to them, it'll score you a few points in our book. So, for NastyNasty's new track, "Bleeding," the well-sampled and soulful vocal clips that litter its three minutes are more of an icing on the cake. The San Francisco producer closes his forthcoming Puke Paint EP (that's the cover up top) with this relatively stripped-down dubstep beat—making sure to precisely color in its edges with bits of space noise, a handful of wobbly bass tones, and, of course, those infectiously warped croons. It's no new idea, but dammit if NastyNasty doesn't work it with aplomb. The Puke Paint EP is out on September 14 via Frite Nite. 

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Munk to Release New EP on Gomma

Funky dance-tune producer Munk (a.k.a. Gomma label head Mathias Modica) has a brand-new EP coming down the pipeline, following the release of the La Musica 12" in June. The new record, Mondo Vagabondo, is said to be five tracks of "sunny, romantic" house music flavored with bits of psychedelic rock, disco, electro, and other culturally rich genres. Read more » 

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  • 09/08/2010

Silkie to Release Single Series; New Album Coming in 2011

One of London's many outstanding dubstep patrons, Silkie, has some pretty big plans in the works leading up to the release of his new sophomore album. Read more » 

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  • 09/08/2010

Bubblin': Canblaster

Who: Canblaster
Where: Douai, France

Cedric Steffens used to compose music for videogames. But after founding the Club Cheval crew in early 2009 with fellow Frenchmen Myd, Sam Tiba, and Panteros666, the 22-year-old DJ and producer set his sights on the club. Read more » 

Battle Cats: From the rise of house in the '80s to today's juke and footwork scenes, Chicago's circle keeps expanding

"It's so fucking hot in here!" is the cry heard from almost everybody in the building. That includes the DJs, the spectators recording video with their iPods, the girlfriends sitting on stray chairs and buckets, and the kids with red plastic cups full of liquor—but rarely from the individuals doing the actual moving. That is, until one of them passes out from exhaustion. It's Sunday night in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago's south side, and I'm fighting through a circle of spectators to get a good view of the action at an event called Da War Zone. Read more » 

The Sight Below to Tour West Coast with Pantha du Prince, Release New Solo Album

Earlier this year, both Seattle's curator of sublime ambiance, Rafael Anton Irisarri (a.k.a. The Sight Below, pictured above), and Berlin's heir to the minimal techno throne, Hendrik Weber (a.k.a. Pantha du Prince), released albums loved by those of us at XLR8R HQ. Read more » 

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  • 09/08/2010

Download: Daedelus "Fates Say"

First Listen
Label: All City

This fresh new tune from LA beat scene icon Daedelus not only turns the Men Without Hats classic "Safety Dance" into a quasi-anagram for its title, but also seems to sample a few other bits of the '80s hit. Along with the female voice spelling out nothing in particular, producer Alfred Darlington tosses in a snippet of the original's bassline and some huge vintage-sounding claps with his own staccato synth melody and herky-jerky percussion. Catch this track on vinyl, with five others by Daedelus and four from fellow LA beatsmith Teebs, when Dublin's All City label drops its sixth installment of the ongoing LA 10" series later this month. 

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Stream the New Album from El Guincho

Next week, Barcelona pop wizard El Guincho (a.k.a. Pablo Díaz-Reixa) will be unveiling his sophomore full-length, Pop Negro, on the Young Turks label. While his 2008 debut, Alegranza!, found Díaz-Reixa liberally sampling vintage tropicalia and Latin music, this time around he's crafting his own sounds, but his penchant for pop songwriting hasn't suffered in the least. Look for an in-depth conversation with El Guincho to appear on XLR8R in the weeks ahead, but in the meantime, Pop Negro will be streaming right here for the next two weeks. Read more » 

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  • 09/08/2010

Download: Lamin Fofana "Dance In Yr Blood"

Label: Dutty Artz

It was a long journey for producer Lamin Fofana from his West African birthplace of Guinea to Sierra Leone to his current residence in Harlem, New York—an experience which no doubt left an indelible mark on him personally, and subsequently, on his music. And yet, listening to "Dance In Yr Blood"—the first song from Matt Shadetek's XLR8R podcast and the last track on Fofana's forthcoming debut EP, What Elijah Said—is far more reminiscent of traversing the techno and bass music hotbeds of Europe than traveling across the African continent before winding up overseas in America. The slamming kick drum, the pulse of the bass tone, the wafting vocal samples, and the various warped sound effects all push a strangely subdued and late-night club vibe on "Blood," and make for a rather disconcerting finale to Fofana's debut. It all starts to make sense after reading this quote offered by the producer (and borrowed from the New York Times' 1975 obituary for Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad) to describe his music: "Yet, he would refer to the Mother Plane, a mysterious space ship with superior beings, giant black gods or something like that, that patrolled the universe, keeping an eye on the devil and ready to rescue Black Muslims from Armageddon." What Elijah Said will be released on September 21 via Dutty Artz. 

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The Orb and Youth Compile Three-Disc WAU! Mr. Modo Compilation

Looks like The Orb's co-founder, Alex Paterson (pictured above, front and center), has been quite busy lately. A while back, the classic mixtape he made alongside Thomas Fehlmann for Coldcut's radio show back in 1991 was reintroduced to the world, and more recently, Paterson joined forces with Martin Glover (a.k.a. Youth) and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on the forthcoming Metallic Spheres album. Read more » 

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  • 09/07/2010

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