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Juan Atkins to Contribute to Scion A/V Remix Series

The folks at the Scion A/V label seem to be getting pretty deep into the robotic grooves of classic Detroit techno (what with the Dirtbombs covers and subsequent remixes), a fact proven further with the enlisting of Detroit techno godfather Juan Atkins to contribute to their ongoing remix EP series. Read more » 

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  • 02/16/2011

Review: Beans End It All

Label: Anticon

Beans, the least fluid voice of Anti-Pop Consortium, has used his solo career to continue exploring his love for skewed rhyme patterns. His is a thinking-man's approach to vocal acrobatics, one that works best weaving through equally innovative beats, which Beans provided himself on past solo efforts. Read more » 

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  • 02/16/2011

Vis-Ed: Rafaël Rozendaal and the Information Superhighway to Nowhere

With his disarmingly stark websites, Rafaël Rozendaal has created exactly what Hollywood mogul Samuel Goldwyn once famously said was the mark of artistic genius: new, original clichés. For those who grew up with cartoons, animated GIFs, and a certain online color palette, the work of the 31-year-old Amsterdam native will look exactly as you remembered, except that you've never seen it before.


Download: Gatto Fritto "Hex"

Coming somewhat out of leftfield is this fresh cut of deep, Italo-inspired disco from the UK's Gatto Fritto, an elusive artist crafting solid dance tracks on the fringes of obscurity. And yet somehow, the producer's forthcoming record is being championed by the likes of Tim Sweeney, Prins Thomas, and JD Twitch, including the epic "Hex" number. The lengthy jam brings to mind the kinds of tracks you'd catch blaring from Johnny Jewel's ghettoblaster in the middle of a late-night house party at first, but expands its psychedelic synthscapes and motorik beat work to better fit something Lindstrøm might throw on the hi-fi during a drug-addled séance. Look for more of these shapeshifting sounds when Gatto Fritto drops his self-titled debut LP on April 26. 

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Warp to Reissue All of Autechre's EPs in Five-Disc Box Set

The constantly innovative duo of Rob Booth and Sean Brown (a.k.a. Autechre) has another release on the way through their longtime home, Warp Records, but this won't be another batch of new songs following last year's release of the Oversteps album and the Move of Ten mini-LP. The veteran outfit is reissuing its EPs in a five-disc, 47-track box set. Read more » 

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  • 02/16/2011

Download: Pale Sketcher "Seventh Heaven"

Label: Ghostly

Here's a question for you: When (if ever) does Justin Broadrick sleep? Seriously, we'd like to know. The prolific musician gets the same amount of time in each day as the rest of us, but somehow manages to divvy it all up between working on his myriad projects—like Final, Jesu, Greymachine, The Blood of Heroes, and Pale Sketcher—without ever sacrificing quality for quantity. You have to imagine that the guy spends at least a night or two a week without sleep, and maybe that's when songs like "Seventh Heaven" are born. The ethereal groove of the title track from his latest Pale Sketcher release, a five-song EP for Ghostly (pictured above), bounds about like a nocturnal imp, always accompanied by the mesmerizing song of ghoulish waifs floating just above the late-night revelry of sub-busting bass, lurching beats, and textural synthscapes. And if you feel like traversing darker territories still, you can follow King Midas Sound's remix of "Seventh Heaven" further into the shadows, after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Schlachthofbronx "Nasty Bass (feat. Spoek Mathambo and Big Space)"

Label: Mad Decent

We told you about the impending collection of lascivious low-end on its way from German party specialists Schlachthofbronx merely a week ago, and now, to commemorate its release, the label responsible for dropping those four tunes has offered the EP's title track for free download. "Nasty Bass" has two marquee stars vying for top billing in its three-and-a-half minutes: MCs Spoek Mathambo and Big Space versus the producers' mind-rattling basslines. But even though one sect of the song's fans may fall in love with the sing-songy vocal delivery by the South African wordsmiths and the other may find themselves more in tune with Schlachthofbronx's bass frequencies, neither of those elements would move you quite the way they do without the other. That's a sign of a solid production, and chances are you can find more quality tracks on the rest of the Nasty Bass EP, which you can preview here

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DJ /rupture and Maga Bo Start ‘Beyond Digital’ Project

Leading up to June, the outernational DJs/producers Jace Clayton (a.k.a. DJ /rupture) and Maga Bo are fundraising for chapter one of a new non-profit project they're calling Beyond Digital. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2011

Strut to Release Fania Records Retrospective

Strut continues its well-curated, comprehensive look back to the international musical past with a new two-CD compilation highlighting '60s and '70s New York-based Latin music label Fania. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2011

Moby to Release New Photography Book and Accompanying Album, Download Free EP Now

Coming in early summer, the one-time king of rave music (you remember our podcast, right?) and one of electronic music's few household names, Moby, will release a double whammy on his eager masses, a brand-new album that comes packaged in a book of original photos from the artist. Read more » 

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  • 02/15/2011

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