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Carl Craig to Drop Massive Planet E Compilation in February, Tour in March

Detroit techno legend and Planet E label head Carl Craig has announced that the first release from his imprint in 2011 will be a compilation called 20 F@#&ING Years - We Ain't Dead Yet. The 25-song release commemorates the two decades Planet E has been releasing music with choice track selections from the likes of Carl Craig himself (also a tune from his Paperclip People moniker), Urban Tribe, Moodymann, 4th Wave, Recloose, and Tres Demented, and among many other producers both new and old. Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

Stream Hercules & Love Affair's Forthcoming 'Blue Songs' LP Now

NYC's premiere bastion of the art of classic house and disco, Andy Butler's Hercules & Love Affair outfit, is just about a week from releasing its second full-length offering, an 11-song record called Blue Songs. Before that record drops on January 31 via Moshi Moshi, fans can stream Hercules & Love Affair's new record over on The Guardian, now. Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

Download: Magic Pink "New Black Spring"

The Pacific Northwest seems to be ripe with a new crop of solo electronic producers lately. Take Portland's Tara Swenson, who makes music under the name Magic Pink, for example. She has a collection of free songs, entitled //TapeMix\\ (artwork above), that is freshly available on her Bandcamp, on which you'll find "New Black Spring." For this particular cut, Swenson shows a slightly aggressive edge to her lo-fi/ambient/electro, bedroom-born productions. A pounding kick-snare and distorted acid synth drive the track from the onset, ushering us into Magic Pink's murky, solemn world. In the background we hear layers of vocals that sit beneath the noisy, chaotic mess, which continues to fill with more heavy-hitting programmed drums and over-driven electronics, existing somewhere between witch house-esque beats and ethereal dream-pop. //TapeMix\\ is Swenson's first excursion under the Magic Pink moniker, and a promising one at that. 

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Numbers to Release Ill Blu's 'Meltdown' EP on Valentine's Day

Few UK funky producers have held the attention of the always-forwarding-looking music community both here and across the pond like the north London production team that is Ill Blu. Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

Audiofly Releases "Fela" Single on Get Physical, Tiefschwarz Remixes

About nine years into its ongoing production career, Spanish duo Audiofly just dropped its fourth release of tech-y house music for Berlin's Get Physical imprint, a brand-new single entitled "Fela." Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

Download: Distal & HxdB "Typewriter Tune"

Label: Surefire

The third effort from San Francisco's Surefire Sound label comes from two of today's most engaging North American producers working in the nebulous realm of "bass music." Atlanta's self-proclaimed Boss of the South, Distal, collaborated with Vancouver, BC's HxdB (Hexadecibel) and fellow Atlanta producer Mayhem for an EP that further exemplifies why the other side of the Atlantic may have a greater voice in 2011. Out today, Distal & HxdB's "Typewriter VIP" and Distal & Mayhem's "Frozen Barnacles" make up the core of this release, while this original of "Typewriter Tune" will no doubt pique your interest in getting the full package. Here Distal and HxdB crafted some of the more intricate and lush percussion among the UK bass familiars with a dizzying array of claps, triangles, and cymbals on constant rotation and synths that slip and slide with natural ease. There is also something wonderfully playful about this track—typewriter clicks and all—that could be completely engaging and fun on the dancefloor with out being overly distracting; a noteworthy feat in its own right. 

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Read an Interview With the Butterz Crew's Royal T

UK's grime scene has been subject to a creative resurgence recently, in no small part thanks to the work of Elijah & Skilliam's Butterz imprint. Now Sonic Router has sat down with one of Butterz's newest signees, Royal T, on the heels of his recently released Orangeade EP to pick his brain and get him to share some thoughts on the past, present, and future of grime. Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

Outbox: David Rodigan

Reggae has a lot of icons—but probably only one who's white, British, and looks like "a dentist or an accountant" (his words, not ours). The legendary selector David "Ram Jam" Rodigan worked his way through record shops and school dances before making it to Radio London in 1978, where he co-hosted Reggae Rockers—and really hasn't looked back since. Read more » 

Download: Zeadron Del Gomez "Silk"

When one thinks of 17-year-olds living in Orange County, it's easy to conjure up a host of generalizations based on that suburban haven—or hell, depending on which side of the county line you fall. But when it comes to the disarming Zeadron Del Gomez bedroom project, those expectations will be swiftly dispensed. A couple weeks back, Del Gomez (a.k.a. Jack Heffron) released a free, full-length record titled Hold My Hand? No through the online magazine Rebel. Compiling his best 11 tracks over a five-month production period, Heffron crafted a remarkably varied record that explores mostly the dark, unnerving sides of UK garage, house, and dubstep. What's most intriguing about Heffron's record is that it threads these inextricably tied sounds into something that nods to the past while uniquely expounding on their potential, an accomplishment reminiscent of Zomby's encyclopedic Where Were U In '92?. UK garage is at work on this particular track, though the patience that is exemplified here is as precocious as Heffron himself, taking two of the seven minutes to set an ominous stage before a machine-like half-stepping groove enters alongside gun cocking, lonely dub piano chords and a wan maternal voice. 

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Video: Light Asylum "Dark Allies"

Brooklyn's Light Asylum has delivered an incredible video for its '80s club-anthem throwback, "Dark Allies," courtesy of video artist and photographer Grant Worth. The track's intensity fits perfectly with the video thanks to a passionate performance form Light Asylum's front-woman Shannon Funchess, along with a half-naked Virgin Mary-esque figure and tons of overlaying glowsticks. Throw in some expert editing and it all makes for quite a visually stunning affair for a track that definitely deserves a thrilling video accompaniment. (via Altered Zones) Read more » 

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  • 01/24/2011

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