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Check Out Our Interview with Teebs at Decibel 2010

Last month, Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint released an album that has seemed to strike a chord with lovers of experimental, innovative beat music, not unlike the way Lotus himself splashed onto the electronic music scene years ago. But while producer Steven Ellison (and the string of wannabes that soon followed him) relied heavily on blown-out bass tones, cosmic soundscapes, and off-kilter rhythms, burgeoning producer Mtendere Mandowa (a.k.a. Teebs) offers music that's more down to earth and organic, though still enchanting and quite beautiful. We were able to take some time out of Mandowa's schedule at this year's Decibel Festival to touch on a few subjects surrounding his brand-new Ardour album. You can read our conversation, which delves into his work as a painter, the creation of his debut record, and how living with Flying Lotus inspired him in many ways, after the jump. Read more » 

Download: Ruckazoid "Crush"

If you ever needed any more reassurance that the future is already here, we present to you Ruckazoid's new track, "Crush." The track begins with a loop that sounds like the warning tone on a spaceship notifying the crew it's time to "man their battle stations," an apt intro to the spacey pads and lazer-arps that get transformed throughout "Crush." The fuzzy bass and boom-bap drums give the track an aggressive edge, making it the ideal soundtrack to the future gang wars and lazer-gun drive-bys that will surely become a reality when we start colonizing other planets and such. "Crush" is one side of the "Crush" b/w "All City" 12" available November 8 from Ireland's All City Records. And for those who need more Ruckazoid than one track can offer, check out his site/digital music club Listen + Compute where members get full digital access to over 200 songs along with instrumentals, accapellas, stems, and remixes. Told you the future was here. 

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Download: BL§§D ØUT "§PNNR§"

Label: Amdiscs

Alright, guys, we didn't want it to come to this, but you've forced our hand—we've got a few rules to put into action. First off, if we can't type out your band name (never mind song and record titles) with only a general knowledge of how to use a keyboard, you get a strike. And if we can name more than three bands that your music sounds identical to, who have released their debuts less than a year before yours comes out, you get a strike. If you use upside-down or rightside-up crosses, triangles, pentagrams, or hazy imagery anywhere in your artwork or promotional materials (as seen above) = another strike. Lastly, if you deem it necessary to render your nonsensical band name in ALL CAPS (or even all lowercase characters, for that matter), you get a strike. Now that we've covered those bases, it looks like NYC's BL§§D ØU† (formerly Blissed Out, a version only slightly less offensive) strikes out on all fronts. But really, c'mon, guys. We love crunk samples and spooky shit just as much as the next guy, but maybe it'd be in your best interest to try just a tad bit harder to distance yourselves from the obvious comparisons your "§PNNR§" track garners within seconds of pressing the play button. (Incidentally, what's everyone's problem with vowels these days?!) 

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Kotchy Presents New Video and Upcoming Album Details

Brooklyn's jack of all trades producer/drummer/vocalist Kotchy has released a video for "Sometimes I Get Down," the lead-off track from his forthcoming album, Two. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2010

Shigeto Presents New GhostlyCast

In celebration of the release of his debut album, Ghostly International has made available a podcast from Brooklyn/Ann Arbor's Shigeto entitled Old Tress and Young Seeds. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2010

LCD Soundsystem to Release Live Studio Album

Next week, on November 9, James Murphy and the cast of his LCD Soundsystem band will release a "John Peel session style" album for digital download, called The London Sessions. The nine-song, live-in-the-studio record features renditions of a handful of hits and fan favorites taken from all three LCD Soundsystem albums, including "All My Friends," "Daft Punk is Playing at My House," "Us v. Them," "Drunk Girls," and more. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2010

Download: Under Byen "Alt Er Tabt (Kasper Bjørke Remix)"

We haven't heard much from Denmark's Under Byen since their 2006 record Samme Stof Som Stof brought their adventurous brand of art-pop to our attention. Now Under Byen (Danish for "under the city") has a new record and with it a new remix of the title track "Alt Er Tabt" from fellow Danish producer Kasper Bjørke (pictured above). From the onset of the remix, it is clear that Bjørke is not trying to be subtle—this is a house track through and through. A driving bassline is shortly followed by a cowbell, and accompanying percussion carry Under Byen's sparse Danish lyrics. After sticking with the lyrics for about a minute and a half, Bjørke brings in a fat, meaty synth line, breaks the track down, and then gives you what you've been waiting for: some funky Danish instrumental house. 

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Video: Kim Ann Foxman's "Creature"

Stepping out from behind the shadow of producer Andy Butler and his Hercules & Love Affair ensemble, singer Kim Ann Foxman presents herself as a solo artist here on the video for her debut single, "Creature" (you can catch a stream of the tune here). And while her disco- and house-loving partner-in-crime Butler still holds the Executive Producer title and half of the writing/production credit, it's Foxman who remains the focus on this slick music video—well, Foxman and a handful of creatively dressed dancers. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2010

Editions Mego to Release Another Mark Fell Album This Year

It was just the beginning of this week when we first caught wind of a new album coming from Mark Fell (of SND) on December 7 via Raster-Noton, but now, we've discovered a second record bearing Fell's name ready to drop the following week through Editions Mego. Read more » 

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  • 11/04/2010

Download: The 2 Bears "Church (Dub)"


From the eclectic dance-pop sensibilities of Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, along with friend and collaborator Raf Daddy, comes a new musical endeavor, The 2 Bears. The duo's second record is the four-song Curious Nature EP (out now on Southern Fried Records), an exhibition of sounds ranging from electro-tinged house jams to gospel-leaning ballads. The EP's lead track, "Church," gets a dub treatment here by Goddard himself. Explaining how his tweaked version of 2 Bears' poignant tune came about, the producer says, "At the end of mixing 'Church,' we spent an hour just doing passes through the [mixing] desk with various outputs to outboard delays, echo boxes, and other magic boxes. From these takes I pieced together this dubbed-out version of 'Church.'" We're pretty happy he took the time to play with this one. 

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