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Download: Corinne "Dream a Little Dream"

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Label: Scion A/V

For the latest addition to its surprisingly impressive single series, which has already included the likes of Todd Edwards and Juan MacLean, car company-cum-culture hub Scion A/V has released a brand-new tune from old-school freestyle/Hi-NRG artist Corinne (who has only recently returned to the spotlight, thanks to NY's On the Prowl label), along with four remixes from Mugwump, Runaway, Midnight Magic, and Harkin & Raney. Here, the original version of Corrine's song, "Dream a Little Dream," reminds us of the salad days of Miami's club scene while simultaneously flexing a contemporary sheen to its retro-futuristic production. Analog synths dance lightly around the machine-gun stutter of a vintage drum-machine beat, and Corinne croons innocent verbiage about fantasies, dreams, and "the one" with the grace of a soft-spoken diva who's done it all; the song might as well be from the '80s. And if you're curious enough to find out what the remixes sound like, head here to download those for free. 

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Robot Elephant to Release 'ISVOLT,' a Compilation of Disaro Artists

Starting the new year off with a sizzurp-slow bang will be the first-ever compilation of the spuriously named "witch house" genre. The compilation, titled ISVOLT, will be released in January by East London's Robot Elephant, but is ultimately a snapshot of artists signed to early witch house champion Robert Disaro's label, Disaro Records. The comp is available now in physical 12" vinyl and CD forms but will be released into the worldwide digital ether on January 17. Below is a preview of three tracks from the record by artists White Ring, Raw Moans, and Mater Suspiria Vision. Read more » 

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  • 12/14/2010

Download: Mustang "Apocalypso (Acid Wash Remix)"

Label: Abracada

Belgian duo Mustang is made up of DJ Renaud Deru and Andy Faisca, a collaboration between two Italo-disco obsessives. Mustang's second EP Apocalypso, released yesterday on Abracada, features the title track and a song called "Dick Reverse." Despite the dubious titling of the aforementioned track, this remix of the EP's title track from Acid Wash does exactly what the alias implies by injecting Roland's signature 303 sound into all the cracks and crevices of the original. Layered in lush pop melodies that rise and recede throughout, the only thing missing are well-paired vocals to highlight the track's vintage whimsy. 

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Download a Holiday PR Mix That's Actually Really Good

On a normal day, seeing a mix put together by a PR firm would prompt us to click the delete button as quickly as possible, but when the folks over at Tailored Communication (a Berlin-based PR company) sent over this X-Mas mix with a slew of excellent artists and 2010 favorites, it was hard to write off as PR fodder. Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

Apple Pips to Drop New Orphan101 12"

Apple Pips has just announced its next release, a 12" single by Bristol bass head Orphan101. The forthcoming record follows a couple releases from earlier this year on Saigon and the producer's own DECA Rhythm label, and features two brand-new experiments in the realms of dubstep and techno, called "Propa" and "Disemble." Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

Download: Mr. Mitch "Skittles (SRC Remix)"

Working on a somewhat grimier side of UK house permutations, up-and-comer SRC delivers this fresh remix of "Skittles" by fellow burgeoning UK producer Mr. Mitch. The Birmingham native holds tight to the hyperactive synth melodies and infectious dancefloor energy of Mitch's original track on his re-worked version, but tosses in an extra helping of percussive sounds and one sinister-as-hell bassline that's sure to incite as many smiles as it does grimaces whenever it drops in a club's soundsystem. For those of you still hungry for 8-bit-flavored bass rhythms after devouring SRC's five-track Gold Coins EP for Numbers, this remix will certainly help tide you over until his next official release. (via FACT

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Friends of Friends Release Free 'Pop Massacre' Compilation

Los Angeles' Friends of Friends label is giving the holiday gift of free this week with a new compilation entitled Pop Massacre. Call it a massacre, call it a reinvigoration, Pop Massacre features 13 pop favorites remixed, refixed, and refurbished by beat-scene affiliates like Daedelus, DNTEL, and Shlohmo. Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

Watch the Final 2010 Episode of ZZK TV

Marking the final episode of ZZK TV in 2010 is episode five, documenting the final leg of ZZK's blistering North American tour, which spanned 11 shows in 13 days. Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

Ecstatic Music Festival to Kick Off Next Year with Owen Pallet, So Percussion, Dan Deacon, and More

An ambitious music festival is set to start its first year this coming January at New York City's Merkin Concert Hall, the first ever Ecstatic Music Festival. From January 17 to March 28, Merkin Concert Hall and New Amsterdam Records will bring together more than 150 musicians, producers, and composers to perform 14 concerts of unusually large scope. Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

430 West to Release Remixes of Octave One From Sandwell District and Aril Brikha

Legendary Detroit techno duo Octave One (pictured above) had begun reviving its material early this year in a series dubbed Revisited, on which the two Burden brothers reworked two of their classic tracks, "Meridian" and "Dema," to bring them up to speed with the contemporary techno scene. Now we've gotten word that the second in the Revisited series will be released in January with remixes from burgeoning location-less label/collective Sandwell District and Sweden's frequent Kompakt and Peacefrog contributor Aril Brikha. Read more » 

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  • 12/13/2010

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