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Download: Sepalcure "Feeling That I Know So Well"

Label: Hotflush

You've got to be a bit excited for Hotflush. Between the recent releases of Scuba's Triangulation album, the potentially game-changing debut record from Mount Kimbie, and the Love Pressure EP from Brooklyn's Sepalcure, a collaboration between Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (of Praveen & Benoît), the label's catalog seems to only get better and better with each new addition. "Feeling That I Know So Well" isn't actually on a proper Hotflush release, but it does speak to the excellent quality of bass music the label keeps company with. Sepalcure's production is rooted in club-friendly genres across the map, house acapellas, dubstep basslines, techno synth tones, and the swagger of beat music, but it takes those separate pieces into a different realm where overwhelming soundsystem music and precious headphone compositions coexist. 

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Download: Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz "Hot Body Rub"

We're not super worried about the lyrics to "Hot Body Rub"—from Ariel Pink's recent collaborative EP with new friends Added Pizzazz—sounding quite similar to a certain hot tub-related SNL sketch, or that the horn section of the song sort of resembles the intro music to that program, too. It's Ariel's unwavering strangeness, which is prominently on display in the funky lo-fi number, that transcends all comparisons and turns the tune into a sublime mess of interesting sonic adventures. "Hot Body Rub" is nearly a five-minute song, but thanks to a particularly noisy intro and outro and a groove which doesn't ever seem to quit, Pink's and Pizzazz's number flies by before we get the chance to fully understand what the hell they think they're doing. (via We All Want Someone to Shout For

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Cut Copy Shares New Track, Tours World

Australian synth-loving indie-pop trio Cut Copy has recently put the finishing touches on its as-yet-untitled third LP, which will be coming sometime in early 2011 with help from Modular. In preparation for that album's release, the band heads out on a worldwide tour today, kicking off in Lisbon, Portugal and broken up in short stints throughout the coming months. Read more » 

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  • 07/16/2010

Download: Kisses "People Can Do the Most Amazing Things (Pete Wiggs Remix)"

LA boy/girl outfit Kisses (pictured above) are a precious couple of singers and music-makers who rely on the simple ideas of '80s pop and the beachfront stylings of Balearic disco to color in their heartwarming, immediately lovable songs. The duo's latest single, "People Can Do the Most Amazing Things," will be released August 2 along with this remix from Saint Etienne co-producer Pete Wiggs. For his version, Wiggs switches out Kisses' original upbeat, post-punk-referencing instrumentation for a colder vibe composed completely of electronic elements. The result sounds something like a lost b-side from Matthew Dear's Asa Breed album, and even a bit like a Hot Chip number circa The Warning. But regardless of who the remix reminds us of, Wiggs' re-work is a great production, and provides a perfect counterpoint to Kisses' more buoyant original. 

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New Mix Album, Acid Retrospective Coming Soon from Abe Duque

New York acid-house/techno don Abe Duque has been around for what's now verging on two decades, so it's certainly about time the veteran DJ/producer is now releasing a double-album showcasing both his live mixing prowess and his repertoire of old-school acid tunes. The first disc, entitled Live, is a recreation of Duque's early DJ sets at New York's Limelight club for his Abuse Industries nights, which helped launch the tunesmith into his current position of musical notoriety. Read more » 

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  • 07/15/2010

Check Out Rush Hour's Release Round-Up and Tom Trago & Cool Chris' Podcast

Last month, Amsterdam's Rush Hour label/distributor put out four records of fresh and re-released techno and house tunes. The releases include Rick Wilhite's Vibes New & Rare Music Part D, four tracks taken from Anthony 'Shake' Shakir's Frictionalism compilation and thrown onto a 12", the fifth installment of Rush Hour's House of Trax series, which includes songs from Gwendolyn and and Z-Factor, and a white-label 12" for Dexter's Junofest EP. Read more » 

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  • 07/15/2010

Download: Harkin & Raney "Word to the Wise"

It's always a tricky proposition when well-respected DJs decide to make a foray into production after years of simply spinning records for throngs of appreciative clubbers. After all, selecting tunes is a much different proposition than making them. NY's Eamon Harkin is one such case, as the Northern Ireland native has been lighting up Big Apple dancefloors for years and throws well-respected parties such as Sunday Best and Mister Saturday Night. Apart from his success behind the decks, Harkin has increasingly been stepping up his production efforts, both as a solo artist and as one-half of Harkin & Raney, a partnership with Brooklyn's Steve Raney (a.k.a. Oneauff). Next week, the duo is releasing the Word to the Wise EP on The Rapture's Throne of Blood label and, if the title track is any indication, the boys have cooked up a delicious aural brew that happily invokes classic house while employing techno precision and just a touch of disco bump. 

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Check Out Magda's Interview and Podcast on Resident Advisor

Minus acolyte and DJ Magda was recently featured on Resident Advisor with a quick Q&A—which covers topics like her upcoming debut album and DJ techniques—and a solid podcast she's calling "a fun summer mix." And the simple description is apt, as upbeat, outdoor-party-friendly tracks from the likes of Lindstrom, Black Devil Disco Club, Tussle, and ESG are evenly distributed among classic club-ready favorites from across the board of danceable genres, and mixed in Magda's tasteful Read more » 

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  • 07/15/2010

Invincible and Waajeed Collaborate on "Detroit Summer" Single

Two Detroit natives and hip-hop veterans, MC Invincible and producer Waajeed, have joined forces on a fresh, new single, called "Detroit Summer." The collaborative work is a sequel to the duo's previous effort, "Detroit Winter," and will be released by Emergence, Invincible's own label, on 7" and digital download prior to Invincible & Waajeed's forthcoming full-length record dropping in 2011. Read more » 

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  • 07/15/2010

Download: Jules Chaz "Blak Lodge"

The Wagon Repair artist stable isn't the first place one would expect to find Jules Chaz. The label is home to techno dudes (and dudettes) like Mathew Jonson, Seth Troxler, and Dinky, to name a few, yet the Canadian imprint is still about to release the debut album from this one-time jazz percussionist and Cobblestone Jazz affiliate from Victoria, British Columbia. As it turns out, Toppings is the first-ever instrumental hip-hop album to be released on Wagon Repair, and it shares a lot more sonically with like-minded West Coast beatmakers several hundred miles to the south in Los Angeles than it does with the music being turned out by his Canadian techno brethren. "Blak Lodge" gets extra bonus points for its liberal sampling of the Twin Peaks theme, as Chaz expertly slices up those somber tones over some just-bumping-enough beats and a smattering of tweaky psychedelic synths. Toppings will be released on September 14. 

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