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Enter Our DROP THE LIME DROPS BY Contest by Friday

In case you forgot, you've still got four more days to enter our DROP THE LIME DROPS BY contest. Tell Luca "Drop the Lime" Venezia where you'd love to see him play, and he just may be dropping by to get crazy with you and nine friends in the months to come. Check out a few recent entries after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 11/30/2009

XLR8R's Favorites of 2009: Holy Ghost!

As their debut album nears completion, NYC's Holy Ghost! delve into disco's past without irony.


Download: Emika "Drop the Other (Scuba's Vulpine Remix)"

Label: Ninja Tune

The onslaught of sultry and atmospheric dubstep-esque tunes coming from the other side of the Atlantic shows no signs of abating—not that we here at XLR8R are complaining. Here, Hotflush label boss Scuba gets his hands on the debut single from Berlin's Emika, transforming the rumbling trip-hop of her original into an ominous and serpentine labyrinth of skittering low-end. Simply put, we likey. 

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Inbox: Etienne Jaumet

XLR8R’s Inbox touches base with jovial French tech-house producer Etienne Jaumet, who has just come back from sharing the deck with Dirty Soundsystem on a Cosmic Cruise around an artificial lake in Paris. Jaumet gushes about Carl Craig, compares himself to crayon colors, eats too fast, and sets his sights on the next gubernatorial race in California. Read more » 

Download: Majeure "The Dresden Codex"

As one half of prog-horror instrumentalists Zombi, drummer A.E. Paterra knows his way around propulsive rhythms and analog synths, not to mention epic songwriting. Here, the Pittsburgh musician uses the name Majeure to focus on his sci-fi-obsessed cosmic-disco efforts with the 13-minute jam "The Dresden Codex." It's a stunning opener for Paterra's debut album, Timespan, as it starts slow with spacey, arpeggiated melodies and cold atmospherics that recall Tangerine Dream's Risky Business movie score before morphing into a beat-heavy, analog synth explosion rivaling just about any song written by his other band. 

Average: 6.5 (34 votes)

Review: DOOM Unexpected Guests

Label: Gold Dust

There’s only one thing better than a new DOOM album—a collection of supervillainous collabs. On Unexpected Guests, the artist list reads like a lyrical enthusiast’s wet dream: De La Soul, Vast Aire, Count Bass D, Masta, Talib Kweli, various Wu members, and more. Album highlights include “Sniper Elite,” on which Ghost and DOOM join up for black-ops fun over a Dilla beat, and the self-explanatory “Quite Buttery,” where the Count and the Dr. trade high-cholesterol lines. Read more » 

Grab Kevin Martin's King Midas Sound Lovers' Rock Mix for FACT

Just a quickie to take you further into the holiday weekend—last week's hot, hot lovers' rock mix courtesy of FACT Magazine and Kevin "The Bug" Martin's King Midas Sound project. All Tanya Stephens, Gregory Isaacs, even Sade! Grab it while it lasts (that's three weeks, by the way), and let it soothe turkey coma number two. Read more » 

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  • 11/27/2009

Review: Shir Khan Exploited

Label: Exploited

There's a harsh truth about label best-of compilations—there's no excuse for filler. Unfortunately, at least half of this two-disc set feels like just that. Shir Khan draws from the Exploited catalog, including unreleased cuts, focusing heavily on electro-house and baile funk. Read more » 

Review: The Bloody Beetroots Romborama

Label: Dim Mak

Perpetually masked Italian electro-punkers The Bloody Beetroots have created an album that should be easier to hate, especially if you flip directly to vainglorious textbook electro track "I Love the Bloody Beetroots." Still, with cameos from the likes of indie electronic artist Beta Bow and British house songstress Lisa Kekaula, this anticipated debut offers enough variety to save it from slipping into a complete electro-sinkhole. Read more » 

Delicious Vinyl Releases iPhone App

LA's Delicious Vinyl label is expanding on its catalog of groundbreaking and classic hip-hop with the creation of a new iPhone app in conjunction with Ten23 Software. Read more » 

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  • 11/25/2009

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