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Sepalcure to Release New EP on Hotflush

Berlin-based, Scuba-owned Hotflush Recordings will kick off the new year with the second EP from Brooklyn duo Sepalcure. The Fleur EP features four new tracks and will be released in late January. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2010

Download: Cepia "Hootenanny"

Minneapolis resident Huntley Miller is reviving his longstanding production moniker, Cepia, for a brand-new full-length album, the self-titled Cepia. Ditching the well-regarded confines of his former label home, Ghostly, Miller will release the 10-song album through his own Cepia Music imprint on December 7, and gives us that record's first single here. "Hootenanny" certainly sounds like the work of a producer who has been around for a while, and continues to keep his fingers on the pulse of the ever-expanding realm of electronic music. While hypnotic analog synth loops float in circles à la Autechre's earliest tracks, thick low end rumbles underneath a sparse dubstep-inspired beat and dislocated rhythmic noise plays about in stereo. Cepia continues to add little touches of warped sound bytes as "Hootenanny" runs its course, occasionally giving those elements more room to breathe by dropping out the song's solid core. 

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Toro Y Moi to Release Sophomore Album in February

One of the unwitting harbingers of the genre that shan't be named (a.k.a. chillwave, duh), Chaz Bundick, is set to release the second full-length record under his Toro Y Moi moniker next year. On February 22, Carpark will drop Underneath the Pine, Bundick's 11-song follow-up to 2009's Causers of This, and a veritable redefining of his main musical outlet. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2010

Podcast 174: Zed Bias a.k.a. Maddslinky

When XLR8R first petitioned UK producer Dave Jones to put together a mix for our podcast series, the man had recently revived his Maddslinky moniker and released the Make a Change album, so we were sort of expecting a Maddslinky mix. Read more » 

Review: Various Artists Worth the Weight: Bristol Dubstep Classics


Tom Ford's Punch Drunk label wasn't Bristol's first big dubstep imprint—that honor goes to Rob "Pinch" Ellis' Tectonic Records, established in 2005 to release material by Moving Ninja, Loefah, and Random Trio—but the label's commitment to broad musical diversity has unquestionably impacted dubstep's demeanor. Read more » 

Pilooski Side-Project Discodeine Releases Single With Jarvis Cocker, LP by Early 2011

French producers Pentile and Pilooski (a.k.a. Discodeine) have just announced that their first single, titled "Synchronize," will be released December 6 on DFA/DIRTY, and will feature Brit-pop crooner Jarvis Cocker on vocals. Discodeine will also be releasing a full-length album come 2011, which will feature a variety of yet-to-be-announced vocalists. You can preview "Synchronize," as well as two remixes from Jam Factory, over on DFA's website, and check out the cover art below. Read more » 

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  • 11/23/2010

Download: The Miracles Club "A New Love"

Back in July, Portland DIY house outfit The Miracles Club was featured as a promising new act in our Bubblin' series. Quickly following the release of the band's first EP, Light of Love, The Miracles Club has just released a new 12" EP entitled A New Love on Mexican Summer, at the very least solidifying The Miracles Club's awareness of house music's frequent use of "love" in song titles. Of course, Honey Owens and the rest of her Miracles Club cohorts are aware of much more than the genre's heart-on-its-sleeve style, as this new track also employs the mournful psychedelia of high-pitched synths and underwater vocals that seem to speak to a recent loss rather than a new love. (via Gorilla Vs. Bear

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XLR8R TV: The Crepes' Five Star in Gothenburg

The XLR8R TV crew recently took a trip to Scandinavia for Oslo's By:Larm Festival, and stopped through Gothenburg, Sweden to talk with The Crepes, a side project of the band Studio, fronted by Fredrik Lindson. Read more » 

Download: Francesco Tristano "Mambo"

Label: Infiné

In the initial seconds of Francesco Tristano's "Mambo," a flighty series of piano notes trickle out, setting a deceptively tender mood. The rest of this Julliard graduate's acoustic-electronic production features interloping drum-machine stutters while ominous piano arpeggios maintain a precarious semblance of consistency. Taken from his recently released album Idiosynkrasia, "Mambo" is as fragile as it is steely and austere. His previous solo albums were produced by the likes of pioneering artist Moritz Von Oswald (he's also been known to collaborate with Murcof), and Idiosynkrasia has similarly legendary affiliations, as it was recorded at Carl Craig's Planet E studios in Detroit. Released in Europe on French/German label Infiné, Tristano uses the album to continue exploring the sonic breadth of his classical piano compositions by working with electronic music's most lauded. Idiosynkrasia will hit the US next year on January 15. 

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Every Rinse DJ to Play Boxing Day Party at FWD>>

Yes, you read that right: Every single Rinse FM DJ will be playing at FWD>> on Boxing Day, December 26 at Fabric. For over nine hours, DJs ranging from Skream to dancehall experts The Heatwave will rotate through what will likely be extremely short sets of music and an epic night for London club-goers. Rinse FM recently celebrated 16 years of pirate radio, and was finally granted an official radio license, but even the epic birthday party they threw then was clearly not enough. Check out the full list of the Rinse FM DJs who will be in attendance after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 11/22/2010

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