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New Stussy Book/CD Package to Examine Greensleeves' Classic Covers

Stussy and Greensleeves have teamed up to release a book/mix-CD package all curated by London-based DJ and graphic designer Alex Newman (a.k.a. DJ Al Fingers). Read more » 

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  • 07/26/2010

Download: MIA "XXXO (Mujava & DJ Qness Serenity Reedit)"

Ok, so maybe M.I.A.'s summer hasn't gone exactly as planned. Turns out that people aren't exactly loving her new album, but maybe she can find some salvation on the remix front. We're not sure if this reworking from DJ Mujava (pictured above) was officially commissioned or not, but it's certainly a good start. With the help of DJ Qness, the South African kwaito wizard places M.I.A.'s pop vocal turn over some galloping drum beats and accentuates the piece with some beeping and bubbling synths. In the right hands, maybe /\/\/\Y/\ Remixed could turn out pretty solid. (via Mad Decent

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Download: Revolver "Birds in Dm (Joakim Remix)"

From the oft-reliable Astralwerks stable of artists, Parisian chamber-pop trio Revolver (pictured above) recently gave fellow Frenchman Joakim a go at its vocal-heavy, sullen number, "Birds in Dm." While still focused around lead vocalist Ambroise Willaume and his backup singers, the producer transforms the band's even-keeled, acoustic song into an epic electronic dance tune that builds slowly and confidently into an overwhelming sonic experience. And even though Joakim's remix—which will be released on a limited 7" next month—is heavy with rhythm, it's his composition of thickly layered melodies and gradual introduction of chaotic noise elements that take the song over, turning it into some kind of i-Dose before it becomes a moody dance track again. 

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Mad Decent's Block Party Spreads to NYC, LA, and Chicago

Diplo and his Mad Decent crew are expanding their annual free block party outward from Philly to include stops in LA, NYC, and Chicago this year. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2010

Mary Anne Hobbs Resigns from BBC

The venerated radio host and DJ Mary Anne Hobbs announced yesterday that she's leaving the BBC after 14 years to pursue other work. Read more » 

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  • 07/23/2010

Download: P.U.D.G.E. "Insensitivity"

Label: Ramp

NY-native-turned-LA-resident P.U.D.G.E. will release his debut full-length next week on Ramp, but before that, we've got an exclusive preview of one of Idiot Box's slow-grooving jams. "Insensitivity" is a synth-addled MPC jam with a swagger not unlike that of beatmaking greats Madlib and J.Dilla. Like Madlib, P.U.D.G.E. fills in the gaps of his rhythms with wonky noise and random textures, and like the late Dilla, he uses thick, soulful basslines, head-knocking kicks, and massive claps to make up the meat of his track. P.U.D.G.E. still has a ways to go before gaining the same notoriety of his sample-rocking forefathers, but if "Insensitivity" is any indication, he's off to a great start. 

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Download: Abe Duque "Bumble Bee (feat. Virginia)"

This brand-new slow-burner comes courtesy of NY DJ/producer/label-head extraordinaire, Abe Duque. The techno/house/acid fiend has a double-disc mix album coming in September, Live and On Acid, which includes three fresh tracks from the veteran music maker. One such tune, "Bumble Bee" is a massive dancefloor heater that boasts a bulbous, hypnotic groove, some acid-y synth squelches, and an indecipherably haunting vocal presence from vocalist Virginia. The entrancing number can be heard mixed into the Live portion of Duque's forthcoming release, but will also be released as the first 12" on his Abuse Industries imprint in a couple of months. 

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Snag a New Tiga Remix by Motor City Drum Ensemble

New York-based music download hub RCRD LBL got its hands all over one of the three remix EPs Tiga has been releasing after last year's Ciao! album. From the Overtime Remixes EP, a treatment of "Overtime" by Germany's Motor City Drum Ensemble was just offered as a free download on the website. Read more » 

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  • 07/22/2010

Skream Gives Away More Tunes on 'Freeizm Vol. 3'

Before his sophomore album, Outside the Box, is released August 9, dubstep mainstay Skream is giving away handfuls of free tracks, announcing the downloads via his Twitter page. He's already hooked up two batches of tunes, and just announced the lastest installment, Freeizm Vol. 3. Read more » 

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  • 07/22/2010

Download: Shigeto "What We Held On To"

Label: Ghostly

From his freshly released second EP, Shigeto's "What We Held On To" is another intricately produced piece of melodic beat music. The track is full of micro-samples, wafting atmosphere, and crunchy textures—all wrapped around the Michigan-based tunesmith's slap-heavy beats and plinking synth melodies. It's another reminder of how preciously constructed Shigeto's music is, and how, no matter how many moods he flips within one track, each one is treated with delicate care and painstaking attention to detail. You can snag this track, along with the entire new EP, for absolutely free from Ghostly, here. Full Circle, Shigeto's first full-length album, will see the light of day later this year. 

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