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Download: Lazer Sword "Koopa Boss Mode"


As an exclusive for XLR8R and in celebration of their European tour kicking off today at London's massive Fabric club, San Francisco's dons of space-bass and electro-blap, Lazer Sword, have handed over their glitched-up homage to that classic Nintendo nemesis King Koopa. "Koopa Boss Mode" borrows from the original 8-bit soundtrack, but the duo also revamp those sinister melodies with their trademark crunchy basslines dropped amongst a slow-grooving beat littered with intergalactic transmissions. 

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Download: Tempo No Tempo "Kilometer"

On "Kilometer," another cut taken from Waking Heat, the debut album by San Francisco post-punk trio Tempo No Tempo, a synthesizer takes center-stage, although it's flanked by jangly guitar riffs and a bouncing drum beat. Soaked in lead singer (and occasional XLR8R scribe) Tyler McCauley's fervent vocal delivery, the track is a prime example of the group's penchant for rhythmic tension and terse melodic assaults. Tempo No Tempo just finished an East Coast tour and slew of dates at CMJ, and Waking Heat is available now. 

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Download: Jackpot "Brief Encounter"

Label: Rvng Intl

What is it about Sweden and disco edits? There must be something in the soil that makes Swedes churn out spacy, Hi-NRG throwback tracks with such grace and aplomb, so be sure to pick some up the next time you're traveling the fjords. Anyways, the trio of Jackpot break out the poppers and craft a near-perfect disco diamond, featuring crisp hand-claps, great orchestral pieces, and some detached female vocals that sound a bit like Italo goddess Linda Jo Rizzo. One can definitely imagine crowds getting seriously wild to this slice, so play loud! 

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Review: M.A.N.D.Y. Get Physical 7th Anniversary Compilation

Repeating their prior success with Get Physical's second and fourth anniversary mixes, M.A.N.D.Y. is back at the helm for the Berlin-based label. Read more » 

Clothes Captioned: OAK

Somewhere between Grace Jones, vintage Calvin Klein, and backwoods biker bars lies the street-meets-high fashion designs of NYC boutique/clothing line OAK. In their six years as a storefront and in-house design team, co-creators Jeff Madalena and Louis Terline have remained true to their style ideals since opening their first store, the women's-only Canary. "The concept was simple," explains OAK's designer Kristopher Whitman. "To bring a knowledge of fashion to an unpretentious retail setting. Read more » 

Podcast 109: Dre Skull

Although he's been making noise as a DJ and producer for years, 2009 found Brooklyn's Dre Skull expanding his sonic range into the worlds of hip-hop, bounce, electro, and dancehall. He's also founded his own label, Mixpak, as an outpost for his own productions. Read more » 

Download: Kelpe "Microscopic Contents (Subjex Remix)"

Label: DC

The UK's Kelpe straddles many different genres of electronic music, from hip-hop and electro to filter-house, with referents to bass music and dubstep thrown in for good measure. Here, France's Subjex transforms a bass-driven filter-disco tune into a tech-funk monster that could have come from the underground Detroit scene of the late '90s. Above ass-shaking bass and mid-frequency arpeggiations, three-note melodic lines swirl psychedelically, making the track a perfect piece to mix with everyone from Dam-Funk to Mr. De. Kelpe's latest full-length, Cambio Wechsel, is out now. 

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Download: Palermo Disko Machine "Theme From Palermo Disko Machine"

Label: Vulture

Not counting the space-traveling two-and-a-half-minute intro, Jens Moelle, one-half of Digitalism who produces solo under the name Palermo Disko Machine, has manufactured a piece of driving, robotic dance music on instrumental anthem "Theme From Palermo Disko Machine." The brooding track of dancefloor-ready disco, soon to be released on Alan Braxe's Vulture imprint, comes complete with catchy basslines, filtered synths, and a classic beat that resonates well with the music's vintage sounds. It's a fine b-side for lead single "Vesuvia," which hits stores and online retailers mid-October. 

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Review: OOIOO Arminico Hewa

OOIOO's superkinetic music is subject to the subtle changes and smart inconsistencies of a band with enough ideas to think three albums ahead, yet focused enough to remain totally committed to the present. Arminico Hewa follows in the densely percussive style of 2006's Taiga but initially sounds a little more cluttered—the earlier album's taiko-like floor-tom patterns move over in favor of rushing punk snares on AH. Read more » 

France's Kap Bambino to Bring the Noise Stateside

Early this year we featured up-and-coming French duo Kap Bambino as an Artist to Watch whose synth-punk style is as equally indebted to Nirvana's brashness as it is the repetitious electronics of Suicide. Now, with their Batcaves EP out soon on iTunes and their third full-length, Blacklist, to see release next year on Because, vocalist Caroline Martial and producer Orion Bouvier are launching their sonic assault on a handful of North American cities this November. Tour dates after the jump. Read more » 

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  • 10/21/2009

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