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Fever Ray, Soulwax, Caribou, Tricky, Lali Puna, LCD Soundsystem, Washed Out, and More to Play Berlin Festival

The German capital city's annual music festival, simply called Berlin Festival, has just announced its lineup for the upcoming extravaganza. For two days in September, DJs and bands from far and wide will convene at the historic Tempelhof Airport to do what they do best: perform live music. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2010

Richie Hawtin to Auction off Gear for Charity

The LA-based NextAid nonprofit will auction off a gear package used by Richie Hawtin Richie Hawtin on World AIDS Orphans Day on May 7. Read more » 

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  • 05/04/2010

Review: Caribou Swim

Label: Merge

The ever-growing mass of electronics heard on "Niobe," the closing number from Caribou's last album, Andorra, could be retroactively interpreted as a transition from the summery psych-rock explorations of Dan Snaith's past to the synthesized indie-pop found on Swim, his fifth full-length. While the Canadian producer previously used electronics and modern technologies to craft and adorn his intimate bedroom-born songs, his latest album pulls those sensibilities into the forefront—and with captivating and brilliant results.

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  • 05/04/2010

Download: Bnjmin "Arose"


Since 2006, the Jus Like Music site has been championing sonic gems from the worlds of hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz, dubstep, funk, and more, but earlier this year, these bloggers decided to take their advocacy to another level and launch their own online record label. After releasing the debut single from Londoner BUG, the young label's catalog was bolstered significantly with Oscillations, a two-part compilation featuring contributions from Slugabed, Alex B, Om Unit, and a bunch of other newcomers who could be lumped beneath the ever-expanding "beat scene" umbrella. One of those newcomers was Bnjmin, a young UK producer who also records under the more widely known Jackhigh and Singing Statues monikers. His song "Arose" was originally slated to appear on Oscillations, yet time constraints forced it from the final tracklist, so Jus Like Music has passed it along to share as an XLR8R exclusive. If you like its washy tones and subdued vibe, then you'll probably want to go ahead and grab Oscillations online, as both parts are available for free download

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Download: Signaldrift "Yesterday's Tomorrow"

Label: Audraglint

Milwaukee's Signaldrift has been releasing music since 1998, but have been relatively silent in recent years—the duo's last album was 2005's Set Design. Later this month, the ambient-shoegaze-Krautrock outfit is getting back into the game with Two Agents, a limited-run double LP on Portland's Audraglint label. "Yesterday's Tomorrow" is public's the first taste of Two Agents, and it sounds like an extra-chill Neu! song bathed in a warming glow of soft reverb. If all Kraturock-influenced music sounded this good, we're thinking there would be a whole lot more girls in the scene. 

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Download Salem's Scary New "Raver Stay Wif Me" Mix

Midwestern doom-juke (yes, we just made that up, but it fits, okay?) outfit Salem has unleashed another DJ mix on the world. The Raver Stay Wif Me mix is available for free download courtesy of Dis Magazine, and, as expected, features a panic-attack-inducing combination of sounds, from nightmarish pitch-shifted pop and hip-hop to screwed versions of Darude's "Sandstorm" and Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone." We're hard pressed to think of anything much more frightening. Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2010

Bubblin': Doc Daneeka

Who: Doc Daneeka
Where: Swansea, Wales

Another offering from the UK's fertile pool of post-garage producers, Doc Daneeka (a.k.a. Mial Watkins) originally sought to make drum & bass, but he began dabbling in trip-hop and eventually wound up producing highly percussive house music rich in tropical drums and syncopated rhythms. Read more » 

Video: Freeway & Jake One "She Makes Me Feel Alright"

Yes, The Stimulus Package was a creative success, as Freeway's streetwise rhymes perfectly complimented Jake One's soul-sampling beats. But can we talk about this video? No offense to Freeway, but is that beard really getting up close and personal with that caliber of lady? Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2010

Download: Baths "Hall"

Label: Anticon

One-man beatmaker and new Anticon signee Baths certainly knows how to keep things interesting, with tracks ranging from Dilla-like funk to this little summertime glo-fi gem. A nice shuffle is paired with enough noisy little squelches and secondary percussion to keep things interesting on "Hall," but it is perhaps the earworm of a vocal melody that serves as the piece's most winning trait: a soaring falsetto rides beautifully over acoustic guitar samples and synth knob-twists. Imagine the best sort of freak-folk remixed into something beat-heavy and palatable and you just might have "Hall." 

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RAMP Launches New UK Funky Sub-Label

RAMP Recordings is launching a new sub-label, PTN, which promises to focus more intently on the house and funky sounds coming out of the UK right now. The first release is the debut EP from Welsh producer Doc Daneeka (pictured), which includes tracks that have been given big ups from the likes of Brackles and Martyn over the past few months. Read more » 

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  • 05/03/2010

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