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Download: Seams "Hung Markets"

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We're happy to see that traveling the world (or even just the idea of traveling the world) seems to inspire a budding crop of music makers to make intricately arranged and profoundly heartfelt techno-leaning dance tunes, as opposed to, say, crunkcore. Much like his ex-tourmate Gold Panda, producer James Welch (a.k.a. Seams) has turned his globe-trotting escapades into the driving force behind the ambient soundscapes and pulsing beats of his music. "Hung Markets" is one such song, and is taken from his forthcoming EP for Pictures Music, Tourist. Welch says that the release is "inspired by the outdoor living of [Berlin] in the summer, and how much music was intrinsically linked to daily life." And you can hear that in the airy field recordings that open and close the song, as well as the swells of white noise that provide the upbeat to its constant rhythm and the hazy samples that fill in the gaps. We'll see what other sounds Seams has to offer when his four-song Tourist EP drops this November. 

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Jesu to Release a Double EP Record Through Hydra Head

The man behind seminal bands the likes of Godflesh and Napalm Death, not to mention his oft XLR8R-covered Pale Sketcher moniker, Justin Broadrick will soon be releasing an album comprised of two EPs: a re-release of his Jesu debut, Heart Ache, and the recently completed Dethroned. Read more » 

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  • 10/13/2010

Download: J-Wow "Fogo (Diamond Bass Remix)"

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Label: Enchufada

We posted a remix of J-Wow's "Spark" tune by French producer Canblaster at the end of last month, and now we have this premiere for a re-work of that song's accompanying b-side, "Fogo." This production comes from J-Wow's fellow Lisbon-based kuduro patron Diamond Bass (pictured above), and bounces with a similarly dark swagger, though a bit more sparsely orchestrated and heavier with low-end. Lone percussive sounds are littered throughout Diamond Bass' track, rarely occupying your head space all at once, and off in the distance, bass frequencies continually drop—each time claiming the life of a subwoofer somewhere in the world. Make sure to snag the rest of J-Wow's Spark EP when it's released in full on October 19. 

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Download: H.O.S.H. "Cash the Chord"

Label: Diynamic

We love a lot of labels, as well we should, but one imprint we've got a certain affinity for is Germany's Diynamic. If that excellent podcast they did for us last year wasn't enough reason for our gushing, this funky house number dropping via Diynamic on October 25 should do the trick. "Cash the Chord" is lifted off of German DJ/producer H.O.S.H.'s debut album, Connecting the Dots, and is a solid tune built on a rubbery bassline, a steady dance beat, and a large helping of orchestral melodies. If the remaining nine cuts on Dots keep up the same quality of club-friendly production, we'll certainly have even more reasons to be enamored with the Hamburg-based dance music hub. 

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Listen to Gold Panda Talk Techno vs. Beat Scene, Travel, and Family

One of the surprisingly original performances we saw at this year's Decibel Festival came on our first night in Seattle from UK producer and recent Ghostly label signee Gold Panda. The following day, we were able sit down with the music maker, who prefers to simply be called Derwin, and have a chat about the influences that color his debut album, Lucky Shiner, what he'd do with a $5000 recording budget, his favorite kinds of tea, and why he's already planning his next record. Read more » 

Watch Gatekeeper's "Chains" Video Before Their New EP Drops

Remember those bad-ass cut scenes full of slick 3D graphics that began popping up in mid-'90s computer games? The ones that took twice as long to load than actually play? Yeah, those aesthetics practically define a good part of our geekdom from that era, so we're beyond pleased to see them resurrected here for Gatekeeper's video for their "Chains" tune. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2010

James Blake to Release First Single From His Debut Album

Let's be honest: We're still reeling a bit from the one-two punch delivered by the CMYK and Klavierwerke EPs that UK prodigy James Blake dropped this year, and it seems the multi-talented producer won't be letting up on us any time soon. Coming on November 8 via the elusive Atlas imprint, "Limit to Your Love" is the first single to leak from Blake's as-yet-untitled debut full-length scheduled to drop in early 2011. Read more » 

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  • 10/12/2010

Podcast 165: Bok Bok

Of all the figures in the post-dubstep diaspora, few have been as instrumental as Bok Bok. As most readers of XLR8R probably know, the London-based producer/DJ is also the co-founder of the Night Slugs imprint, which has quickly established itself at the top of the heap when it comes to the forward-thinking house and bass music that continues to spring forth from the UK's long-running hardcore continuum. Read more » 

Review: Glasser Ring

Albums from Delorean and Girls may have arrived with larger fanfare, but Glasser (a.k.a. Cameron Mesirow) has been part of the True Panther stable from the beginning and Ring could be marked as the end of the young label's first wave of releases. Read more » 

Download: Tom Flynn "Wig Wag (Claude VonStroke Edit)"

First Listen
Label: Dirtybird

New to San Francisco-based Dirtybird’s roster of house music luminaries is Birmingham producer Tom Flynn. Soon to be released, the Tom Flynn EP has already been getting spins from folks like Catz ‘n Dogz, Julio Bashmore, and Thomas Schumacher, solidifying the EP as yet another great 2010 release from the influential imprint. To celebrate the release, label head Claude VonStroke contributed an edit of Tom Flynn’s unreleased “Wig Wag” and has passed it along to us to offer free of charge. The track is in keeping with Dirtybird’s love of rhythmic complexity and soulful melody, and should offer a compelling argument to get familiar with this upstart. (Editor's Note 10/21/10: the EP is now on sale here.) 

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