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Torino's Movement Festival to Release Five-Year Anniversary Compilation

For the fifth year of bringing its massive celebration of electronic dance music to a European locale, the Detroit-based Movement Festival will do more than turn out Torino, Italy's varied music venues and clubs between October 28 and 31—it will also release a three-disc compilation that looks back at the music and producers that made the past four festivals what they were. Read more » 

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  • 09/16/2010

Download: Sistol "On the Bright Side (The Brighter Side Scuba Remix)"

A man of many monikers, Sasu Ripatti (a.k.a. Luomo a.k.a. Vladislav Delay a.k.a. Sistol a.k.a. Yung Patti a.k.a. Sasu F. Baby) is following up his latest release under the name Sistol, On the Bright Side (out now), with a large number of remixes and reworks of the album's glitchy, techno-leaning tunes. Hotflush label head and DJ/producer Paul Rose (a.k.a. Scuba, pictured above) took Ripatti's production and reformatted it to fit the dubby, ethereal, post-genre soundscapes he is wont to create. And whaddaya know—it's great. Soulful vocal melody blips, tantalizing vinyl crackles, filtered synths, smashing kicks, popping snares, and a strong undercurrent of bass all power Scuba's remix as it slowly builds from its disparate elements into an energetic whole ready to take over your favorite soundsystem's subwoofers. Scuba shares disc space on Sistol's handful of remix collections with FaltyDL, Oneohtrix Point Never, and Redshape, among others, which are also out now on Halo Cyan/Phthalo. 

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The Bug to Release New Double 12" this November

Serving as the link between his last album for Ninja Tune, 2008's London Zoo, and a new record of "dub battles" in the works, UK producer The Bug will drop a brand-new EP on November 15, also through Ninja Tune. Read more » 

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  • 09/15/2010

Download: Dave Nada "Drop Buddy Gal"

Label: T&A

When writing about music, we often use the word "bounce" or "bouncing" to help describe the plethora of dance beats that make their way through the XLR8R office's many sets of ears. But were you to look up those words in some sort of online dictionary where music provided definitions, this rework of Sticky and Natalie Storm's "Look Pon Me" tune by el padre del moombahton, Dave Nada, would be there, waiting for you to hit the play button. Nada's thick groove is infectious to start, but once those vocals drop into the mix, things are taken to a whole new level of bounce; drop this track in your next DJ set and there won't be a still body in the room. Taking a break from producing the upcoming Nadastrom album with frequent partner in crime, Matt Nordstrom, the duo has embraced slower tempos and put together a new collection of moombahton remixes, edits, and reworks, calling it the Rum & Coke EP. Those six tracks are available now for free download, here

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Listen to Deadboy's Live Mix From Barcelona

For the latest installment of its ongoing podcast series, Glaswegian label Numbers posted a live mix by UK DJ/producer Deadboy from a performance in Barcelona this past June. The excellent DJ set finds the mixmaster working his crowd with a tasteful bunch of garage, bass, and house tunes, though an actual list of the tracks isn't available. Read more » 

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  • 09/15/2010

Bjørn Torske to Release New Album on Smalltown Supersound

In Norwegian, Bjørn Torske's name translates to "Bear Cod." The title for his forthcoming fourth album, the follow up to 2007's Feil Knapp, Kokning, refers to a particular process of preparing dinner in northern Norway: set the potatoes to boil, go catch a fish in the sea, bring it back to make the meal. Read more » 

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  • 09/15/2010

Review: !!! Strange Weather, Isn't It?

Label: Warp

A decade has passed since !!!'s debut album took a snapshot of the sweat, noise, and antsy groove those guys hashed out in overcrowded parties and basements across the sleepy state capital of Sacramento. Fortunately, Strange Weather, Isn't It? proves they won't be doomed as quaint hipster schlock from the "dance punk" movement of yore.


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  • 09/15/2010

Flying Solo: Barcelona's El Guincho Creates a Greatest Hits Collection for an Imaginary Genre

Diaz-Reixa, the soft-spoken fellow behind El Guincho, needed to start his interview about one and a half hours later than was originally planned. "I had the chance to ride a black horse!" he tells me over the phone, having driven to a small town outside of his current hometown, Barcelona, to ride the steed in question. "It was like a dream. I had to take that chance." Read more » 

Download: Soul Clap "Fallin' From the Sky"

Did you hear the podcast Boston's Soul Clap did for Resident Advisor this week? If you haven't, you really should. We'll wait... Okay, now that you're up to speed, here's a fresh cut from the duo that serves up more of the same kind of bubbly, disco-flavored filter-house. "Fallin' From the Sky" comes from a free EP of exclusive productions by the likes of No Regular Play, NavBox, and Death on the Balcony, which was curated by DJ/producers Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein, called The Clap & Friends FreE.P.. The free download was put together in light of the duo's impending take over of Fabric's Room Three this Saturday, September 18. Of their complimentary offering, Soul Clap says, "It's basically a compilation of some of our [and our friend's] favorite edits we played all summer that we want to share with you." On this track, they reworked Camp Lo's classic hip-hop jam "Luchini (a.k.a. This Is It)" into a slow-burning, deep tune barely recognizable from its original form. The rest of the FreE.P. closely follows suit, and you can download them all here

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Stream the New Shit Robot Album

If one were to make a list of debut albums that have truly been a long time coming, they would have to include this one from "The Godfather of DFA," Shit Robot. Irish DJ/producer Marcus Lambkin has been in the NY label's stable of artists for four years, releasing only a handful of singles before finally putting the finishing touches on his full-length record, From the Cradle to the Rave. Read more » 

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  • 09/15/2010

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