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Review: Pit Er Pat The Flexible Entertainer

After a couple of albums of drab post-rock, Chicago's Pit Er Pat blossomed into a much more interesting proposition on its 2008 full-length High Time, and that bloom continues on The Flexible Entertainer. Similarities between Pit Er Pat and Gang Gang Dance exist, mainly in Fay Davis-Jeffers' narcotized-siren vocals and Butchy Fuego's lopsided, postmodern dub rhythms that push each track down unpredictable routes. Read more » 

Third Installment of Claude VonStroke Remix EPs Out Now

Following two earlier releases of remixes from Claude VonStroke's latest album, Bird Brain, comes this third installment to the 12" series from San Francisco's Dirtybird label. Read more » 

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  • 03/19/2010

Sub Missions: Dubstep Pioneer Kode9 Probes the Noises of State Control and Underground Music Resistance

There’s a scene in Steve Goodman's new book, Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and The Ecology of Fear (MIT Press), that burns deep into the memory. He places the reader in a 2005 incident where Israeli fighter jets shocked residents in a Gaza Strip neighborhood by flying low above their homes and firing a "sound bomb"—a resonating sound so powerful that it could suffocate your body. "You look around but see no damage. Read more » 

Electric Independence Meets Vince Clarke and His Temple of Synth

Music geeks and tech heads, brace yourselves. VBS.tv off-shoot Motherboard, an online video blog/network that focuses mainly on technology and its effects on culture, premiered a new episode of its Electric Independence program that features the man behind Depeche Mode, Yazoo, and Erasure, Mr. Vince Clarke. Read more » 

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  • 03/19/2010

Download: Keepaway "Yellow Wings"

A percussive sample loop introduces us to Keepaway and the first song on the band's debut EP, Baby Style. The Brooklyn-based indie trio has penned a sweeping and poignant song with "Yellow Wings"—one that isn't afraid to utilize new technology and sonic approaches in its tried-and-true sound. Reverberated guitar textures meet with snare and tom rolls while the vocals declare, "I think I finally know what I want/I want to be in two places at once." It's a fitting statement for the song's accompanying music video, which features the hilariously low-budget performance of an amateur magician. 

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Download: jozif "Me Loko"


Preceding his release with Wolf + Lamb, the forthcoming Chicago EP, London's jozif offered up this unreleased cut of straight tech heat. "Me Loko" has plenty of great things going for it: a hard-hitting dance beat, bouncing reverberated percussion, random brass flourishes, and dollops of rumbling bass spread all throughout the track. It provides an interesting counterpart to the more soulful, antiquated acoustics to be found on jozif's new EP, set for release on April 5. 

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Review: Various Artists Panama! 3: Calypso Panameño, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Típica on the Isthmus 1960-75

Label: Soundway

Among Caribbean nations known for producing music, Cuba and Jamaica tend to soak up most of the attention, yet Panama has also proven to be particularly fertile ground for indigenous rhythms, as this latest collection of Isthmus-originated songs proves. Beginning with Lord Panama's "Fire Down Below," Panama! Read more » 

Read the New Issue of XLR8R Now!

Read the March/April issue of XLR8R for free right now by either downloading the PDF or viewing it online at Issuu. As well as huge stories on Delorean (pictured), Todd Edwards, and the New Sound of Detroit, we've also packed this issue with a ton of multimedia extras, so git yr download on ASAP!


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  • 03/18/2010

Podcast 128: Mike 2600's Minneapolis Mix

Minneapolis might not be known for its electronic music scene, but for the Minneapolis edition of our City Guide podcast series, the City of Lakes' Mike 2600 shows us that there is a secret aural history hiding in all those frozen bodies of water. Read more » 

E-40 Announces Remix Contest

The Yay Area's E-40 has two new albums, Revenue Retrievin' Nightshift and Dayshift, coming out at the end of March, and in celebration, he's hosting a remix contest of the record's first single, "The Server." Contestants can either use "The Server" vocals on a different beat/track of their choice or they can take "The Server" instrumental track and spit their own verse alongside 40's. Once the process is done, contestants should send their remixes here before April 8. Read more » 

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  • 03/18/2010

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