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Download: Meroz "Trump"

Label: Solid Bump

Though many have claimed that artists like Justice are heirs to the throne of the French Touch sound, when producers like Meroz are hooking us with tracks like "Trump," it's hard to take such claims seriously. With an equal amount of Thomas Bangalter and Ian Pooley coming through, this slice of funked electro is the sort of thing that makes you want to drive really fast along a sunny beach—perhaps the piece's only setback is that it doesn't feature a sexy vocal sample, like Room 5's Oliver Cheatham-infused "Make Luv." Still, "Trump" is a certifiable summertime gem. 

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Man Recordings' Joyce Muniz Comes to America; Download Her Exclusive XLR8R Mixtape

Temperatures have already been rising on the East Coast, but this week New York City is getting a serious injection of tropical heat courtesy of Joyce Muniz. The Brazilian (by way of Austria) artist is making her first trip to America and, starting this Thursday, is making stops at a number of our favorite Latin and global bass hotspots in the Big Apple. Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2010

Trailer Trash Tracys: On Their Forthcoming Album, the Stripped-down London Shoegaze Quartet Enters a World of Echo

Born in the midst of the last decade’s dance-punk mess, London four-piece Trailer Trash Tracys sought to carve out a different kind of musical space using pared-down instrumentation, cavernous reverb, and moody pop nostalgia. The band’s core members, Susanne Aztoria and Jimmy-Lee, have recorded a handful of precious, painstakingly crafted songs over the last three years, and were putting the finishing touches on their debut full-length—set for release in the fall—when we caught up with them at home. Read more » 

Download: Teezy & Zeppy "MTP Riddim"

Label: Top Billin

Poland has recently emerged as one of the hotbeds of exciting young European producers, and with this fierce funky collaboration from Krakow's Teezy and Zeppy, there's even more evidence of an electronic renaissance in the former Soviet bloc country. "MTP Riddim" features sick tribal percussion, electro-funk bass stabs, and a menacingly hooky melodic line. Both producers are also featured individually on Top Billin's now-available PL Funky EP—which includes tracks getting love from the likes of luminaries such as Bok Bok, Ikonika, and Jackmaster—and if you're digging these sounds, there's also an amazing mix of mostly Polish funky producers available for free download at the Top Billin site. 

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Traum and Trapez Bring the Heat With May and June Releases

Traum and its numerous sub-labels are getting off to a running start this summer, with seven releases planned for May and June alone. Perhaps the most exciting among these are the latest EP from Extrawelt as well as a new Detroit-style joint from Berlin's Mark Henning in collaboration with Japanese artist Den. Check out the full release schedule after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 05/10/2010

Download: Kush Arora "Humidifier (Club Edit)"

Label: Kush Arora

Here, San Francisco's Kush Arora takes his own track to the next level, editing down "Humidifier" to a dark, Indo-Caribbean bass piece, replete with congas, West Indian percussive elements, and Indian wind sounds. Though some of the original's watery atmospherics remain, lending the piece even more exotic flair, the edit definitely does its job at pulling the piece into the cavernous, sweaty world of the club. Speaking of which, the third anniversary edition of Arora's Surya Dub party is coming up May 29 with special guest Poirier, and he's prepared a funky bashment mix to celebrate, which you can grab here

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Download New Deadboy Mix

Nobody can call Deadboy a slouch given how many mixes the man has out at the moment— not only did he craft a slamming XLR8R Podcast a few weeks back, but he has another brand-new mix out to whet fans' appetites for the upcoming Hyp! Hyp! Hyp! party at London's Plan B club. Read more » 

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  • 05/07/2010

Video: Chemical Brothers "Swoon"

A this point, the Chemical Brothers have been making music for so long that some of their early hits have reached "I remember this song from junior high" status. Yet the UK duo keeps moving forward, most recently by unveiling this video for "Swoon" in advance of its next album, Further, which hits stores in June. While we're not exactly bursting with anticipation, the Chems rarely make bad music and the "Swoon" video is a fun little psychedelic dance party for a perfectly pleasant piece of electronic pop. Read more » 

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  • 05/07/2010

Video: Schlachthofbronx "Too High"

German bass lovers Schlachthofbronx are clearly fun-loving dudes, so it comes as little surprise that the video for "Too High" finds the guys going ham at a carnival during Oktoberfest while Slush Puppy Kid sing-raps via an iPhone. Between the Playboy bumper cars and a spinning ride called "Techno Power," it kind of looks like the best time ever. (via Discobelle) Read more » 

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  • 05/07/2010

Download: House Shoes "Newports"

Label: All City

For its next installment of the ongoing series of 10" records dedicated to LA's ever-growing beat scene, Ireland's All City label has brought together two Detroit expats who now call the Southern California metropolis home. Half of the release belongs to House Shoes, and one of his two contributions, "Newports," is quite the head-knocker. As the booming kick and snare makes your speakers rattle, the smooth guitar and vocal samples set up a melodic groove while subtle bass tones rumble underneath. You can cop the rest of House Shoes' 10" with Jordan Rockswell when it's released later this month. 

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