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Frank-n-Dank's Frank Nitt Releases Debut Solo EP

J. Dilla collaborator and half of Detroit's gritty rap duo Frank-n-Dank, Frank Nitt just released his debut solo EP, Jewels In My Backpack, on Delicious Vinyl. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2010

Download: Slater & Lime "Creepin"

Two of the most recognizable names on NY's Trouble & Bass label, AC Slater and Drop the Lime shacked up recently in LA to bring you a handful of collaborative productions, the first of which is this new jam. If "Creepin" is anything it's, uh, creepy. Between the piano melody sounding like it's jacked from Friday the 13th, Luca Venezia's unsolicited vocal come-ons, and the down-pitched sound effects that adorn the punchy beats, Slater & Lime's premiere offering sets the stage for an act ready to soundtrack a rave scene during the climax of an unseen John Carpenter flick. 

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Hear a Random, Unreleased Track From Flying Lotus

Not long after the release of his highly touted third album, Cosmogramma, LA beat don Flying Lotus let loose with this unreleased bit of music from his hard drive via his Twitter account, tweeting, "I forgot to give you this...". Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2010

Stream the New Solvent Album

It's been six years since Toronto-based artist Solvent released a proper full-length, but all that ends today with the release of Subject to Shift, his latest effort for the venerable Ghostly label. The album is available for purchase on iTunes, but XLR8R is offering the chance to preview the entire album right here on our website. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2010

Sonar Festival and Bleep are Hooking You Up With Free Music

Electronic-music massive and online retailer Sonar and Bleep have teamed up to bring you some choice tunes from the UK artists performing at the festival this June in Barcelona. Two artists will be giving away a free MP3 each week leading up to the festival through Bleep's website. Some of the tracks are exclusive tunes released to mark the special occasion, while others are given free of charge for the first time. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2010

Download: Randomer & Fife "Slum City (Eliphino's West Green Road Remix)"

Label: Fat!

The original version of this track comes from a collaborative two-song 12" from UK music making buddies Randomer & Fife, released yesterday on the re-launched Fat! label. Fellow UK tunesmith Eliphino keeps the original's vibe intact on his percussion-heavy remix of the bouncing future-house track, but heaps on a handful of extra samples and sound effects—effectively eliminating what little negative space had once been there. 

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Cop the New Major Lazer & La Roux Mixtape For Free Tomorrow

We've heard a few bits of info through the grapevine that Switch and Diplo have been working on the next Major Lazer album, but it seems in the middle of those sessions, the nu-dancehall duo had some time to team up with the singer from UK electro-pop outfit La Roux for this upcoming free mixtape. Read more » 

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  • 05/25/2010

Podcast 139: Doc Daneeka

Okay, we'll admit it. In the past few months, XLR8R has gone mad for Welsh producer Doc Daneeka. He's been profiled in our Bubblin' section, his Deadly Rhythm EP kicked off new Ramp sub-label PTN in style, and his own Ten Thousand Yen imprint is bringing even more high-quality, percussion-heavy funky to the table. Don't believe us? Check out our preview of the label's first release. At this rate, we're going to crown Doc Daneeka the King of Wales by year's end. Read more » 

Download: Mirror People "Rare Jewels"

Rui Maia, who also records under the moniker of Maia, is now operating under the Mirror People alias. The Portuguese producer certainly has a knack for the tropical-tinged, slightly psychedelic disco that Bear Funk loves, and "Rare Jewels" is no exception. With a bouncing bass, a synthesized steel-drum melodic line, and dreamy synths creating a lush sonic jungle, the piece is an instant earworm that could easily have appeared on one of Sergio Mendes' '80s disco experiments. A breathy female vocal would send it over the top, but as it is, "Rare Jewels" is a delight that makes one even more excited for Maia's upcoming 12" on Permanent Vacation. In the meantime, Mirror People's The Heart of the Sun EP is available for free download right here

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Review: Jahcoozi Barefoot Wanderer

If the band-name pun doesn't tip you off as to Jahcoozi's, um, energy, singer Sasha Perera will not leave you in the dark for long. "Skankin barefoot be a global movement," she coos on "Barefoot Dub," Barefoot Wanderer's first track, "gotta find a place for a barefoot temple." You won't need the remaining 10 tracks to figure out that this temple's location is not far from Black Rock City. Read more » 

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