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Download: Doshy "Chip"

There's a new batch of intergalactic bass tunes on the way from German cosmonaut Doshy, in the form of his soon-to-be-released Scatter EP (that's the cover up top). Lasers, phasers, tasers, and just about all other kinds of conceivable space noise are heaped onto the Berliner's crunchy beats and skittering 8-bit bleeps; it sounds more or less like if Mario moved to Mars to start a career producing hip-hop—NES nerds will undoubtedly spot the frequent usage of his classic fireball sound byte. In fact, "Chip" has so many layers of sound effects surrounding its swaggering beat work that the track requires a number of listens before each little noise can be uncovered. Catch the rest of Doshy's 6-song EP when it drops on September 3 via Robox Neotech. 

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Stream New Album, Watch New Video, and Check out Tour Dates from Spoek Mathambo

It's been a long time coming, but Spoek Mathambo's debut full-length album is finally here. Just today, BBE released the 14-song Mshini Wam, and simultaneously hooked up The FADER with a full preview of the album, which is available for 48 hours here. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2010

Italians Do it Better Releases Early Tracks on Compilation

Though it's been available for months through the label's mailorder, the Solid Gold compilation from Mike Simonetti's (pictured above) Italians Do it Better label just recently made its way onto retailers' shelves. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2010

Watch Aphex Twin Live at L.E.D. Festival with Die Antwoord

Even though we're still not exactly sure what to make of the South African art-rap troupe Die Antwoord, seeing Aphex Twin's name alongside theirs immediately piqued our interest (we like videos of new Aphex Twin sounds, if you'll remember). This piece shows the two outfits performing together this past weekend at the London Electronic Dance Festival. Read more » 

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  • 08/30/2010

Download: Exile "Population Control (Samiyam Remix)"

As a follow-up to his Radio album, which came out earlier in the year, tomorrow LA producer Exile will be releasing AM/FM, a collection of Radio remixes and re-works that also includes a smattering of new tunes. The album features efforts from people like The Alchemist, The Grouch and Eligh, Free the Robots, and P.U.D.G.E., along with this take on "Population Control" by frequent Flying Lotus cohort and fellow Angeleno Samiyam (pictured above). The Ann Arbor transplant removes the vocoder bounce and playful vocal snippets of Exile's original, slowing the tempo, and swapping in a more unorthodox beat pattern along with a seriously sinister vibe. The new direction may be a bit dire, but the music doesn't suffer for it. 

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Bubblin': The Blessings

Who: The Blessings
Where: Glasgow, Scotland

While Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke are the biggest names to come out of Glasgow's LuckyMe collective, Dominic Flannigan (a.k.a. Dom Sum) and Martyn Flyn (a.k.a. Fine Art) are the guys who quietly built the label behind the scenes, putting their own music-making on the back burner. Read more » 

Download: Model 500 "Huesca"

Label: R&S

Yeah, you read that right. This is a new track from Model 500, and XLR8R is offering it for free download. For the unfamiliar—shame on you—Model 500 is, these days, a collaboration between a few Detroit legends, including Juan Atkins (a.k.a. the guy who created techno), Underground Resistance's "Mad" Mike Banks, and producer Mark Taylor. Next month, the group will be releasing its first single in more than a decade, "OFI." Last week, we previewed the record's title track, and now we've got the string-laden b-side, "Huesca." Even with the long delay between releases, it appears that Atkins & Co. haven't lost their touch, as the song is a throbbing slice of warehouse-ready techno, complete with soaring melodies, chunky synths, and sweaty low-end. 

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Download: Gold Panda "Snow & Taxis"

For the sake of "keeping it real," as the kids say, we'll admit that we're a little late on posting this. "Snow & Taxis" first made the round a few weeks ago, when Gold Panda and the folks at Ghostly made it available as a free download—in exchange for your email address. Although you're still welcome to head here and donate your email in order to keep up with all the latest in Gold Panda happenings, we've been given the green light to post the track free and clear. And after a single listen, you'll probably be wondering why we weren't clamoring to post it sooner. Maybe its the name—Gold Panda just screams "bedroom chillwave toss-off" or "middling indie band," doesn't it?—but we certainly didn't expect tastefully crafted techno chimes married with a galloping UK funky beat. The Essex, UK artist has a debut full-length, Lucky Shiner, set to drop on October 12; at least now we'll know better to sleep on its creator's sparkling gems. 

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Download: Busy Signal "Picantie (Greenmoney Remix)"

This weekend, London will be getting wild with its annual Notting Hill Carnival, a celebration of all things Caribbean. UK outfit Greenmoney is certainly getting into the spirit, as the duo has released a pair of new Carnival tracks, including this re-work of Busy Signal's "Picantie," which the guys have given their unique UK funky-meets-dancehall treatment. They've also—shocker—added in a heavy dose of bass, as many producers these days tend to do, not that we're complaining. They've also offered up a blend of Suncycle feat. Tony Matterhorn's "Ride It," which you can download here, and if that's still not enough Greenmoney for your liking, check out their recent Gold Ru$h EP, which came out on Fool's Gold.  

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Watch Black Milk's New "Deadly Medley" Video

Detroit MC Black Milk is getting to release his new full-length, Album of the Year, in a couple of weeks on the Fat Beats label, but he's shared this video to kickstart our appetites in the meantime. Read more » 

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  • 08/27/2010

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