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Download a Free Five-Song EP From Dusty Brown

Dusty Brown has been a name intrinsically linked to the Sacramento electronic music scene for over eight years now, playing shows with the likes of once-local acts Tycho and Chachi Jones. Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2010

Download: Comfort Fit "Cable Vamp"

From German beat enthusiast Comfort Fit comes this track of intergalactic noise wizardry and rumbling bass timbres. "Cable Vamp" comes off a forthcoming single to be released by the cross-continental Error Broadcast label, which also features a remix from the much-talked-about Shlohmo on its limited vinyl release and one from Dibiase on the digital version. As far as the song itself, the track has a somewhat "old-school" vibe to it, like it could have soundtracked a chance scene in Pi—a style put forth by spacey sound effects and live drum sampling that both harken back to Warp's earlier days. 

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Video Premiere: The Death Set's "Far Weathered Friends"

East Coast DIY dance-punk outfit The Death Set hooked us up with the premiere of this awesome animated video for its unruly cover of the Daedelus song "Fair Weather Friends." Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2010

Review: Ellen Allien/Marcel Dettmann/Martin Buttrich Dust/Dettman/Crash Test

A trio of German vets offers new long-players to the decidedly singles-oriented techno world.

Let's be honest: The album format has not been overly kind to techno. Tracks experienced in the happy haze of club life aren't usually listened to in pre-set chronological order in the comforts of home. The closest you come to recapturing the good times of the night before is to pop in a mix CD by one of your favorite DJs. Even then, it doesn't come close to matching the extra-sensory "wow!" factor of dancing in a room full of people, immersed in pulsating rhythm and sound. There are exceptions to the rule, but more artists need to figure out how to have it both ways, sustaining the 4/4 thrill on full-length recordings as they would in a club setting. Three veteran German producer/DJs—Ellen Allien, Marcel Dettmann, and Martin Buttrich—attempt to bridge this nagging live sound vs. studio sound gap on their new releases. Read more » 

10 Days Off Festival Features The Knife, Joy Orbison, Kerri Chandler

Belgium's 10 Days Off festival has announced the lineup of its 2010 edition, and with names like The Knife, Guy Gerber, Jesse Rose, and Kerri Chandler (pictured) making appearances, techno heads have yet another festival to attend. Even those more inclined towards UK funky and bass music will have Mount Kimbie, Benga, and Joy Orbison to bob their heads to. Check out the official site for more details and ticket info. Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2010

Download: Wafa "Ewid Disco (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)"

First Listen
Label: Grizzly

The latest from Sinden's new Grizzly label comes from West London newcomer Wafa, and this remix from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs rounds out the release, toning down the original's wonky arpeggiations and electro throb. Instead, "Ewid Disco" becomes a bouncing tech-house monster appropriate for peak times, the original's stems coming through only at the most select moments. The "Ewid Disco" single comes out June 28, and also features a remix from Drop the Lime. 

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San Francisco's Robotspeak Re-Opens, Hosts Gold Panda

After shutting down operations for a month, San Francisco computer-music-gear retailer, occasional live venue, and how-to hot-spot Robotspeak will be re-opening its doors with a new business model and new storefront hours on Friday, June 18. Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2010

Podcast 142: Kyle Hall

When people talk about The New Detroit, it's a safe bet that 18-year-old producer and DJ Kyle Hall is going to be a major part of the conversation. Born into a musical family, Hall grew up in the same Motor City neighborhood as techno legends like Robert Hood, Kelli Hand, and Anthony "Shake" Shakir, was later mentored by guys like Mike Huckaby, and now sits at the forefront of his hometown's next generation. Read more » 

Download: Rekordah "Candy Flossin'"

Label: Astro:Dynamics

This über-wonky tune by UK producer Rekordah comes to us courtesy of the first release from his new label Astro:Dynamics. The forthcoming compilation shares its name with the record label, and features the likes of beatmakers Slugabed and LuckyMe's Mike Slott and The Blessings. Rekordah's contribution, "Candy Flossin'," as said before, is pretty crazy. Extremely warped samples somehow manage to push some semblance of a melody, while tumbling sound effects and subtle bass tones flesh out what could technically be described as a rhythm. Seems like Hudson Mohawke has some company in the sugar-high weirdo realm of beat music. 

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Dumb-Unit Celebrates 10 Years

Jeremy P. Caulfield's Dumb-Unit imprint has been chugging for 10 years, and in celebration, the label owner (pictrured) has collaborated with Exercise One on the 10 Year Tango 12", which also features a collaborative remix with DU artist Elon. A champion of hard-driving, wonky techno sounds from the likes of Jake Fairley, Visionquest, and Butane, among others, the label has carved a niche for itself even in the post-minimal age, releasing hard grooves from a newer generation of producers like Maetrik, Ahmet Sisman, and Cesare vs. Disorder. Check out some videos showcasing the label's history after the jump! Read more » 

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  • 06/08/2010

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