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Download: Copy "Breakfast"

First Listen

The Pacific Northwest's synth-pop maestro extraordinaire, Copy, is back with a brand-new album of romantically charged music made in the bedroom for the dancefloor. Before Hard Dream hits retailers, we've got an exclusive first taste of the forthcoming record with the track "Breakfast." The shimmering instrumental showcases producer Marius Libman continuing work with his brand of playful-yet-somber electronic music, crafting the song's solid backbone with a poignant bassline and straightforward dance beat before adorning the rest of its five minutes with a number of melodic, analog tones. If you spent endless hours of your youth parked in front of side-scrolling adventures games on your NES, then this song will definitely light up your brain's nostalgia region. It should be safe to assume the rest of Copy's ten-track third album will follow suit, but we'll just have to patiently wait for September 21 to roll around to find out. 

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Listen to XLR8R's Celebration of Curation Mix

All month long, the people at online mix hub Mixcloud have been hosting a series they've dubbed Celebration of Curation. Each day in August, they've enlisted a different website, radio station, online store, or other sort of cultural outpost to assemble an exclusive mix and guess what? Today belongs to XLR8R. Read more » 

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  • 08/17/2010

Download: Kanji Kinetic "Thrill Seeka"

Label: Sleazetone

Bristol-based DJ/producer Kanji Kinetic just dropped the Thrill Seeka EP, a fresh release of club-appropriate bass music on Chrissy Murderbot's Sleazetone label. The record's title track is an energetic future-house tune with all the fixins; a skittering dance beat, pitch-shifted vocal samples, super-juiced basslines, and just the slightest touch of synth melody. For the most part, "Thrill Seeka" is a pretty atonal number that relies more on various sound effects to color in the parts where many producer's would place melodic elements. So the few times Kinetic does drop in the song's rave-y synth hook, it adds a completely unexpected and welcome layer to an already great dance track. You can hear more of the five-song EP, including the Kingdom and Krazy Fiesta remixes of this tune, over on the Sleazetone Soundcloud page

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Rustie's Debut For Warp Revealed; Check Out His New Mini-Mix

Talk of the first release for Warp from Glaswegian wonky beat maker Rustie has been floating about for quite some time now, and finally, information of substance has been released on the topic. On October 5, a five-song record by producer Russel Whyte, called Sunburst, will be released, marking the third EP in his discography. There's still no talk of a full-length album, but these brand-new numbers should work well to whet the appetite of Rustie fans everywhere. Read more » 

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  • 08/16/2010

Download: Svpreme Fiend "Heartache VIP"

First Listen

Today, one of our favorite new labels, Local Action, dropped the debut effort from NY tunesmith Svpreme Fiend, the Killer EP. (You can actually purchase the vinyl here.) Though this track isn't from that hotly tipped release, "Heartache VIP" holds the same cold, lovelorn aesthetic as the four songs that did make it onto the record. Comparisons to Burial, Zomby, or Joy Orbison may have reached levels of redundancy at this point, but for Svpreme Fiend, they remain apt. As this track and the new EP show, the elusive producer has quite effortlessly joined the ranks of post-garage music's finest. 

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Listen to Drowned In Sound's Chronological Dubstep Mix

This week, music and culture website Drowned in Sound is running a load of exclusive content based around the decade-plus milestone of the existence of dubstep and post-garage music. The whole thing is called Subliminal Transmissions and kicked off today with this interesting and well-conceived mix chronicling the bass-laden arc of dubstep and its various permutations. Read more » 

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  • 08/16/2010

Four Tet, Dâm-Funk, Matmos, Caribou, Massive Attack, Bonobo, and More Play MoogFest

The year's festival based on music directly and indirectly inspired by the exploits of synthesizer innovator Robert Moog, MoogFest 2010, looks to be quite the jump-off; it's moved from New York City to Asheville, North Carolina (where the Moog company is based), it's spread over the course of three days, and it hosts some of the most well-known and well-regarded names in indie, hip-hop, and electronic music. Read more » 

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  • 08/16/2010

Bubblin': Supra1

Who: Supra1
Where: Krakow, Poland

Remix contests often seem like cheap promotional gimmicks, but every once in awhile, they do unearth something special. Tomek Urbanowicz and Thomas Wirski came together in late 2008 when NY's Trouble & Bass held a Little Jinder remix contest, and the pair's epic, wobbling rework of "Polyhedron" became an unexpected dancefloor monster. Read more » 

Download: yuk. "adept-ation for Dev"

What's most exciting about the LA-based artists, like Oscar McClure, matthewdavid, and others, on the Leaving Records roster is their seemingly insatiable urge to turn their hometown's electronic music scene on its head. While McClure focuses primarily on the textures of his beat music and label head David writes tunes sounding like an R&B hit submerged underwater, yuk. takes a more straightforward route with his compositions, but he makes them sound like they come from a time and place you've never even heard of. In the same vein as Flying Lotus or Shlohmo, "adept-ation for Dev"—and the rest of the album it comes from, A D W A—is a Dilla-referencing beat suite set among birdsong, inundated with vinyl crackle, washed over with lo-fi fuzz, and compressed into oblivion. This production doesn't just sound like it came from another era; it might have been made on another planet. 

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Watch Tricky's New Video for "Murder Weapon"

While we wait for the latest album from iconic DJ/producer Tricky, we can whet our appetites with this first video to come from Mixed Race, a boxing piece based around lead single "Murder Weapon." Read more » 

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  • 08/16/2010

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