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Sebastien Grainger and Josh Reichmann Get 'Bad'

Canadians Sebastien Grainger (of Death From Above 1979) and Josh Reichmann (of Tangiers) have left their respective duos to explore new sonic territories in the realm of musical partnerships. As Bad Tits (we'll excuse the moniker if you will), Grainger and Reichmann delve deeper into the garage-y post-punk inclinations of their former projects, and experiment a bit more with electronics. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2010

Download Free Mix From The Sight Below

Ghostly's mild-mannered and introspective ambient artist The Sight Below dropped this mix for FACT just last Friday, and we're still flying high on its somber sounds. His selections aren't exactly identical to the lush textures and subtle electronics that color his original music, but they aren't quite dancefloor friendly either. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2010

Bubblin': Iron Curtis

Who: Iron Curtis
Where: Berlin, Germany


New Mad Decent Column Travels Africa, Looks For Music

Some pretty interesting and most definitely funny things tend to surface on the Mad Decent blog, but one item in particular just caught our eye. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2010

Download: Los Rakas "Abrazame (Uproot Andy Mix)"

Once Gyptian's "Hold Yuh" became the biggest crossover dancehall tune of 2010, it was only a matter of time before people started flipping the track and throwing new vocals over the song's distinctive piano riff. The folks at Dutty Artz first tipped us to "Abrazame," the Los Rakas version which finds the Oakland-based Panamanian dancehall prodigies wistfully singing and rapping en español. That was all well and good, but than Brooklyn beatmaker Uproot Andy sent us his remix of "Abrazame," which punches up the beat, nicely layers in some additional synths and percussion, and basically seizes a spot in the "Summer Jams 2010" playlist. If this lovelorn tune isn't on blast at your local Latin dance party, find yourself a new spot, because the DJs are seriously slipping. 

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Pantha du Prince Heads Out on European, North American Tour

One of XLR8R's favorite albums to see release this year so far is Black Noise by German techno minimalist Pantha du Prince. Something about producer Hendrik Weber's deft combination of field recordings, bell sounds, and churning drum-machine rhythms struck a chord both in and out of the electronic music scene, and now the talented music maker is taking his excellent tunes to the wide open road. Read more » 

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  • 05/17/2010

Download: Supra1 "Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 Remix)"

EESH! Somebody please get Nelly on the line, because it just got really hot in here. Funky bass music champion L-Vis 1990 deconstructed the lead track from Polish production duo Supra1's debut EP, Still Believe, ditching Amy Douglas' vocal altogether and reformatting the whole tune from wobbly banger status to supreme future-house heat. We can't say for sure whose influence on the track is more responsible for the stellar outcome, so we'll opt to say that we'd like to hear more collaborations from L-Vis and the Supra1 duo in the future. (via FADER

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Underworld Shares First New Material in Nearly Three Years

Remember that term "electronica"? Sure you do. Remember that group Underworld? Of course! Read more » 

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  • 05/14/2010

M83 Composes New Tunes For French Film

Flick-following blog The Playlist got the scoop on this interesting piece of music news. Anthony Gonzales (known to most as the man behind electronic prog-pop outfit M83) has finally been commissioned to do something he's probably been doing in his mind since his first self-titled album: score a feature film. Read more » 

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  • 05/14/2010

Download: Hardhouse Banton "Reign (Roska's 'Ard Food Remix)"

The original version of Hardhouse Banton's "Reign" surfaced in 2008, back when most of us were still saying, "UK funky? They're really calling this genre just 'funky'?" Nonetheless, the track's tropical percussion, garage-like shuffle, and flirtation with house music helped set the blueprint for what has become a global movement. The song obviously has staying power, as earlier today UK funky heavyweight Roska gave away his own remix of "Reign" for free via Twitter. Roska's version features his patented kicks and snares, and also inserts a little more space into the track, giving it a sexier, less manic vibe. At this rate, we all might be hearing "Reign" for another two years, and that's just fine with us. 

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