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Download: Dimlite "Can't Get Use to Those"

Though he grew up in rural Switzerland, Dimlite has more in common with the tastemakers of LA's contemporary beat scene than many of his more techno-inclined countrymen. "Can't Get Use to Those" is a short little gem of a track, featuring an infectious flute loop, some bossa-style percussion, and a faded vocal that just melts into the piece's sonic texture. With a new album out on Stones Throw now, Dimlite's sound is comparable in scope and eclecticism to XLR8R favorites Baths and FlyLo, making him one of the beat genre's most interesting practitioners.  

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Matías Aguayo Likes Giraffes and Street Parties

Matías Aguayo isn't the average Kompakt artist. Back in March, the South American artist and former XLR8R coverboy toured the US and also made a stop at SXSW, where he filmed this amusing little interview with MTV. (And yes, we're just as confused as you are as to exactly why MTV wanted to speak with Matías. His tunes are certainly fun, but don't really seem to jive with the whole Real World Road Rules Challenge and Teen Mom vibe they've got going on over there.) Read more » 

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  • 05/06/2010

Dirt Crew to Release Alland Byallo's Newest Single

San Francisco's Alland Byallo, finally riding a wave of international acclaim following releases on Liebe*Detail, Pokerflat Digital, and Missive, will see his latest EP drop just in time for summer on Berlin's Dirt Crew label. Featuring four new tracks of Byallo's dark, atmospheric tech-house, the Eyes Closed, Looking In EP is certain to raise Byallo's status as a master of the dancefloor. Read more » 

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  • 05/06/2010

Watch Roska Have a Quick Chat

A few weeks ago, UK funky don Roska toured North America and then "enjoyed" an extended stay on our continent courtesy of that pesky volcano in Iceland. While in New York, he sat down with the folks from FADER TV and gave some insights into his music, the UK funky scene, and the importance of long-running pirate outpost Rinse.FM. Read more » 

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  • 05/06/2010

Download: Danton Eeprom "Thanks for Nothing (Etienne Jaumet Remix)"

Usually more minimal in his approach, the opening track from Danton Eeprom's latest album sounds like it could have come from a mid-80's Bowie-produced Iggy Pop track. Etienne Jaumet's remix of "Thanks for Nothing" transforms the track with his signature analog synth approach while maintaining the original's catchy melodic core. The washed, echoing vocals of the original are also left intact for the most part, with a lovely loop riding over the piece's plodding beat towards its end. Moments of squelch and overdrive make for some great peaks and valleys, giving the feeling that Jaumet has out-housed Eeprom himself, which is a pretty amazing feat. 

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Podcast 135: Trentemøller

Denmark's Trentemøller initially made a name for himself by skating the line between minimal techno and and electro-tinged house, often crafting epic songs that catered to both the mind and the body. In 2010, however, Trentemøller is garnering attention for the severe left turn taken on his second album, Into the Great Wide Yonder. Read more » 

Check Out LWE's Guide to Movement 2010

The fine techno-heads over at Little White Earbuds have just posted the definitive guide to Detroit's Movement festival, which takes place this Memorial Day weekend in tha D's Hart Plaza. With acts ranging from Kyle Hall and Shake to Ricardo Villalobos and Plastikman, the guide is indispensable to festival-goers from all corners of the world. Check it out here. Read more » 

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  • 05/06/2010

Download: Arsenal "Estupendo (Gui Boratto Remix)"

Label: Playout

Judging from their latest single, Belgium's Arsenal might have drunk too much of MGMT's sweet liqueur, but Gui Boratto does a great re-working of "Estupendo," taking the original synth stems and transforming them into a darker, more stabbing melody. With the breathy vocals (courtesy of Scott Mason from Offrice) left intact along with some melancholy guitar lines, Boratto's "Estupendo" is a deep, dancefloor jam that would work well in any DJ's tech-house set.  

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El-P's Instrumental Album to Drop in August

Prolific producer and Def Jux founder El-P is set to release the third of his Megamixxx series, but this time around, all of the tracks are instrumentals. Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3 promises a musical arc featuring tracks that are "short and to the point," recalling a similar feel to Dilla's Donuts beats. And despite the name, El-P believes that this megamixxx is a "proper album," reflecting his production and mixing styles to their fullest extent.


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  • 05/05/2010

Download: Krazy Baldhead "The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)"

Label: Ed Banger

The Glitch Mob's remix for French electro-house fiend Krazy Baldhead may start out sounding something like AC/DC's "Hells Bells," but through the rest of its epic length, the track is purely their own. Loads of booming percussion and hard-hitting glitch-hop beats, an arsenal of extraneous sound effects, plenty of buzzing synth tones, and trajectory changes every minute or so keep your ears' attentions piqued until the song eventually fades away. The LA-based trio's remix doesn't exactly culminate into something great, but it's nine-minute runtime indicates this track is about the journey—and not the destination. The Glitch Mob is now on a massive North American tour. Check out the details here

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