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Madlib Is Getting Into the Espresso Game

OK, we know the dudes at Stones Throw like to get creative with their merchandise, but this might be a hip-hop first. Madlib and Intelligensia Coffee are teaming up to make a custom espresso blend inspired by the Beat Konducta. Read more » 

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  • 08/06/2010

Outbox: Kenneth Gibson

No matter which of Kenneth James Gibson's monikers are employed (Eight Frozen Modules, [a]pendics.shuffle, dubLoner, etc.), a certain frigid sound and playfully austere production quality can be expected from the prolific producer's output. Read more » 

Tyondai Braxton Leaves Battles

According to an announcement on the Warp website, Battles singer/guitarist Tyondai Braxton has left the band. Read more » 

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  • 08/06/2010

Download: Dream Boat "oOchre"


While trawling the web today, we came across a new blog-spawned genre name: screwgaze. Yes, it's obviously abhorrent, but it's only marginally worse than the other meaningless names people are tossing around, like witch house and drag. Yet ridiculous labels aside, something is clearly afoot, as the tide of bedroom producers has gone dark and a new sound is emerging. Instead of the cheery summer vibes explored by their chillwave—another genre title that still makes us cringe—counterparts, this new crop has a taste for the occult and loves screwing its melodies and vocals into fuzzy oblivion. Dream Boat is the latest player in the saga, and although the project is based in Providence, it's clearly in touch with similar-minded acts from around the continent, as "oOchre" is actually a cover of the song "No Summr4U" by San Francisco's oOoOO. The track is taken from Dream Boat's new EP, Fevers, which appears to have been released on cassette and is also available for free download (or purchase, for the kind-hearted) here

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Download: Zinja Hlungwani "N'wagezani My Love"

In recent weeks, the interwebs have been buzzing with excitement over Shangaan electro, a speedy dance sound from South Africa. Now here's the part where we're supposed to step in and act like some kind of authority and tell you all about this "new" and "exotic" sound and remark on its rich cultural history or spew out some other music-blog jibber-jabber. But let's just skip that little charade, because frankly, we're not going to act like we know everything and we had never even heard of Shangaan electro—and neither had 99.99999% of everyone else, might we add—until the folks from Honest Jon's put together the Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music from South Africa compilation and tuned the planet into the music's crazy polyrhythms, 180-bpm marimba beats, and soulful vocals. "N'wagezani My Love" is just one sample, and after hearing it, we're definitely going back for additional helpings. (via Altered Zones

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Download Salem's New Mixtape

No strangers to the world of fucked-up, screwed-down internet mixtapes, Salem has just released their I BURIED MY HEART INNA WOUNDED KNEE set of weird-sounding shit, which you can download here. Read more » 

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  • 08/05/2010

Download: Huess "Broke"

The folks at 92bpm turned us on to Huess, a fresh name on the UK beat-making scene likely to be getting increasing attention in the coming months. The producer draws a lot of influence from the usual suspects—J. Dilla, Prefuse 73, Boards of Canada, Madlib—but effectively filters those oft-referenced names into something a bit less familiar. Huess' debut EP arrived nearly a year ago on Inaudible Answer, but a fresh batch of tunes has just surfaced, a freely downloadable EP called Broke. The title track from that new release is a shimmering bit of funky beat work loaded with earnest synth melodies and pristinely chopped vocal samples, all working in tandem to deliver one of the most soulful electronic soundscapes we've heard this year. Stay tuned for more jams from Huess when Inaudible Answer drops its first-ever 12", a four-track EP featuring remixes from Fulgeance and Kelpe

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Watch FaltyDL's Self-Made Video for "Endeavour"

FaltyDL, as we know, is already a world-renowned post-garage producer, DJ, and occasional sushi chef, but we didn't know he's also a steady hand behind the video camera. Read more » 

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  • 08/05/2010

De Tropix: M.I.A.'s backing vocalist takes her own hype to the next level.

"Cherry B" Byron might be most well known as M.I.A.'s hot-stepping hype girl, but, as one half of De Tropix, she isn't ever content playing second fiddle. A partnership with DJ/producer Damon Bowen (a.k.a. Damon Alexander; formerly DJ Instinct), De Tropix cooks up a hyperactive blend of dancehall and global beats, infused with tinges of lovers rock and even country, which takes a decidedly in-your-face approach to the dancefloor. But to Bowen, it's "just good ol' skankin' music."


Download: Reporter "Lab Test (The Miracles Club Remix)"

First Listen

Before Portland's Reporter releases its debut album of dark dance-pop on August 10, we've got the distinct pleasure of bringing you the first of many Time Incredible remixes to come, The Miracles Club's take on "Lab Test." The fellow Pacific Northwest outfit keeps the original's dance beat, but otherwise transforms the tune's angular post-punk into dirty, Chicago-style house tailor-made for your next all-night rave in Berlin. The remix's exotic synth squeals are a particularly welcome addition. Stay tuned for more interesting takes on Reporter's tunes from the likes of PDX's other female-fronted, house-loving outfit, Soft Metals, and NY's disco-house kings, Runaway

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